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What home security means to you? And how can you protect your home when you are not there with your family. Few circumstances are out of our hands but does that mean we even stop bothering them?

No, right? This is just because it is very obvious that we care about our family and our close ones and we can never stop bothering or getting concerned about them.

wyze cam app for pc

So, now the question is how can you do that when you are not there for them, Or even there with them as well? 

Here we bring a solution to the problem. By this, we mean a security camera though it can not come out of the wall and fight for your family, but it can give you a clear picture, if they are safe or not.

Installing security cameras has been a must for any household these days. It will help you to assure your family’s safety and privacy even when you are not physically there with them.

The Wyze cam is a popular choice among the people who are searching out there for the home surveillance handy cameras. It is also very much affordable for people like us, also gives a high quality of accuracy with videos and sounds as well. Which certainly means in lesser value you can expect greater efficiency with this device.

Wyze has proven itself as a solid affordable camera with its amazing features and easy accessibility. It gives you a live view of your home with perfection. With all of these amazing inbuilt features, it also has some more capabilities.

Not being a little genius camera it is capable to be used as a video camera as well. 

Even after disclosing such tremendous facts about Wyze cam, and you still have doubts regarding its performance let us make you clear about why you need to choose this over other available cameras out there in the market. In this article, we talked about Wyze App for PC

So, here are the points that will make you believe all these points:

High Resolution: let us give you some details here about its resolutions in depth. As we have already discussed earlier that gives you perfection in the quality of video and audio as well.

So, The Wyze cam gives you the 1080p full HD image resolution with the lens of 2.8mm focus length 110 degrees of wide-angle and 1/2.9” CMOS sensor. This clearly means that Wyze cam gives you crystal clear picture with its amazing high-quality lens.

High quality zooming with crystal clear live streaming: This amazing Wyze cam uses high quality of 8X camera to zoom for giving the finest details to give the visuals as real as it is and we are pretty sure that you won’t take any chance with these things when it is especially about your family. 

It has the capabilities that no other camera could have with this amazing affordable price range. It just not compatible with your needs but budgets as well.

Night Visions: In between all these features how can we forget about such an amazing feature like this? It does not just give you the clear crystal vision for day but also gives you the same level of clarity in the night as well. Now don’t you feel this is an amazing deal to catch up with?

If not then don’t worry we still have more to excite you all. As you all should be knowing already that not all the cameras work great at night as they work in the daylight. Wyze has an F2.O aperture, an IR cut filter, and has four 850nn infrared LEDs which gives you crystal clear up to 30 feet away in total darkness.

Detects Motion: Wyze gives you an amazing level of advance security check option. Think about someone who knows your family this much well that whenever there is someone else who does not belong to your family enters your home notifies you because he is so much concerned about you and your family.

This feels right, “Right”? Now this is what Wyze does for you. At the moment when some outsider enters your house, it gives you an alert as it captures a suspicious movement in the house.

Whenever the Wyze camera detects any movement in an otherwise empty house, you will gonna be updated with the same. It is more like staying at home even when you are not. Wyze allows you to visit event videos for more details on these instances. 

Effective sound recognition: This feature will excite you like anything because this will be beyond your expectations for sure. What do you expect from a camera? Videos, audios, and night visuals. But do you know what? Wyze camera can do a lot more than that. It gives you that, it detects sound patterns of smoke alarms and CO monitors.

Which means your family is totally on a safe hands. Whenever any such kind of sounds will come into its knowledge it sends you the alert in such a way you can never miss.

An alert will directly come to your mobile phone so that if you are not available on your pc or desktop you won’t miss any notification and can take immediate required actions accordingly as fast as you can.

Two-way audio: Just imagine how it feels that you can contact to your dear ones whenever you want to without any video call, or call, or sending some msg, or something like this? How does this feel? Obviously amazing.

Yes, Wyze cam also gives you this kind of feature as well. It gives the two-way audio feature to connect with your family and friends. You can connect to your family, friends directly anytime with the help of Wyze cam.

Wyze cam comes with a built-in feature of the speaker as well as a microphone. So, their is no need to get connected with any video call or call or msg or anything else.

The Catch: We hope all these above-mentioned features sound great to you. Now, let us tell you how you can access these all amazing features that have been acknowledged to you till now. To access the Wyze cam you need to use its compatible app on your smart phones. So let us look at the guide for how to download Wyze App for PC.

But if in case you don’t have any smart phones available with you how will you gonna manage? Because Wyze doesn’t have an app that works for pc or Mac or tablets or anything like this, till now. But you do not need to panic, we have solutions for your every problem.

There are certain alternative sneaky ways for you to try out with this. Here we will discuss step by step procedure on how one can download and install the Wyze cam app for pc or desktops.

How To Install Wyze App For PC: Wyze Cam App For Pc

Wyze App for pc

Here is one app named BlueStacks for those who want to access the Wyze cam on their pc. Follow the steps accordingly.

How to download and Install BlueStacks

Most of you must already be knowing what Bluestacks is for and how it works. We will give you certain details about it still for those who are dealing with it for the very first time.

You need to know how Bluestacks works because you have to use the Wyze cam on your mobile phone. Basically, BlueStacks is an android emulator which allows users to download, install and use android apps on their pc. 

Bluestacks is completely not chargeable, you can easily download it on your pc by simply visiting its official site https://www.bluestacks.com. You just need to download and install the app on your pc and open the program.

Create an account and log in on BlueStacks

Now, after downloading and installing all you need to do is create an account (if you already have an account you can simply skip this step).

Assuming that you don’t have an existing account. You need to click on “Register”, now you need to answer the form with all the correct details to create a BlueStacks account. Now you can proceed to log in into your account.

Download the Wyze Cam App APK

In this step, you need to download the Wyze Cam app APK. Wyze cam app need the APK format of the app so that it can proceed further with the downloaded apps onto your pc or computer. You can easily search for the Wyze cam app APK for the computer or pc.

How to run the APK file on the Bluestack

Once you are done with all the steps all you need to do is run the file on the pc or computer. To run the app you need to right-click on the file and run it with BlueStacks.
Rest you leave everything on the BlueStack because it will automatically translate the file format into the useable app on the pc or computer or any device you are using accordingly.

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Conclusion For Wyze App For PC

As soon as the process gets finished you can see the shortcut for the app on your particular device as Wyze App for pc. So, congrats now you have the Wyze cam app on your pc.

Now, just double tap on the shortcut of the Wyze cam app on your desktop and login. 

You can start using the Wyze app for PC.