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Looking to download VidMate For PC?

If you have landed on this page then surely you must be desperately looking for some ways to download the Vidmate App for your PC. When it comes to downloading Mobile Applications to our PCs it gets very difficult as we are either unable to find the application for PC or we get stuck at the installation process.

However, we are here to take care of all the problems you are facing. We will provide you with a one-stop solution so that you will be able to get your application downloaded to your computer without downloading multiple unnecessary applications or extensions.

In this article, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to download your application without any issues. From what we will be discussing, you will be able, to sum up, that there are a total of three ways to download your favorite application onto your PC. all the ways will be discussed one by one and you will not have to worry if any one of the ways does not work for you. 

So, after we have discussed all the way, you can choose one way which suits you the best. The Vidmate app is quite popular and the reason for its popularity is its amazing features. If you do not know what this app is, then let us throw some light upon this matter. 

What is VidMate?


Recently, Vidmate has quickly risen up with fame as it is now considered one of the top video downloading software. It does your job quite smoothly without letting you look for a platform to download your content. Usually video players like youtube, Facebook, and other places, you do not get an option to download that video. However, if you really want that video to be downloaded then the only option you have is to turn to the Vidmate App. The most amazing thing about this application is that, not only just for downloads but also you get some other features too. Like, downloading apps, games, and many other applications that you can on this Vidmate application.

The biggest problem is, there is no store where you can download this application on your PC. as this is a mobile application and there is no version update of this app that has been made, thus, it is unavailable on the windows store or any direct way from where you can get the proper application specially made for your windows screen. 

The main reason why this is not available on the play store is because of its poor security patches. Some of the users complained about the risk of downloading this application as they faced data loss and malware attacks on their devices. However, the major section of people does not feel like this app is of any threat. In fact, this app would not have achieved this much popularity if it had not been a great app. This application is now owned by millions of people and it proves to be helpful for many days-to-day works.

Therefore, without any further discussion, let us get started on the installation process of this astounding app into your Personal Computer.

How To Download Vidmate For PC Windows 10,8,7

Download Vidmate FOR PC

There are a lot of fake apps that are available on the internet which will make you believe that they are the ‘one’. Therefore, do not get carried away by those as there is the only application that is genuine and the others can harm your device.

The only way possible that ensures that you can download the application to your PC is to first download an android emulator on your PC which will then help you to install the mobile app version on your PC. 

Lets first get to know about the VidMate For PC. The total size of the application is 14 M and it requires an android version of 5.0 and more for it to be able to work on the device. The application is developed by UCWeb. By following the method mentioned below you can use VidMate For PC on your windows pc.

Step 1: Download the following emulator. Click on the link and you will be directed to the downloads.

Step 2: wait for the folder to be downloaded. Make sure that you are connected to your wifi or LAN during the whole process to prevent any kind of termination in the middle. After the download is completed, you will see that you have received a zip folder.

You may locate the downloaded file in the previously set location or in the usual downloads folder in the c drive. In case you are unable to find your downloaded folder, go to the downloads section of your web browser and you will be able to find the folder.

Step 3: the next step is to extract the contents of the zipped folder. This can be achieved by making a right-click on the folder and then clicking on the extract all button. You can also double click on the folder to see the contents and then click on the top left corner where lies an “extract” button. After the extraction is complete you will get to see a normal folder with all the contents inside it. 

Step 4: you can also see a BlueStacks installer in that folder. Double click on that file and in no time, your installation process should start. 

Step 5: wait until your installation process gets over. After the installation is done, you will be able to see that the BlueStacks application is installed on your device. You can see the shortcut of the application present on your desktop screen.

In case you are unable to find it, you will need to look for it with the help of the search button of your windows. You can go to the start menu and then type the keywords ‘BlueStacks’ on the search text box and you will get your results at once.

Step 6: double click on the file and you will see the BlueStacks window opened on your screen. You will see that it looks more like an app store in a tablet version. This helps you to download all the applications that are supported by your mobile phone to be downloaded on your desktop. The applications will be an exact replica of the apps that you see on your phone.

Step 7: the next step is to go to the three dots that are present on the right top corner of the homepage. Click on that and a drop-down menu will open. You can see several options present there. Click on the apk option which is present on that drop-down menu.

Step 8: another window is going to open and you will be able to see that the folder will be containing only one file which will be named as ‘VidMate.apk’ which is an apk file. Double click on it or click on the open button. Now you gotta sit back for some time until your application is getting installed on your PC.

Step 9: After the installation process is complete, you will see that the VidMate application’s icon is visible on the dashboard of the BlueStacks application. This is the place where all your installed applications will be visible when you install it on your PC.

Step 10: Now you can click on the VidMate icon on the dashboard and it will open up on your screen. You can use that application the same way you use it in the mobile application or any other apps in that matter.

Thus, you are all set to explore the world of Vidmate. This process will hardly take you some minutes, depending on your internet connection and the speed of your computer.

This was the process of how to download the VidMate For PC. suppose you are a mac user and you too want to download this application. Then, you will need the exact same steps and you will be all set. However, just for your ease, here is a guide for the VidMate application download for macOS PCs.

How to download the VidMate app on Mac

Download Vidmate FOR MacOs

To download your VidMate For PC mac you need to download the android emulator just like we did for windows. The process of installation is also exactly the same.

However, the only difference between downloading the app in Windows and downloading the same app on the macOS, you just need to download the mac version of the BlueStacks which you will get on the previously mentioned link.

Once you have successfully downloaded it, you will have to follow the exact same steps to successfully install the VidMate app on your Mac PC.

An alternate option: VidMate For PC APK Free Download

An alternative to BlueStacks android emulator is another well-known emulator called Nox. you can download Nox if you want which offers the same options and features. If you are going to download the VidMate app from no, then you are required to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Download the Nox emulator for PC and as you install any application, do the same for it too. In fact, it is the same process as to how you installed the BlueStacks application.

Step 2: After you have successfully installed it, you will be asked to sign in into the application using an email account, which is completely optional and you can skip that part.

Step 3: the next thing is to go to the side panel and you will see a sidebar in the pop-up menu where you will find an ‘install apk’ option. 

Step 4: the next step will require you to select the VidMate apk file which is present on your PC and click on the open button which is present on the same window.

Step 5: After installation, which will, of course, take some time, you will be able to see that the VidMate application icon is shown on the Nox’s dashboard. To open the application, you will just need to click on it. That is how you install VidMate For PC easily using the following method.

The Best Features of VidMate For PC

Now, it is time to talk about the characteristics or features provided by the application which makes it one of the most popular apps.

  • You can download almost any video from well-known websites that do not give you an option to download the videos.
  • You can set the resolution of the video in which you want to download, this will help you to control your data usage.
  • The best feature is that you can download the youtube videos in their mp3 formats.
  • And the last but not the least, this application is completely free and it will not be asking you for a single penny throughout your use.


In the whole article, we made a lot of things possible. Like how to download the Vidmate Application on Windows PC and also Mac PC. Moreover, not satisfied with one method, we discussed three possible ways to download the VidMate For PC. we see that a mobile application is impossible to download directly and to make it possible we use an android emulator. 

There are two types of emulators that we focused on in this article; Bluestacks and Nox. However, there are many more emulators available on the internet but we handpicked the best one for your ease.

Of course, there are a lot of ways you can make sure that you do not end up downloading a wrong application from the wrong sites. One such way to prevent yourself from cyber attacks or security issues is to use a good VPN. There are a lot of VPNs available and you will need one while dealing with applications downloading. 

If we talk about VidMate, we have discussed how important the application is. Especially when you like downloading videos and viewing them offline or downloading songs to listen to. The Vidmate app is a very popular application and has proved that it one of the essential apps to have in hand. Downloading the VidMate For PC makes it a lot easier to handle if you are a person who is comfortable on desktop or uses your PC more often.