Turbo VPN For PC

Looking to download TURBO VPN FOR PC then you are at the right place as we will be telling you how to download free TURBO VPN FOR PC.

We often surf sites and face problems of blockage or restrictions, some of the sites are capable of stealing your personal data or even hacking. The most effective solution to this is VPNs( Virtual Protection Network).


As the names suggest this helps you to browse any site whether it is blocked or unblocked anonymously, enjoying the content while the VPN fights the protection battle so that your data cannot be harmed. Turbo VPN is one of the reliable services you need.


Turbo VPN is a chinese based application, currently serving only mobile users. It is an essential app if you intend to browse different platforms including restricted networks. This app safeguards your data and privacy giving it full protection while blocking harmful viruses. user friendly and offers free service.

TURBO VPN android

It is one of the best VPNs that is used by most people. Currently available in Canada, Singapore, India, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, and France.

And in this article we will be telling you how you can download Turbo VPN for PC. Step by Step Guide.


Download Turbo VPN FOR PC

Turbo VPN is only available in Andriod or ios. With the help of an emulator, you can download it on your pc. There are many platforms from which you can download, but we suggest using bluestack or Nox app player for best results.

Below we have listed the process to download Turbo VPN for pc using bluestacks and Nox app player. You can choose any of them

How to Download TURBO VPN FOR PC Using Bluestacks emulator

Download Turbo VPN FOR PC

  • Open Chrome and go to the official website of bluestack.
  • Download and install the bluestack emulator.
  • Open the emulator and use your google play account to log in.
  • Search for turbo VPN in the search box.
  • Download and install it.
  • After the installation process is complete, the app can be used.

Download Turbo VPN For PC Using Nox app player emulator

Download Turbo VPN FOR PC

  • Download the Nox app player software.
  • Run the file on your pc
  • Complete the entire installation process.
  • After this, launch the emulator.
  • Log in to the app with your Google account.
  • On the search bar type- Turbo VPN.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Open the turbo VPN app and enjoy its services.


Download Turbo VPN FOR MAC

Download Turbo VPN For Mac Using bluestacks emulator.

  • Download bluestacks emulator from its official website.
  • On installing, open the app.
  • Use your google play account to log in.
  • In the app interface search for – turbo VPN.
  • Once you get it,  download and install it.
  • As the installation is complete, the app can be used.

Emulators are used to give you access to install various android applications to your pc.

Nox app player is used by most windows and mac users as it is one of the best and has an exceptional interface.


A VPN is a virtual private network, that secures sensitive data like passwords, certificates, documents, important information while using public wifi. A VPN provider can also be used why your accessing blocked and unblocked sites, downloading from torrents, or doing things that are illegal in your country.vpns are mostly used by businesses, helping them to connect to remote locations of their employees. It covers all your needs of securing your device.


  • Free to download and doesn’t require any additional charges.
  • It allows you to protect network traffic under wifi hotspot.
  • All the blocked websites in your country can be visited.
  • Permits you to browse through different platforms with a hidden identity.
  • Easy to connect.
  • Stream movies or videos from anywhere.
  • This VPN can spontaneously connect to the fastest server offering you high speed with no speed drop.
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth.
  • The availability of this VPN is in a wide span of countries.
  • It provides the best encryption system.

It can be operated on –  Android, ios Windows 7,8,10 and Mac.

Category-  Software

Ratings- 241st out of 358 VPNs


Available in – 26 countries with  30 servers.


  • Ability to stash from tricky cyberspace.
  • Works on all mobile data.
  • Free to download.
  • Secure any connection with ease, that will protect you from the virus.


  • Consumes data that hampers the system.
  • It doesn’t have customer support.
  • A lot of ads pop up while using it.


turbo vpn

There are plenty of VPN services in the market that charge a heavy price and do not provide quality service in return. Keeping this in mind we suggest you use turbo VPN as it requires no charges and has commendable features and services. It is the right protection you need for windows.


Turbo VPN has the following benefits:

  • Turbo VPN is the best way to hide your identity.
  • Secures your information, preventing it from getting leaked.
  • If you use Turbo VPN on your pc then it encrypts your data with a 256- bit standard encryption.
  • Even with a limited data plan, you can browse turbo VPN, while it maintains your internet speed.
  • With turbo VPN on one device, you can control other devices also.


Turbo VPN is known to be one of the best VPNs that has an advanced system that can control your internet speed and even maintain its privacy.It offers two encryption modes – simple mode and advanced mode. Simple mode allows limited features to the client and server while advanced mode provides customization according to your needs.overall it has great features with strong security policy.

Follow the below listed points to use the vpn to its best potential-

Use IPsec to connect.

It is sometimes difficult to connect to servers via OpenVPN, making it difficult to find a working server. You just need to change the protocol to IPsec in the settings of the app.there will be no problem to connect to a server now.

Don’t close ads soon as they popup.

If you try to close the ad as soon as it pops up there are chances you may be redirected to the ad’s site. To reduce this risk just wait for five seconds while the close button is big and visible enough and then close the ad.


Does turbo VPN work with Netflix?

Yes, turbo VPN works with Netflix also gives you the providence to work BBC, iplayer, and fox.but it is only available for VIP users. People who use this app for free are not entitled.

What is the speed of turbo VPN?

Turbo VPN appears to be extremely fast on empty serves. To avoid any speed drop it is advisable to use the quick connect feature.

Is turbo VPN safe?

We cannot assure you of the safety of this app, the security can be misleading.

Is the paid version of turbo VPN worth it?

Turbo VPN VIP has its own perks, you can access all the streaming servers with zero ad interface, and extra connections.

Does the VIP version have a free trial?

Yes, it only gives you a seven-day free trial. Do keep in mind the date you signed up for so that you do not use it for more than seven days and be charged.


  •  The VPN server stops responding.
  • Your VPN service is blocked by the internet service your accessing.
  • Firewalls halt your connection.
  • Older VPN packages interfere with the new packages.

These VPN problems can be solved in the following ways:-

Update your VPN-Don’t ignore the update request , allow all of the. To check if you have the updated version see the version on your device alongside the latest version on the VPNs website.

Utilize the help function – Help functions are present to provide assistance whenever you get stuck.some of them provide chat support or direct calling.

Examine your firewall–  Firewalls basically check the data that comes and goes from your connection, sometimes they do not work along with VPNs. Disable your firewall temporarily and turn it back on to check if it connects with your VPN.

Use a compatible VPN– The main motive of your VPN should allow you to access the services you’re trying to.The best way to check is to use Netflix. Not all VPNs work well with Netflix if yours does then you’re good to go or else choose another VPN.

Best alternatives if turbo VPN does not serve your purpose

  •  ProtonVPN – free of cost for a lifetime.
  • HIDEme- has fast speed with an automatic kill switch for viruses.
  • Windscribe – has 4 top-notch  VPN protocol promising to secure your connection
  • VPN Gate- can be used on all platforms
  • X-VPN – allows you to access restricted sites providing 500 to 1000mb per session.


It’s always the best choice to use a free VPN, while the paid ones may not always be effective.you have nothing to lose with the cost-free opens. Make sure you choose a VPN that best suits your needs. You can browse through various sites and change your ip.you should rely on a VPN that gives you complete security because without a VPN the chances of getting hacked are high.