The Default Gateway is not Available

The Default Gateway is not Available

Looking for a fix to The Default Gateway is not Available?

The lack of steadiness in internet connection or any other issues are mostly faced by the windows user, due to their different function, application and interface.       

Moreover, the most common error that a windows 10 user faces is that ‘the default gateway is not available’. It can be solved through many ways such as, install a new Ethernet driver, temporarily disable antivirus, update network adapters driver an many more.

There could be many reasons due to which this error can occur, mostly improper ISP configuration, router settings &outdated drivers and unlikely due to inaccurate IP settings. For having proper access to internet this error needs to be resolved. 

So here are some of the best ways through which you can solve the problem of The Default Gateway is not Available.

Different Ways to get ‘the default gateway is not available’ 

1. Install a new Ethernet driver

You need to make sure to have the latest Ethernet driver installed if you are using windows 10. You need to visit the motherboard manufacturer’s website and discover the latest Ethernet driver in order to install it in your device. To solve the problems with gateway you need to install the drive after downloading it.

Pay attention while downloading the drive as installing wrong drive can cause permanent damage to your device.

Therefore, it is very unsafe to download the drive manually.  So to overcome this issue a 100% safe and tested updater, Tweak Bit’s Drive updater is suggested to the users which allow all the outdated drives in the PC to download automatically. 

2. Change the channel of your wireless router

Wireless channel and dual-band wireless adaptors can also cause some issues. You need to change the channel from automatic to a certain value by accessing the wireless router.

A user needs to try a different channel in order to overcome the problem. You need to go through the wireless manual in order to get further detailed instructions regarding wireless channel change.

Along with changing the channel a user also needs to change the encryption method. The WPA-WPA2 encryption method is advised to use as it fixes the issue. Other than that if the user is further facing problem then it is advised to swap different encryption methods.

Also, some of the outdated encryption methods don’t provide the necessary protection. 

3. Change settings of power management 

By changing settings of power management the problem can be solved. You need  to follow these steps to change the settings:

  • Open power user menu by pressing windows key+X and select device manager option from the drop-down list.
  • Spot and double click on the network adaptor.
  • Go to power management after the properties window appears. You’ll find a checked box showing ‘allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’. Now unchecked the box and click on OK to save the changes. 

4. Change the power-saving mode

By changing the power saving mode of your wireless adaptor you can fix the issue ‘the default gateway is not available on Windows 10. Follow these steps to change the power options:

  • From the menu select the power options. You need to enter the power options after pressing the windows key+S.
  • Choose a current plan from the power options window by clicking on the change plan settings.
  • Click on Change advanced power settings after clicking on the change plan settings.
  •  Set maximum performance in wireless adapter settings. To apply and save changes click on OK.

5. Change wireless router’s frequency

You need to change the frequency from 5GHz to 2.4GHz due to the fact that your current adapter might not work on high frequency though the high frequency is supported by the new routers.

It has been observed that after changing the frequency from high to low the issue has been resolved. You need to go through the manual on how to change the router’s frequency of your device.

6. Change the wireless mode to 802.11g

It has been observed that by changing the wireless mode from 802.11g/b to 802.11g the problem is fixed. For changing the wireless mode you are required o follow these steps:

  • Press Windows key+X to open network connection window and choose network connections from the drop-down menu.
  • From the menu choose properties after locating your wireless network adapter and right-click on it.
  • Further, choose the configure option.
  • Select the wireless mode from the advanced tab and select the wireless mode of 802.11g.
  • After applying all the changes click on save changes.

7. Use of nutshell reset command

You need to enter the IP reset command by launching the command prompt in order to fix the issue that the default gateway is not available on Windows 10. to reset the default gateway you need to follow these steps:

  • As an administrator, you need to start the command prompt. Choose command prompt from the menu after pressing the Windows key+X.
  • Press enter after entering nets int ip reset in the command prompt.
  • Restart your PC after completing the process of the command prompt.

8. Uninstall McAfee

Though McAfee is an antivirus which protects your system from any interference of unwanted virus, it might cause network configuration to work in an improper way. To solve the issue we need to uninstall McAfee from your PC and check if this works or not. We need to double-check that there should not be any type of leftover files or entries, for that there is free Ashampoo uninstaller or Lobit advanced uninstaller which help to remove to uninstall the unwanted material. Windows defender will protect your computer after removing the antivirus.

Bitdefender, bullgaurd and panda are some other antiviruses which can be used in the place of McAfee. These are other best antivirus that will protect your system from virus.


So here are some of the best ways to resolve the issue ‘the default gateway is not available’. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to access your internet connection until the issue is resolved. So to access your PC without facing any issue regarding the default gateway is not available, follow these simple methods.