SoundHound for pc

SoundHound for PC

Looking to download SoundHound for pc?

Music is a world within itself, that is understood by all. We have music created for all our moods. With millions of musical compositions in the world so far, several times we are stuck with our favorite songs in our heads and we can’t recognize it.

How easy would it make our lives if we just hum a tune and something tells us about the song, isn’t it? Well then the good news is we do have an application that does this for us and the list won’t end just there, there are a lot of other features in the app that gives you a WOW experience, making it a must to have in your phones and desktops. 

Soundhound Inc.

SoundHound Inc. is an audio and speech recognition company founded in 2005. It develops voice-recognition, natural language understanding, sound-recognition, and search technologies. 

The SoundHound product applies technology to music, enabling people to discover, explore, and share the music amongst themselves, and even find the name of that amazing song stuck in their heads by singing or humming. 

It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, United States. The company aims to deliver unprecedented speed and accuracy, while it’s Deep Meaning Understanding technology allows users to ask multiple questions and filter results all at once. With custom wake words and custom domains, they maintain their brand reputation and keep their customers. 

SoundHound App:

SoundHound is a music identification app that can tell you all about a song, whether it listens to music playing near you or you’re humming a tune. It also comes with a built-in virtual assistant called Hound, which can help to identify and playing music in the app even easier.

SoundHound can be used to identify music you hear, and to play songs, all by using your voice. You can even let SoundHound know you’re about to sing or hum a song that’s stuck in your head.

SoundHound app comes in two versions; both are universal apps for the iPhone and iPad. The first is available for free, though an in-app purchase of $6.99 removes the app’s ads and offers extra features. So it is not only amazing, convenient but also light to your pocket.

SoundHound App Features:

On the internet, you can find other applications that do the same job then why would you want to have a soundhound on your phone? Well I have got that covered too. What is there in Soundhound that makes it different from its existing competitors.

  • News about Music: In the Soundhound app, you can search for artists, songs and lyrics, by scrolling down on the app’s main screen to watch top music videos, and check out top charts, and view your history to see what songs you’ve searched for or identified. You can also find weekly featured songs, videos, artists, and albums, and, in a unique discovery spin, artists born on that particular day. If you think this is it, check this out. 

Soundhound also offers a different take on social music discovery, showing what people near you are listening to at any given time with the music map.

  • LiveLyrics: LiveLyrics shows up with each song you play in SoundHound, and helps you follow the song. This makes listening and following along with lyrics a bit more of an interactive experience. LiveLyrics move in real-time as the song plays. You can expand LiveLyrics to take up the whole screen to make reading easier (for instance, if you want to sing along). You can also tap around the LiveLyrics to jump to different points in the song without needing to roll through the playback bar.
  • Virtual Assistant: Back in 2015, SoundHound released Hound, a Siri-like, voice-controlled virtual assistant. While initially available as a standalone app, Hound is now a part of SoundHound apps. You can use Hound to play a song from Apple Music, access SoundHound’s playlists, or do a search. And of course, you can also use Hound to tell the app to start listening to the music around you. All you need to do to start Hound is say “Ok Hound” and the assistant activates right away.

SoundHound for PC with Apple music:

You can link Soundhound to your Apple music account. Subscribers can have the app automatically build a playlist based on their SoundHound history, to be continually updated the more you discover. Spotify and Pandora users can also connect to the app to listen to songs and playlist from those services. 

You can also allow SoundHound to access your iPhone or iPad’s music library and play songs directly from your playlists. 

If you would still want to buy your music, SoundHound for PC would let you purchase songs and albums for iTunes. 

How to Install SoundHound for PC

Download SoundHound For PC

There is no official version released for the desktop or computers. Therefore, we are using Bluestaks android emulator to install SoundHound for windows and Mac computers. Follow the below tutorial.

1. First, you need to download the Bluestaks setup file. Get the setup file by clicking on this link

2. Once download is complete, follow this Bluestaks setup guide to install it on your computer.

3. After the installation runs the Bluestaks emulator, on the home screen, you can see the search at the box top right corner. Click on there and type “SoundHound” and click on the search button.

4. You will get a search result with a popup window. On there is an install button for the SoundHound app. Click on it and install it to the emulator.

5. After the installation is complete, you can see a shortcut icon on the home screen. Click on it and start using SoundHound for PC


SoundHound for PC is very helpful if you are listening to unknown music. It will provide you with the complete details of your song, and if you would like to sing along with the song, you have an amazing feature of LiveLyrics to stay with the pace of the song. You can also gather news about the latest music, videos and artists. It’s hound just does the job right. Hence it won’t be wrong to say that it’s a must have app on your desktop and phones.