Snapchat For PC

Snapchat For PC

Are you looking to download Snapchat For PC?

One of the  popular social media apps present among all teenagers and youngsters is snapchat.

Snapchat is a mix of all social apps helping you share everyday moments with awesome effects to enhance it . This app has been growing ever since its launch in september 2011 used by more than 150 million active users. Brands use this platform to advertise and connect to users.


Snapchat is a multimedia  messaging app where you can share pictures and videos with others and connect with them from different parts of the world.Created by Evan Spiegel , Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown snapchat is a popular social media platform amongst the youth.This app allows you to take pictures and videos and enhance them with filters, captions, emojis and others that can be shared with other users and remains visible only for a short period of time.


  • Send pictures, videos and drawings to your contacts.
  • Upload media on a public view that would be visible to anyone.
  • Create groups and share messages.
  • Post stories and view other peoples stories including celebrities.
  • Voice and video calls can be made.
  • View locations of your friends.
  • Discover tab to view suggestions , ads and other short  contents.
  • Available in 22  languages.


  • Snapchat is secure and safe.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Various filters , emojis,stickers to choose from
  • Has Geofilter.
  • Create and display content.
  • Ideal for promotion and business growth.


  • Servers a limited audience.
  • Stories can be viewed within 24 hours only.
  • Video length is limited to 10 seconds only.
  • Expensive for advertisements.


Download Snapchat For PC

You may be unable to download the Snapchat application on your pc or laptops directly. We suggest you should use an android emulator to do so as it is the only way possible.

Android emulators are software that mimic Android platforms so that apps from google play store can be used on PCs or laptops.We have listed two emulators that you should use to download the official app of Snapchat .Both of them are free of cost to operate.

 Andy is one of the best emulators that you should consider using

The emulator andy has theses properties:

  • This emulator enhances your battery performance by boosting the battery life so that you won’t miss out on anything
  • This is compatible to work with any desktop browser
  • You can easily open your smartphone interface on a larger screen, and use it to play games
  • Provides additional storage like cloud save feature so you don’t run out of space.
  • Maintains your progress both on the smartphone and desktop and syncs all requirements.
  • Use andy to download snapchat-
  1. Download the andy android emulator software from the internet.
  2. Click the downloaded file and complete the installation process.
  3. Once done open the emulator.
  4. Complete the signup process.
  5. The google play store icon will be present on the screen.
  6. Click on it and log in with your details and password.
  7. Search for snapchat and download it. 
  8. Complete the installation process.
  9. Launch the app. 
  10. Log in or create an account to use the app.

Note- If you face any issue with this emulator feel free to contact their support group on Facebook for any assistance needed.

We have also listed below how to download snapchat application with bluestack android emulator-

Using bluestack android emulator: Snapchat For PC

Download Snapchat For PC

  1. Go to chrome and download bluestack from its official website.
  2. Click on the .exe file that was just downloaded.
  3. Complete the installation process by clicking – install now.
  4. After which bluestack will automatically open.
  5. Google play store icon will be available on the screen.
  6. Open it and log in with your google account details and password.
  7. Google play store will open , use the search bar to look for snapchat.
  8. Click the first option that appears.
  9. Install the app. 
  10. After the installation process is completed,open the app.
  11. To use it either log in with your existing ID or create a new account by following a few easy steps.

Note-If you face any issues with snapchat using the bluestack 3 and 4 version . Try downloading and using the older version- bluestack 2 to avoid any further issues.

How To Snapchat For PC:

Once you have installed the app log in to your account or create one by entering your name , email address and birth date and set up a password.The name that you use will be your user handle.To add friends , search for names or sync your contacts to add them.every user has a unique snapcode that can be shared and scanned to add them.

As you open the app, the camera screen is given , take pictures or videos by applying filters .When done, save it and choose from unlimited stickers and texts if you want to add them. Share with your friends or upload your story.

If you slide the screen towards the right side, your chat screen will appear. Remember chats remain only for 24 hours once sent. When you swipe to the left side of the screen you can view stories of your friends and celebrities and discover.snapchat also allows you to create groups.

Snapchat features all users should know about-

Everyone has a unique QR code or snapcode:

That little ghost icon with a code  can be shared for people to add you either by scanning it or taking a snap of it.that will give you an option to add the person

 Create stickers

You can make stickers out of any picture taken. Just open the picture on snapchat and click the scissors icon and outline the part that you want to make a sticker with.It will be saved automatically. To use the sticker , take a photo and click on the notepad icon on the side and choose the sticker to add it to your photo.

Use Geofilters.

These are some hidden filters that you can use only found in your region.Turn your location on to access them. While taking a picture or video choose from the filters available below ,some that are only exclusive to your location.

Add your snapcode to your website:

Snapchat has this feature that not many people know of where you can add your snapcode link to your website profiles like Facebook and others.

To do so tap on the ghost icon and open settings, under snapcode option select create snapcode. On your website add the address and click create, this will automatically create an icon and link it to your site.

See who screenshots and steal your uploads.

Open the story that you posted and click on the three dots given in the will see an icon with arrows that shows you who has taken a screenshot of your story. Snapchat immediately sends you a notification when someone takes a screenshot

Add friends to your story.

You can have a snapchat story party with your friends by swiping right on the camera screen. Click the + icon , name your story and select who can add?.Add your friends to participate,and create a story once disappears after 24 hours unless your friends add stories  to it.

Make you own filters.

You can create your own filter or geofilter  by using custom filter directions.anyone except you can also use the filter.

Use lense in video calls.

As you know lenses can be used while taking picture and even while video chatting:

Video call your friend by using the video camera icon in the chat, you can add any lense to your face from the lense options.

The world can know your birthday.

Everyone on your snapchat can know when it’s your birthday . Go to the setting of the app and select birthday , and click the box beside birthday party.On your birthday ,beside your name on everyone else’s chat list a birthday cake emoji will appear, so everyone will know it’s your special day and send in warm wishes.

Set a view time for your snaps.

After taking a photo , on the right top corner you will see a clock icon. Tap it and select for how long the snap appears on your story that a person can watch.

Transfer money.

Go to the settings of the app by selecting the ghost icon,open snapcash and send money through square.Select the agree button and carefully follow the instructions given on your screen to send money to your friends.

Record several snaps together.

Each snap  can be recorded for 10 seconds.hold on the phone button to create six snaps , 10 seconds each. You can create less than six by not holding the screen for too long.Use filters to decorate and discard the ones you dislike.and post them.

Create memories.

You can save your snaps and videos  to memories , and stories by clicking the download button. These can be accessed any time under the memories tab.

Selected areas of your photos can be given tints.

With the tint brush you can change your hair colour or turn a friend into a chameleon ! Take a photo and click the scissors icon, select the brush tool and choose a desired colour.Circle any portion of the image where you want the colour to be added.The tint will be added to the circled portion.portions of your snap can also be turned to black n white.

Add artistic filters to photos-

Take a snap and select the paperclip icon from the right side. Select the brush tool under this , at the bottom if the screen a number of paintings will appear that you can choose from.Select one and your photo will now have the painting filter.

 Use  the Snap map to see your friends’ locations.

Snap map helps to see your friends location, go to the camera screen and try to zoom out (slide the thumb and index finger together),the map option will pop up and you can see your friends.

You can customise your location viewers on the map ,by choosing from only me, my friends and select friends.The last location  of the app used by  the person appears on the map,and keeps updating when the location changes.


  • Snapchat keeps freezing.

If your snapchat freezes often and takes time to respond then go to your profile and open settings. Select clear cache and continue, restart the app and the problem should be solved

  • Unable to take pictures and videos.

When you open snapchat and see a black screen this is because you didn’t give permission to the app to access  the camera.To check the app permissions , go to the settings of your device. Open apps and look for snapchat , open it and select permissions.Grant the app the permission to access the camera.

  • Filters and lenses are not working.

First check if you have a strong internet connection without which you cannot use filters and lenses.Restart and update the snapchat app.

If geofilters are not showing then turn your location on and visit the settings of your device , under apps open snapchat and give it permission to access your location.

  • Unable to send or receive messages.

If you face this issue , try using the below tips to fix it-

  • Check your internet and wifi connection,only with a good connection you can send or receive messages. If you suffer from a bad connection then consider changing or switching to another one.
  • Try logging out of snapchat  and restarting it. If you still face this issue check the playstore for the updated version and update it to work properly.
  • Try clearing the cache on snapchat by visiting its setting and under account action select clear cache and continue. This will not delete your snaps.
  • Restarting  your phone can sometimes solve the issue directly.


I hope this guide about Snapchat For PC was useful, and came across  some tips that  you could use. We would love to hear from you regarding suggestions and new tricks that you use.