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Photographers often face problems while transferring videos and shots taken on their camera to other devices, sometimes using apps to edit and post on social media that may not give you the best results and take long hours to transfer.

Keeping all this in mind Nikon has been very useful to all its users by creating an app snapbridge that will cover all your needs to enhance your photos and benefit you in the best way possible.

It is a complete package where you can transfer your media, edit them, and even post them directly on social media without any hassle. This app is recommended by most Nikon users.



Snapbridge initiated by Nikon is an app that wirelessly connects your pc or desktop to your camera enabling you to share high-quality images and videos with the help of Bluetooth or wifi. Shots taken on your camera can be transferred to your required device easily, allowing up to five pair-ups with your camera. 

This reliable app consumes very less power and offers a bunch of convenient services. Available for both Android and ios users.

The app is cost-free.

It can be operated on – Windows 7,8 and 10, MAC.

Ratings – 4.4 out of 5.

Category of the app – Software.


  • You can connect up to five devices to your camera for transferring media.
  • Camera settings are adjustable.
  • With your smartphone, you can control the camera.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Snapbridge connects your camera and device whenever it is within the range helping in the fast transfer.
  • Use Bluetooth or wifi to connect devices.
  • Auto-download is available.
  • You can see the location data on the photos.


Download Snapbridge For PC

Snapbridge cannot be directly downloaded to your pc, but emulators will do the work. There are two ways the snapbridge app on your pc, either by bluestack or Nox app player. Follow this guide to get SNAPBRIDGE FOR PC.

Download the app with the help of bluestack

  1. Download the official app of bluestack from chrome.
  2. On installing, launch the app.
  3. After completing the above processes, open the app and click the ‘my apps button’.
  4. On the search tool look for snapbridge.
  5. Download and install it with logging into your google account on bluestack.
  6. The app will now get installed on your device.
  7. The app is ready to explore.

Disclaimer- if you face issues while using the bluestack software, install the framework on your pc.

Use SNAPBRIDGE FOR PC with the Nox app player.

Download Snapbridge For PC

  1. Download the Nox app player from its official website.
  2. Install it and log into your google account.
  3. Search for snapbridge and download it.
  4. Finish the installation process and the app is ready to use.

Uses of a few icons on snapbridge,  that will help you to understand and use the app in a more effective way. You can install SNAPBRIDGE FOR PC by this way too.

As you open the app there are three icons that appear before you

Camera icon-control cameras remotely and adjust the settings to connect to the camera.

Phone icon-displays images downloaded from the camera.

Cloud icon– cloud storage for users to access with a Nikon ID.

To the left top corner of your screen , is the app menu which has options like- notices, help and app options.

The app options allow you to choose from different settings where you can change the device names, select where you want to save the images, add texts and titles, apply location data, and many more.


  • Raw images can be downloaded.
  • Up to 5 devices can be paired.


  • It cannot be downloaded directly, you have to use an emulator. While loading you may face some issues with bluestack.

Tips and tricks to keep in mind while using snapbridge

  • Setting the camera clock- If you want the current time to be notified on the camera. Open the app and click on the camera icon. There will be a few options before you, out of which turn ‘on’ the auto-link and click the checkmark alongside the  ‘ synchronize clock’ option. You may also be required to change a few additional settings on the camera.               
  • Add text to your pictures-  Open the app and click on the tab towards the top left corner of your screen. You will see a setting name ‘app options’, open in, and turn on the ‘show credits’ option. On doing this the preview of your desired image will appear with two options below – ‘type’ and ‘position’. Use the option ‘type’ to add any necessary information, adjust the size, font, and color of the text. With ‘position’ you can select where you want the text to be displayed.
  • Naming the connected device- As mentioned before you can connect up to five devices to your camera, and to help you differentiate between your devices you can name them. Open the app and click on the tab on the left top corner of the screen. open app option and click on the nickname option. Now you can change and edit the current connected devices name.
  • Choose your download destination – On opening the app click the tab on the left corner and select app options. Click on the destination option, where you can choose to either save the image or video in the internal storage on your device or choose a folder you wish to save it in.


  • It may not be an easy task to connect your camera to the paired device and sometimes it is time-consuming. To solve this, the app now gives you a manual on how to go about it with relevant images and texts resulting in a faster process.
  • With the updated version it has become easier to save and share the shots taken.
  • The app now allows you to control the amount of power consumed by this app on your devices with the power-saving mode and you can choose your level of location data accuracy from-high, medium and low to reduce the power consumption.
  • The stability of all operations between the camera and connected devices has been improved.
  • Remote photographers can now control the camera via Bluetooth to take shots where their presence would be a problem. 


  1. Your location data is missing.
  • If your pictures do not have the location mentioned, check that the location data services are enabled on your connected device before you can sync the location data. 
  1. Auto-download isn’t working
  • Some of the reasons why the image does not automatically get downloaded can be due to a low battery which suspends the download or try to extend the standby timer, with a low timer it is difficult to download. Also, enable the camera to download when it is off.
  1. Unable to connect the device to the camera.
  • Check if the Bluetooth is on in both the devices. After pairing the devices enable the GPS option on the device to connect. For better results use the updated version.
  1. Unable to pair devices.
  • This may occur if the Bluetooth and GPS are disabled on the devices. In your pairing settings make sure the  ‘ nearby’  is off.
  1. How To –

a.View the pictures downloaded:

On opening the app click on the phone icon on the top. It will display the pictures according to the date it was downloaded on. Then you can view on SNAPBRIDGE FOR PC.

b.Share pictures:

Tap on an image, and click the share icon on the left bottom corner. Choose your medium to share and complete the process.


  • COOLPIX A900
  • COOLPIX A300
  • COOLPIX A1000
  • COOLPIX  B700
  • COOLPIX B600
  • COOLPIX B500
  • COOLPIX  P1000
  • COOLPIX P950
  • COOLPIX W100
  • COOLPIX W150
  • COOLPIX W300
  • Z 7
  • Z 6
  • Z 50
  • Key Mission 80

 Other apps by Nikon-

  • Nikon Image Space
  • Nikon Manual Viewer2
  • DSLR Remote Control

Alternative apps that you can use in place of snapbridge –

  • Transifex
  • qDslrDashboard
  • EOS Remote
  • WirelessMobileUtility


In this article we talked about SNAPBRIDGE FOR PC we hope that we cleared all your queries. If you still have any queries then let us know that in the comment section down below.

There may be many apps present today that may serve the same purpose but may not be as advanced as snapbridge which is created by a  trusted platform – NIKON. 

This app is open to all users which does not require a manual to use, can be operated easily. This app has the fastest way of transferring media even while your camera is off. This one app makes it easy for you to edit , add texts, transfer and even post it on platforms in very basic steps. We have given a complete guide to the app so that you can make the best of it.feel  free to contact us if you have any doubts.