No Audio Output Device Is Installed

No Audio Output Device Is Installed

Looking for a fix to No Audio Output Device Is Installed?

These problems usually occur and are quite common. This can be solved quite easily and one needn’t worry. This happens when there is a Red Cross on the sound icon in your taskbar. In these situations, the computer won’t play any sound. 

This problem only arises in two dimensions: Windows disabling the audio device or the PC lacks the latest device driver installation. Once the user notices the lack of audio output device installation, the audio issue is probably caused due to the following errors mentioned below in detail.

This article will help their readers show various steps of how they can resolve this issue of No Audio Output Device Is Installed very easily. Following are the methods: 

No Audio Output Device Is Installed

  1. Automatically updating the audio device drivers: 

This problem is probably caused due to the issues by a driver. If the user has no time to manually solve the issue, they can just do it all automatically by installing with Driver Easy. Driver Easy helps in the automatic recognition of the device and finds the apt driver for the system.

This will help the user to not make any mistake installing any wrong drive for the device or incur any risk to the device. This automatic download will help the driver to know the apt audio drive for the device and just install it in no time with no risk.

The user can install the driver in two mentioned ways that is either free of Pro with some cost. With the Pro version of this driver, one would require to click twice and get a full guarantee of 30 days money back. 

  1. Downloading and installing Driver Easy 
  2. Run the software and scan it. This software will scan the computer and detect if the device has any problem. 
  3. The user might notice a button which mentions the word update which is present right beside the audio driver which allows the automatic update of the right version of the drive.After this one can manually download the free version. Or they can even click the option update all for the automatic process and which helps to install the correct version of the drive that is missing in the device.  
  4. Manual uninstalling  and reinstalling of the device driver: 
    1. From the device manager, from the drop-down select sound, video, and game controllers right click on the Audio device, and then the user must click uninstall to uninstall the driver. 
    2. After the above steps, the user must restart the PC, and windows will automatically download the sound system on restarting the device. If the windows install the latest correct driver, it will hopefully resolve the issue. 
  5. Re-enabling the device: 

The following steps mentioned below are recommended to be followed so the issue gets resolved smoothly:

  1. On the keyboard, the user must press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to make the Run command in action. Then the user must type devmgmt.msc in the Run box and click on OK. 
  2. The user must identify the locations of the Sound, video, and game controllers from the list of options. 
  3. If the category mentioned above cannot be seen then the user must follow the below steps and if it is seen then skip to (i). 
  4. The user must select Legacy Hardware from the Action menu. One must make sure in this process, nothing else is clicked. 
  5. The next option to click should be the Hardware Wizard which is to be added as well. If this is not visible there are other ways to skip to (i). 
  6. Select ‘Search for and install hardware automatically’.If the wizard still can’t seem to find it then the user must click on next. 
  7. There will be a list of hardware names present and the user must select the one with the options sound video and game controllers and click on next. 
  8. After that, they must select the manufacturer and model of the sound card and next. After clicking on Next, they must now install the device and then click on the finish after the process is complete. 
  9. Now if the category mentioned list is seen, then expand the option for Sound video and game controllers and right-click on the Aditi device. Click to enable and if it is already enabled, then the user must follow instructions of the second method. 
  10. Reboot of the system: 

Sometimes, this issue can be caused if there is any change in the configuration of the hardware while loading of the Windows.To prevent this, the user would need to refrain from removing or attaching any devices or peripherals while the PC is booting up.

One must be sure that devices are attached only after Windows has been completely loaded. 

  1. Replacing the Defective Sound Card:

 If none of the methods seem to resolve, there could be an issue with the sound card. It could be defective. It can be a basic power problem or just plain wear and tear, sound cards can stop working at any time. But the user need not worry. Replacing these cards is very easy and they are costly as well. 

  1. Run Windows 10 Audio Troubleshooter: 

To access the troubleshooter, this is what one needs to do: 

  1. Press the Windows logo key + X in the search box 
  2. Type Troubleshooter in the search box and press Enter 
  3. Click to view all 
  4. Select Playing audio 
  5. These instructions are to be followed to complete the audio troubleshooting process 

 The audio troubleshooter will detect the problem automatically and when the search is finished, the audio issues will display. 

  1. Reenabling the Sound card in BIOS: 

Some users have said that this step is recommended and has helped multiple people. 

  1. Disable ‘HD Audio Controller’ in BIOS. Save the changes and reboot the computer. 
  2. Re-Enable the ‘HD Audio Controller’ in BIOS and now the user can check if the sound is back to normal. 


This article hopes that its readers find it helpful and one needn’t panic about this issue of No Audio Output Device Is Installed. Nowadays everything is available online and its repair can be done easily. In case none of the steps yet above helps the user, then there must be some other issues and it would be recommended that the user takes their device to the nearest store for repair.