New to Video Selling? Here’s the Lowdown you are looking for

Never has it been easier to learn the skills you’ve always wanted to. In the modern age, people seem to rely on videos to learn how to cook, play the guitar, coding, web design, coding, programming, and so on. In other words, video content is all the rage today. People all over the world consume video content for a variety of reasons. Video content is likely to go viral primarily because of how interactive and engaging it is. 

As you probably know by now, virtually every business or brand has taken to social media to post video content to attract prospects and turn them into loyal customers. YouTube is a testament to this. It is the world’s largest and most popular platform for videos. YouTube allows you to upload as many videos as you want, which is why it has approximately two billion monthly users. 

 In other words, if you have a brand and want to build a growing audience, you need to understand the concept of video selling

What is video selling?

Video selling is a process that salespeople follow where they use pre-recorded or live video elements, or both to engage prospects during the sale. 

Why go for video selling?

As you already know, videos are the most interactive engaging form of content, which means people are more likely to consume your content and check out your website. According to a report by Oracle, 82% of websites that people visit have a video on their page. 

Also, customers reportedly preferred to have videos to help them make purchasing decisions. 88% of marketers claimed to be satisfied with the return on investment they got from videos. 

Videos engage the viewer in multiple ways. While text and infographics engage the eyes, videos have multiple frames and sound. Also, Q&A video sessions allow the audience to interact with you. The fact a study by Google showed that there was a 40% increase in inquiries from buyers on listings that had videos, tells you that you need to start using the power of videos to expand your brand. 

Ideas for video selling

Now that you have a decent idea of the value of video selling and marketing, you’ve probably considered getting started. While coming up with content for videos may seem a daunting task, it is not as challenging as it seems. Here are a few ideas you should consider using: 

  • Online tutorials
  • Workout videos
  • Case study videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Product reveal videos
  • News videos
  • Online courses 
  • Unboxing videos of various products
  • Entertainment videos
  • Review videos

The possibilities are endless. These are a few of many ideas you can use to create videos. The videos you make will depend on your goals and niche. If you are launching a product, for instance, you can do an unboxing video, a demonstration video, and a tutorial to show people how to use it. Furthermore, you can get people to give you testimonials and use them for your product launch. 

How do you make compelling video content?

If you’ve decided to make videos for sales or for anything else, here are a few tips you should keep in mind to create the best videos you can. 

Find a niche

The first step is to find your niche. In other words, find your target audience and decide what kind of content you want to produce. Once you know who is going to consume your content, you will know what kind of content you need to produce to gain traction. 

Do research

Now that you know your target audience and the kind of content you need to produce, you need to do your research as you create your videos. Zero-in on a topic, find out if there is a demand for it and do your research. 

Shoot your videos

Once you do your research, start shooting videos. You will have to get some excellent equipment to shoot your videos. Get a DSLR camera or a phone that has an excellent camera. Many content creators shoot pro-quality videos using their smartphone. Aside from this, invest in some high-quality audio equipment, and a tripod and gimbal to shoot steady, in-focus footage. High-quality equipment is not as expensive as you probably think it is. 

Perform a mic test and webcam test before you start shooting. Once you shoot your footage, import it to a good video editor where you can synchronize the audio and video, edit the entire footage, and render the final video. 

Work on the script and storyboard

After you get your equipment in place, you need to script your video and come up with a storyboard. Proper planning before a shoot is immensely vital. Creating a storyboard to list what your video should have for each scene makes shooting incredibly easy and organized. You also need to schedule your entire shoot so that you do not waste time or money. 

Sort out your lighting

Here’s another factor that many people do not seem to take into account as much as they should. You need to shoot your videos in well-lit environments. For the most part, you ought to stick to natural lighting. If you want to shoot outdoor videos, use natural lighting. However, if you are shooting indoors, you should ensure you shoot by the window. You could supplement your well-lit environment with a lighting kit that you can order online or assemble yourself. 


If you are looking for a quick article to skim through to get the general idea about video selling and video content in general, this should have you covered. Be sure to follow these steps and create content consistently to sooner or later get the results you’ve always wanted.