Inshot For PC

Looking to download Inshot For PC then you are at the right place as we will be telling you how to download Inshot For PC Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac.

In our daily lives, we capture memorable moments through photographs that are flashbacks for us to remember the good old times, with the help of photo editing apps you can enhance those pictures.

Inshot For PC

Whereas videos that don’t just tell us something but rather show visuals which are fun and interesting. Creating and editing pictures and videos seems to be something that everyone does and enjoys it, so why not do it in the best way possible.

Hey users! We bring before you an insight on Inshot, an app with its best utilization helps you to revamp your pictures and videos with the best tools provided.

Using an editing app on your smartphone may not always be valuable as you tend to miss out on details and it won’t give you the best results. Using it on a bigger screen such as the pc is advisable for better outcomes


Download Inshot For PC Windows 10,8,7 and Mac
Download Inshot for PC & Mac

Inshot is an all in one photo and video editing app that allows you to enhance your pictures, make necessary changes in your videos, create collages with the help of stickers and tools. Showcase your creativity by creating something new. 

Inshot is one of the best apps for photo and video which is used by more than 100 million people.

We have listed below the complete guide on how to download this app on Windows 7,8,10, and more interestingly about its features.

How to download Inshot For PC in 10 simple steps

  • I have used bluestacks – an android emulator to download this app.
  • Via chrome search for bluestacks and download it.
  • Once downloaded save the file on your desktop.
  • Open bluestacks through the folder and complete the installation process.
  • Once the emulator is installed open it on your pc.
  • After which click on the play store icon and start it.
  • After it starts, go to the search bar and search for the inshot app.
  • The first app icon that appears is the original one, click on it and download it.
  • Once it gets installed click on the open button.
  • On opening, you can use the app for free without any interruptions.
  • Texts and captions, visual effects, themes are available.

If your play store works finely well then you can go ahead and directly download it from there. If not, you can use this method that is completely safe and won’t take much of your time.

The app has the following features-

  • This app is easy to use.
  • Contain compact editing tools.
  • You can edit photos and videos with ease for your social media handles.
  • You can convert videos for free into mp4 format.
  • You can create personalized collages with various trending layouts, filters for each photo.
  • Videos can be merged, cut, trimmed, compressed and all necessary features with easy steps.
  • Customizable background including blur effects.
  • Music can also be added from the app provisions or of your own choice whose volume can be adjusted.
  • With one click you can share on other platforms.
  • Inshot pro mode provides for a free trial after which payment is required to unlock the benefits of removal of the watermark, additional stickers, more editing tools, and filters.
  • App remains up to date with everything trending around you.
  • They provide you with all the necessary tools that are required to edit.


  • You can create videos, photos, and collages on one click in a single app. You do not need two separate apps.
  • It has various templates or materials that are trending, quirky, and unique. perfect for every occasion.
  • Most of the materials are free.
  • Available in 40 languages.
  • Each template has more than 20 stickers.
  • You can edit in easy steps.
  • It allows you to share your pictures and videos directly to social media apps such as – Facebook, Instagram, twitter.
  • Video editing allows you to trim, cut, split them; adjust its speed, flip, and even freeze.
  • Music can be added to the video from the app even from your collection of sound in your device.
  • Maximum 9 pictures can be a collage, you can choose from 23 types of layouts.
  • Choose your borders from different color templates.
  • Quirky stickers that are eye-catchers.
  • Recommendations and tips are available.
  • 7-day free trial for premium.
  • Inshot has its app i.e unique photo effect which is free to download.
  • It does not take up much space, only 34mb.


  • Pop up adds while trying to create photos or videos.
  • You have to pay to remove watermark.

Basic instructions on How to Use Inshot For PC

  • When you open the app, there are three options before you, photo, video, and collage.
  • Select the Icon depending on your purpose.
  • Below these, under a broad heading, there are materials you can choose from and select the one you like.
  • Allow the app to access your gallery so that you can edit.
  • When you have decided what you want to create select the images or video from gallery.
  • Below your selected item there will be various tools you can use
  • More than one tool can be used.
  • After making your adjustments you can save your creation or directly upload it on your social media handles.

How to use other features of Inshot For PC

Trim video-

Trimming is the ideal method if you want to make longer videos short, remove unwanted portions, or highlight the best part of a shot. To do this you need to-

Select the video

  • Tap on the scissors icon below to trim.
  • Make adjustments to the part you need.
  • When you are done click the checkmark on the right side.

Split video-

  • Split video helps you to make smaller video clips from a larger video.
  • On your choice of the video click trim and select the split button.
  • Move the bar to the required location you want to split it from.
  • After you finish click on the checkmark.

Merge video-

  • You can add various small clips with the help of merge and create one video.
  • On selection of your video to the left down corner of your screen, you will see a ‘‘+” button.
  • Click that and add the video you want to merge.
  • The selected video will, therefore, be added.

Adding music-

From the available options below click on the music button.  There are three divisions – tracks, effects, and records.  Each division allows you to choose from the sound available on the app or any choice of your own on your device, if not you can record by permitting to do so. Some of the instrumental music include -popular, applause, birds, and animals. You can adjust the volume as you wish.

Other options-

There are various numbers of filters, effects that you can choose from; bright to dark or glitch to flash. Stickers for every occasion that match your photo or video, changeable background, text, and captions can be written in any font or color. Some of the stickers are free, the rest you need to buy.

How to save –

On the right-hand corner of the screen, there is an option “save”. Click on it, you can save it to your device or directly import it to other apps.

Why Inshot?

There are numerous editing apps out in the market that do the work but we have handpicked inshot among the others. Inshot is an adaptable app, they have an ongoing developing process that has additions based of what people want.

For instance, when Instagram updated and changed its video dimensions depending on where you are posting, now inshot allows you to resize your photo according to what you want to post. Good footage can be given new dimensions with the usage of the canvas tool available.  

Inshot is an ideal app for the following reasons-

  • Inshot contains the basic essential features required for an editing app such as crop, rotate, color correction, straighten, and flip.
  • It is user-friendling that does not require instructions to use. 
  • You can easily switch between edits giving you the advantage of working on images at the same time.
  • It is designed in such a way that it is appealing to users, and you won’t regret using it.

Ratings – 4.8 out of 5

Platform available- android and apple

Price- free

FAQ’s About Inshot For PC

Can you use InShot on PC?

Yes you can use Inshot for pc by using an emulator and in this guide we mentioned too how to download and use Inshot for pc by following that you can easily use Inshot on Pc.

Can you download InShot on Mac?

Yes you can download Inshot on Mac too same by following this guide you can easily download Inshot on Mac.

Is InShot video editor free?

Inshot comes in both the versions free as well as paid version you can use whatever you want to according to your requirements.


So in this article we talked about how to download Inshot For PC if your problem got resolved then please let me us know in the comment section and if you have any doubts regarding Inshot For PC then let us know that also in the comment section down below.

We have provided you with an app that you can create art in a fun way. You can use this app at zero expense unless purchasing for the premium version. We have mentioned all the details that we think you may require to use this app from the start to the end in the best possible way.

You can start your video editing journey with the help of this app. Thank you for choosing us and relying on us for information. We have provided you with the best we can and always will.