How to Make a Meme Video for Facebook?

Nick Young reacts to a story with a confused face turning into a viral meme while filming an episode of Cassy Athena’s “Thru The Lens” web series on May 09, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Video By Cassy Athena)

Everyone frequent on Facebook would have seen and enjoyed a funny video, and they are called meme videos. These are videos with an overlay of clever text, which makes them thoroughly enjoyable. This is one of those quirky content formats that, when done well, has the potential to make you stand out in the overcrowded social media space. 

At the core of a video meme, is the relatability factor, which is the defining feature that makes this sort of content shared so widely on the internet. Video meme was preceded by the so-called ‘classic meme,’ which consisted of a static image with a top and a bottom caption with a quirky but entertaining message. But the content evolved from images to GIFs and videos, making it altogether more entertaining.

With the increase in the number of people who are opposed to video ads, video memes are the most suitable content that finds engagement among the audience. And, businesses are quick to realize it. This write-up seeks to tell the readers about the advantages of video memes in brand marketing, how to make them using InVideo editor, and pointers associated with meme creation. 

Advantages of Video Meme in Marketing

  • Grabs Attention: Video memes by nature tend to be catchy and funny and easily grab the audience’s attention. 
  • Appreciation: If the meme is done creatively, offering an out-of-the-box perspective, it will help the brand with well-deserved appreciation from the audience.
  • Attracts Youth: Most memes are created to find traction among the youth, and brands catering to this demographic use memes to their advantage. 
  • Overcomes Short Attention Spans: Memes are messages delivered within seconds, and it aligns well with shortening attention spans of the average online user.   

Making Video Meme Using the InVideo Editor

InVideo provides the means for a non-technical user with no video editing experience to make the most engaging video content online. Here we go:

Step 1: 

Create an account on, which will give you access to thousands of video templates to create a video meme

Step 2:

You have the choice of going with the available templates or can build a template from scratch using 1:1 format – the common specification with video memes. 

Step 3

Search for a template that fits your idea, and with a simple click, the template gets transported to the InVideo editor. 

Step 4

The designers and developers at InVideo have ensured that video editing is a comfortable experience for the user. All you are required to do is add the top and bottom caption to your video template. 

Step 5 

Next, you would have to search for suitable media from the extensive library of over a million royalty-free images and videos. Alternatively, you have the option of uploading your own media into the template. 

Step 6

This will be followed by the finishing touches to your video meme using InVideo’s advanced timeline, and this completes the creation of your video meme.

Step 7

Click ‘Preview’ to watch your video from start to finish, and then click ‘Export’ to make the video available for download. You even have the option of sharing it directly from the InVideo website on to major social media platforms.    

Pointers to Follow While Making Video Memes

  • Stay within Limits: Some brands tend to go overboard with the number of memes they put out. This can create an impression among the audience that the brand or creator is trying too hard to please the audience. 
  • Diversify Content: It is certainly not a good idea to put all your ‘eggs in one basket’ Meaning, becoming completely reliant on memes can make your target audience lose interest over time. The prudent way to go about is to diversify and keep experimenting with various content types until you can narrow down on what works best with your audience. 
  • Make a Connection: Stay clear of obscure topics that nobody identifies with and always create memes that forge a connection with a famous event or a celebrity that people identify with. This remains one of the core ideas governing the creation of a meme.
  • Keep it Simple: The simpler the meme, the better will be its potential to go viral. Memes, by their very nature, are messages that communicate quickly with effectiveness, and creators must ensure they do not go off track while creating video memes.
  • Keep a Tab: Once you have put out a meme, it becomes necessary to monitor its reactions. If the reaction is fairly positive, then you must follow it up with memes along similar lines. In contrast, if the meme generates a lot of negative reactions, you must quickly adapt to put out a different set of memes that divert attention to the new ones.   

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Cyberspace is in a constant state of flux, and there are new ideas, trends, and developments catching on. In terms of popularity, memes are catching everyone’s attention, and it is not going to fade out anytime soon, but keep in mind, the meme trends do. All it takes is a commonly relevant theme, a connection with a current event or celebrity, and you would have a winning formulation in your hand. Video memes usually go viral in the most unexpected of circumstances. A creator or a brand must put in the time and effort to create content and leave it to the audience to take it forward.

With time and experience, the brand or the creator will come to realize the critical ingredients that go into creating engaging video memes, it helps establish a relationship based on trust and help convert mere visitors into prospects and eventually into loyal customers. Overall, video memes are a great medium for finding traction among the audience.