How To Fix Err_name_not_resolved

How To Fix Err_name_not_resolved
How To Fix Err_name_not_resolved

Looking to fix Err_name_not_resolved? You are on the right place as we will tell you how you can fix Err_name_not_resolved easily with a lot of different methods.

Nowadays, most of us use the internet even though some of us lack the proper technical knowledge of it and for them, the understanding of the error message is very difficult.

To solve any problem the understanding of such a problem is very important. This article will help you to solve the problem that is faced due to the error message of “Err_name_not_resolved ”.

This is a very common problem we all have faced for various reasons but let us know what causes the error and how to fix the error.

What does “Err_name_not_resolved ” mean?

There is a very general question that comes to mind: what is the meaning of the message. Let us understand the meaning of the message in layman’s language. The error message means that chrome is unable to get the IP address of the website that you have searched for.

An IP address is needed to find a connection with the server. The error can be found in any browser on any device that has an internet connection. 

Why does this error message come up?

There can be various reasons which can lead to an error of not being able to establish a connection with the server. One of the most common reasons is the temporary unavailability of the DNS server, then one cannot surf on any website.

This message can also come up when the router used is having some disturbances, or the configuration of the internet is not correct for the usage. Keep reading this article we will tell you how to fix Err_name_not_resolved.

How to solve this error “Err_name_not_resolved?”

DNS problems can occur anytime for many kinds of reasons as mentioned above, but it has to be fixed as well. So here are some of the methods to fix the error of “Err_name_not_resolved”, the solutions are as follows-

1. Delete the data of your web browser

As we have seen that the data get stored on the browser history and start predicting the pages or sites we want to open or surf. This happens because of the default options of chrome which stores the data as cache data, which makes the loading of sites a bit faster than usual and also predicts the sites before we end up typing.

And sometimes, selecting the predicted site might end up with the error message. This can be tackled when we clear the data browsed by us from the settings of chrome. Go to the three dots option on the top right corner and search for settings. Go to settings and clear the browsing data from the beginning.

2. Restart the router

In case the first method did not work and the internet connection is still not working then do not just get straight into the settings. Wait before changing the settings as the change is a bit of a headache.

You must check the router once which might be the reason for the connectivity failure. All you need to do is to switch off the router for at least 30 seconds and then put the power on which is a refreshing operation for the router. This is a very easy solution and this works many times. So before making some changes try this one for sure.

3. Clear the cache memory 

Sometimes there is a lot of cache memory that gets stored and makes the loading of any new website very slow. This can also cause the error of an unestablished connection with the server but this problem can be solved when the user clears the cached data from the settings.

4. DNS server can be changed

When the DNS server fails to work, the error message comes up. If this is the reason then the user cannot do much help to himself but can change the DNS server to a different DNS address by changing the configurations.

This configuration can be changed from the control panel where the network and sharing centre is. Then the user can change the properties from the change adapter settings. Remember to click the ok button when the settings are changed and you are ready to work. 

5. By disabling the software security temporarily

Many of the internet users install security software to prevent any virus from affecting the computer system. But this can even lead to the error message on Chrome. Many computers are protected by firewall settings which prevent some of the sites to be used for the safety and security of the system.

But for the sake of dealing with the message of error and to proceed with the work, one can disable the functions from the settings to enable the sites to appear on the browser.

6. Disabling the prediction option in Google Chrome

Google chrome has given the users the benefits of getting the predictions of what the users want to search. The prediction options make surfing on the internet easy and quick.

Though this is a very nice service of prediction but it often tends to lead to the error page. To solve this problem, we can go to the settings options and click on “Show advanced settings” and there we can turn off the option of loading the pages faster.

7. Malware checking

There are many malicious software that can affect your system to a large extent. Some malicious software can cause the internet connection of your computer. Malware is so dangerous that it can change the settings and configurations of the system.

To stop the malware software from altering all kinds of configuration that can lead to the error you can protect your system by using Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) as it can do the scanning of malware and protect the data.


Last but not the least, the error can be because of many reasons but it especially occurs due to the above-mentioned reasons most of the time. There is also the solution to the problem that might help someone to resolve this error when needed. The error issue can be fixed with the solutions, any one of the solutions will surely work, so try one after the other before calling the operator for technical assistance.