How to Fix dns_probe_finished_no_internet

Are you looking for a fix to dns_probe_finished_no_internet then you are at the right place as we will be telling you how to fix these issues of dns_probe_finished_no_internet?

Google Chrome was introduced as a web browser in the year 2008 and is one of the most popular and fastest web browsers till date. It is extremely user friendly and works well with other websites as well. Although, some problems may arise with due time as nothing is perfect. The problem which may frequently appear is DNS_PROBE_NO_INTERNET error. 


DNS means Domain Name System is a type of convention for services or computers or anything that uses the connection to the Internet. It plays a vital role while providing this internet connection. This error message is usually noticed to be seen when there is slow connection or issues relating to the connection.

There are several methods to resolve this dns_probe_finished_no_internet. This article will help our users who face this issue very frequently as a manual for them to resolve it. 

How to Fix dns_probe_finished_no_internet

1. Clearing of data in Google Chrome:

Firstly, it is required to clear the cache and then to update the Chrome. To clear it one would require to click on the three dots that are seen beside the URL which will delete all the History of the sites you have visited and also some other private information such as passwords of certain sites. After clicking on these three dots, one then from the drop down clicks on more tools and then can see an option of clearing browsing data. After clicking it, then close the browser and it then needs to be reopened to see if it has fixed the issue. 

2. Updating Google Chrome:

It is necessary to check if the user is using the latest update of the Chrome so that the smooth running is seen. It also helps in fixing errors and bugs. To see if one is using the updated Chrome, one must click on the same dots again after opening Google Chrome and then from the drop down click on Help where there are several options of which one says ‘About Google Chrome’.

After clicking this option, if it specifies the latest version then it is fine or else if it suggests that updating is required, one must update it then. If it has been updated then, and the user still faces this issue there could then be a different way to solve it. 

3. Changing DNS to Google DNS:

If there is an issue with the current DNS it is suggested then to change the server to Google’s Public DNS. This  public domain is maintained by google all over the world for people. It has been serving as a domain host for several people. There are some steps to change the DNS which are as follows: 

  1. Click on the Network Connections after going from the setting option 
  2. After this from the drop down the user must select the type of connection. After this, they must click on the option Change of adapter options. 
  3. After right clicking on the connections, from the drop down it is advised to select the properties 
  4. In the Internet Protocol version, one must select to use the Google Chrome server as the dominant one and the other as an alternative. After applying these settings and saving it, then the user can open Google Chrome and see if their error has been resolved. 

4. Resetting IP and clearing of DNS cache:

This way of solving includes commands ‘netsh’ and ‘ipconfig’. Netsh is defined as a command line allowing the user to display or even change the network configuration of a computer. It also allows the user to run a group of commands in one go.

Whereas ipconfig is defined as a command line which displays the current configuration of the installed IP on a computer which has a network. This tool would help to flush out and reset all the contents. It would help in renewing the server. This method would open up with the help of only administrative privileges. This can be achieved, if the user from the search tab types ‘command prompt’. 

  1. After right clicking, once coming to this option the user must select the option of run as an administrator from the drop down. 
  2. After selecting this option, ther users control account prompt will appear and will seek the permission of making changes. After this comes it is suggested to select Yes. 
  3. After this is done, one is suggested to type out these commands: 
  4. Netsh int ip reset
  5. Netsh winsock reset
  6. ipconfig/ release
  7. ipconfig/ renew 
  8. ipconfig/ flushdns 

After this, the user must select enter. After this a restart of the computer is suggested to check if the issue is resolved. 

5. Disabling of Web Filtering Software:

This concept is defined as when a software goes through the websites and then displays the content. Some of the filters check the contents on the website and hence blocks the virus, or any sort of advertisement which is objective. This method of resolving as suggested has been helpful to some users by uninstalling the web filtering software. 

6. Updating of Network Adapter Driver:

A device driver is defined as a translator between two machines and it proves information to the operating system as to how to interact with a few hardwares. If appropriate drivers are not installed, then the receiving of data and sending as wel cannot be communicated properly. If a driver is faulty, it might require some updating or uninstalling. This error of the ‘DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET’ might occur if the driver is corrupted. To resolve this following steps are required to perform: 

  1. From the start button, one must click the device manager button 
  2. After that, they must find the network adapter and then the button for the update driver. 
  3. The user may be asked if they would want to search for the driver automatically or browse for it. In the first option, the Windows will search for everything on their own whereas in the second option as specified it must be done manually by the user. 
  4. It is recommended to select the first option and then follow the instructions. After this the user must restart the computer and check if the bugs are fixed. 

7. Third Party software:

One can even resolve this issue by using a third party software. Snappy Driver Installer is the most recommended whereas it will work with only a working Internet connection.

This is a powerful drive system for Windows. This gives accessibility to drives of other systems that are not on the internet connection as well. It will show duplicate and invalid drivers as well. This will help to separate the update that is required to restart the computer which makes it easy to distinguish for the user. Finally, after this one can install Google Chrome again with the latest version. 


This article hopes to resolve the issues of our readers and several other people who face this common issue. These are the most common guidelines which are popularly used and have been helping people to resolve.