Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Animated Invitations

An animated invite is an invitation card with a uniquely creative way of inviting people. It does the same work as any other invite would but in a different way. Unlike regular cards, which only consist of texts and small graphics, animated invitation cards have visuals that take you through the journey of the event.

Replete with practically everything you can think of – short stories, animated characters, music, texts, photographs and videos, animated invitation helps you personalize and make an instant connection with your guests.

You can easily find a free invitation maker online. InVideo offer templates where you can design invitation cards according to your taste. 

Reasons To Choose Animated Invitations Over The Traditional Ones

Saves Time And Money 

Unlike traditional invitations, animated invitations can be designed from the comfort of your home. You can send these invites across to your friends and family through email and social media, rather than go the traditional way.

It’s cost-effective, too, as you don’t need to hire an expert designer to formulate an outline of your cards. You can make these party invites yourself on the internet without any prior experience in design.

You don’t need to get the prints done and do the distribution. This will let you save up tremendously on your costing and, quite frankly, reduce the carbon footprint of the event.

Also, you can reach your audience just by the click of a button. Thus, saving you a lot of energy, which can be redirected back at planning the event more comprehensively.

Promises Great Audio-Visual Aesthetics

We all know how boring and repetitive the online world has become these days. The content is being churned out every minute, and unless you stand out with your cards, it will be lost in the vast sea of content.

Now, imagine an invitation with a video of you telling people about your event, music playing in the background, and a neat little infographic putting out all the event details!

You can incorporate stock footage into your graphic designs to create cool special effects in your invitation videos. Use interesting templates and fonts to reflect the theme of your party.

Unleash Your Creative Side

With the regular card invites, you have limited options of pictures to choose from, but with animated invitation cards, the possibilities are endless. You will have not only a library of pictures but also videos, gifs, and animation.

You can design it according to the mood and theme of the event – fun, silly, cute, serious, anything you want. As there are no restrictions, it makes sense to explore your creativity to the fullest. While designing, do remember to give it a personal touch. 

You can also design your invitation card on your android mobile phone. There is a variety of the best android video editor apps and websites online. These apps offer numerous choices of styles, designs, and animations, free of cost!

You can also customize your invitation card for viewing on mobile platforms, which will help you reach more guests.

Unique Ways To Use An Animated Invitation Card

Birthday Invites

Birthdays are special – a day to remember the year gone by! And it should be celebrated in a unique way only. From invitation cards to the return gift, everything should be planned meticulously. 

The party begins with designing invitation cards, and the cards need to be special. With an animated invitation card, you can include the memories and milestones of the year gone by, which will add to the excitement.

You should decide on the theme first. Pick something that resonates with the guest of honor’s personality and style, such as their favorite colors, sports, movies, etc. Once that’s sorted, everything else will fall in line. 

If you are designing an animated video invitation, you should pay close attention to the background music. Music should complement the voice-over and should be in-sync with the animations and graphics.

Wedding Invites

Wedding invitations are an important step while planning a wedding. The bride and groom, their families, and friends, virtually everyone is excited about the big day.

Most couples want to stand out and set a high standard for their wedding. They want to send an invitation which acutely shows the grandeur of the wedding, leaving guests awestruck. 

Animated video invitations will not only dazzle your invitees but also help you save memories of the big day for a lifetime.

You can use a few themes to work with – The Story of Us, The Cultural Wedding, etc. Stop-motion videos and pre-wedding shoots in the form of animated video invites with personalized characters are usually opted by couples.

You can also go for save-the-date video invitations or make a new video, showcasing your journey from the courtship period to asking her hand for marriage.   

Reunion Invites

If you are having a family get-together or a college reunion, animated video invites are the best ways.

You can put some funny stories or incidents along with pictures, which will help lighten the mood. You can also create virtual characters resembling your family members based on a theme.

You can also use pictures of the trips you took or from the times spent together, which will bring back memories. The refreshing rush of emotions will be worth all the efforts made and set the mood of everyone, even before attending the event.

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Parting Thoughts

An animated invitation card is a delightful way of informing your guests about an event. It gives them the gist of your party in a matter of seconds and, if done correctly, can create considerable buzz around your event.

On top of that, animated invitation cards are easy to design and a time and money-saving way to make announcements. You don’t even need to rely on a professional videographer to prepare them for you: you can easily make them yourself at home, over the internet. 

With these tips, you can have a stylish, professional-looking video invitation, no matter what the occasion. Remember to add your sense of style into these ideas to give your invites a genuinely personalized look.