Are you looking for FACEBOOK LITE FOR PC?

Online connectivity is what helps people in times like this. Times in which there is a crisis going on which has affected people on a global scale and forced everyone to stay indoors. In such a scenario it is only online apps like Facebook lite which can help us to maintain contact with people and know what is going on in their life. In this article we will talk about the new, recent, and updated version of Facebook, which is Facebook Lite. 


This app has improved forms of connectivity and it is much easier now to keep in touch with your friends and family. It is easy and sweet. This app occupies only around 2G of space so it can be easily downloaded on your phone or your PC. Most of the features that were already present on Facebook are found on this app.

The most interesting features are the Timeline which allows you to keep track of your pictures and share the timeline with your friends. Then it also posses the features of liking pictures and editing your profile. You can also adjust and change the features of the group you are a part of. Some of the basic and amazing features of this app have been noted below-

• Finding anyone belonging to your friend or family circle.
• You can be united as a human community by posting a status update. Like, recently the corona status update is doing the rounds.  

• This app helps you in sharing the pictures that you like with the people on Facebook. 
• This app will provide you with notifications every time, someone, from your friend’s circle, online like your pictures.

• This app keeps you aware of all the events happening near you which allow you to make daily plans with all your friends. 

• This app helps you interact with members of your friends and family circle with whom you do not communicate much. You can give a like to their pictures or any emoji and post comments.  

• The photos that you post on Facebook can be made a part of your photo album. 

• This app allows you to keep track of people whom you know and be updated about their present condition. 
• It also allows you to select what place you want to go for a vacation or an outing because there are in-depth reviews given about every place by people who visited these places. You can also know about the working hours of that place

• This app also acts as a preface where buyers and sellers of a product can meet and discuss the terms. Facebook has also become a market place.  

The Facebook lite app is amazing because it helps organize all your photos and videos so that the images and videos occupy fewer positions in your storage space. Now you will easily be able to share all your images in your android device. You can also keep your pictures personal or public. There is also an option to create an album of pictures that will remain private.

Facebook Lite is beneficial as you are no more in the dark about events occurring across the world. Your News Feed helps you to know about all the events occurring all over the world. You can also closely follow all your favorite celebrities.


Now many of you will want to enjoy the FACEBOOK LITE FOR PC on your PC. The makers of the Facebook lite app have made this available for all the PC users. There is a version of this app that can be downloaded on your PC. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of the Facebook lite app on a wider screen.

 Some of the ways for downloading the Facebook lite app has been given to you. We hope that after reading the ways you can easily install the Facebook lite app on your PC. Remember, this app has not been found in the Windows store. So, you cannot download it from there. 


This process can be used to download the Facebook lite app on your pc in ann easy and swift manner. The steps which you need to follow to download this app has been given below for your convenience.  

  • At first, the zip file has to be downloaded on the PC. This file can be made part of a single folder.
  • There are at least two applications available on the file, which is the bluestacks installer while the other one is the apk file of the Facebook lite app, which we want to be downloaded on your PC.
  • Then ensure that you have a suitable internet connection because you need to click twice on the blue stacks installer to download it on your PC
  • The app can be started once you access your Google account or Gmail account by signing in it.
  • There will be a dashboard that will be made available to you. There is a play store icon that can be used to run the play store. 
  • Next step which you need to perform searches for the Facebook lite app on the search bar of your Windows PC.
  • The Facebook lite app can now easily be installed on your PC.
  • Now, just click the open button and now the app will be started once it has been installed. And done! Now you can use the Facebook lite app on the pc same you use it on the mobile.

For even MAC users the process wills remain the same. If you find it difficult to sign in with the google account, there is another step that you can follow. 


In this step you can download the Facebook lite app with the help of the apk file. The steps have been shared below for you.

  • The first step which you need to perform is to open the blue stacks android emulator  which you have downloaded on your pc. Then all you need to do is press the three dots which represent on the dashboard.
  • Then there will be many options that will be made available to you and you need to click on the option that will help you install the apk file. 
  • The next step which you need to follow is to select the apk file from the options available on your PC. 
  • Now all you have to do is press on the Facebook lite apk file to install it on your PC. 
  • There will be an open button present that can be sued to install the Facebook lite app in your PC smoothly and easily. 
  • The Facebook lite app, after installation will appear on your dashboard from where you can easily open the app.
  • The icon needs to be activated if you want to properly run the Facebook lite app on your PC. 

Pursue this process of downloading the Facebook lite app is the other process is not working.


  • This app has a very light size which is suitable for you because it can be downloaded easily without much difficulty and will not occupy a lot of space on your PC.
  • The amount of storage space required by this app is very less. So, it will not create a problem for you and will not take much space available on your PC. 
  • This app can download and load the newsfeed at a time when the signal is as low as 2G and 3G.  
  • This app works at a faster rate than the original Facebook app. 
  • It will be easier now for you to make a status update. This update will be made at a much faster pace and your friends will be able to see your status update earlier than before. 
  • This app uses less mobile data unlike the original Facebook app. This app provides you an enjoyable experience by using less mobile data. It will also help you to prevent spending a lot of money behind this app. 
  • The Facebook lite app can be used by users who do not live in areas that have 3G or 4G networks. So, if you are hailing from such ana area then the Facebook lite app, which uses 2G is perfect for you. 
  • This app works in a manner that is compatible with the android version. It is also suitable for the new version of the Windows app. So, you will not have a problem while running this app.
  • All the videos which keep on playing on your app on autoplay, will consume the WiFi and not the mobile data. This is helpful as you will not have to worry about the consumption of mobile data. Thus, your data plana and usage will be safe.
  • The setting planes used in the facebook lite app occupy a very small space and also allow you to receive all the notifications while taking up minimal space.
  • You do not need to go through the tedious process of a manual reload. The Facebook lite app helps you to see all the notifications and comments of the different posts without requiring you to reload the page.
  • All the comments and likes of the posts come in a slow manner which reminds you of the world of 2G. The comments load in a slow manner which is good, as it consumes less of your data.


There are some minimum requirements that your PC needs to have before you download the Facebook lite app. Firstly the RAM needs to be of at least 1gb. This is an important thing to keep in mind before you download this app.

The other requirements have been listed below.

1. The APK file size has a small size target. This app is different from a normal android app as it does not have the same product code. The product code has been made available in the form of the capabilities of the client using Lite. So, your PC must have a little bit of space before downloading the Lite app. The resources of the lite app need to be properly cached.

2. The server which you will be using while operating the Facebook lite app must be capable of handling this app. This is important because most of the heavy stuff which the lite app performs is done by the server which is operating the lite app. 

3. The power of the device which you are using, like the PC, must have minimal power which will help you operate the app. You must use only one sever while operating on this app. 

4. The server which you will be using must operate properly as it will have to load all the notifications, comments, and posts. It also needs to give you track of all the events happening all across the world. This server is used for fetching most of the information from the Facebook app. 

5. The Facebook lite app uses only common message protocols and does not use the common HTTP. Your server or the device which you will be using must be able to handle the protocols which are used to transfer the common messages. The protocols which help in the transfer common messages are the TLS or the TCP. So, your server must be able to read the messages.

5. The server which you will be using for this app must be able to read the images sent through the CDN. This is a crucial requirement to consider because most of the images will be available on the Lite app will be available in the format of CDN. The server should also be able to compress the size of JPEG images.

6. The app uses the help of Unicode symbols in many places to send the images through which consumes fewer data. So, your server must be able to recognize the Unicode symbols.


The questions which most of your will be asking is what is the difference between Facebook and facebook lite. Now the following points will clear all your doubts.


The app space consumed by Facebook is much more than the Facebook lite app. The amount of space consumed by this app is at least 95 percent less than the original Facebook app. The Facebook app takes up to 13.7MB  while the Facebook app takes up at least 239MB.


The battery usage of the Facebook app is much more than the Facebook lite app. The battery consumed by the Facebook lite saves 50 percent of the battery consumed by the Facebook app.  


The Facebook lite does not automatically refresh the page unlike the Facebook app. The app has been built in a way that the images available in the lite app have a low resolution. This saves your data and WiFi. It is designed to operate in a 2G network unlike the original Facebook app. You can operate this app in areas that have bad network coverage. 


This app has been using fewer system resources which adapts to the device and connectivity of the device. This feature is not available in the original Facebook app. 

The amount of time consumed by Lite to perform the functions is a bot more than the time taken by the original Facebook app to perform functions. 


The appearance of the Facebook Lite app is a bit less stacked up than the original Facebook app. The Lite app appears to have a slightly dated feature as it consists of elements that look like blocks. The icons of the app appear in a bit smaller size. The advanced graphics of the Facebook app is not available on the Lite app.


The Facebook lite app is best for users who have are present in dire situations.

This app is most helpful in the following situations.

1.For android devices that have cheap quality.

2.For devices that do not have much storage space.

3.For devices that have a low data usage plan and have improper connectivity.

4.Devices belonging to areas having extremely low connectivity.


The Facebook lite app has received a lot of recognition in recent times. This app can be used on android devices and even on your PC. We hope that you re now able to FACEBOOK LITE FOR PC in a simplistic manner and use it in the best manner possible. However, our advice to you would be to use the original Facebook app if you do not have issues with connectivity or with the data plan.