Ethernet does not have a valid configuration

Are you looking for a fix to Ethernet does not have a valid configuration then in this article we will tell you how to fix Ethernet does not have a valid configuration.

The error message Ethernet does not have valid configuration occurs when an IP address cannot be recognized from the server which the user is using such as a modem, switch or a wireless router. This usually is an unknown reason and the webpage will come out telling that there is no internet connection or that the user has limited accessibility.

This needn’t be worried about since it is technically a software issue. This can be solved within time and isn’t a permanent one. Several reasons can cause this error such as the network adapter, expired cached files and cable issues. This article is for those users who face such issues and this can be resolved within a few steps as mentioned in the article. 

Solved: Ethernet does not have a valid configuration

1. Resetting of Winstock Protocol and IP setting:

After the process of restarting this option, usually, most of the errors which are infected from the internet connection are resolved.

From the drop-down menu the user is to click the Command Prompt but before that, they need to press Windows + X. This will help in the resetting of the Winsock protocol on the Windows computer. It will appear as netsh Winsock reset.

After this one would require to execute the two following commands to reset the IP. Firstly the netsh int TCP reset and netsh int IP reset. Then, rebooting the window would be required to apply the changes. Even after this if the solution is not there, one can go onto the next step. 

2. Cleaning of all the cached files causing the invalid IP:

If the first step didn’t resolve, then one can try this that they should try to clean up their device by deleting the files which prove as a problem to all the network cached files. To follow this, one must do the following steps:

  • Ipconfig or release 
  • Ipconfig or flush dns 
  • Ipconfig or renew 

            After following these steps, one should then    

            restart the computer and see if the internet 

            connection is back. 

3. Manual configuration of TCP/ IP setting: Ethernet does not have a valid configuration

This step can be followed if the above two steps fail to work. The first step is to click the network connection icon which appears on the taskbar. After clicking on the open network and sharing center, the next step is to click on the Ethernet network adapter which is used by the user now.

The next step should be to go to the Properties setting and then select the Internet Protocol Version 4 category and double click on it. If the user notices that he has been using the IPv6 connection, then it would be better for him to choose the Internet Protocol Version 6. There are two steps in this further category: 

  • Case 1: If after configuration of the IP address, the user is still not able to access, then it is suggested to shift to the method of automatic configuration to prove that it is a valid IP address. Here, they would require to select two options which are: firstly, Obtain an IP address automatically and secondly, Obtain DNS server address automatically
  • Case 2: If one hasn’t set up everything and left it as in the default settings, one can try to configure those settings from the static details which include LAN IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway and DNS server. One must remember their IP address and default gateway
    • Default Gateway:  This is the IP address of the router and the modem which depends on the DHCP server running and making sure that the Ethernet cable is connected 
    • IP address: one can set any IP address as per their wish but it should be the same as the default gateway address

After one has filled all the essential details, they would just have to click the OK button and reboot their computer. 

4. Check the Ethernet Cable and Rebooting of the Modem or wireless router:

One must firstly check the Ethernet cable which is being used and connect the computer to the modem or router. In some cases, the damaged Ethernet cable can lead to several interruptions which may lead to this error. If it is seen that the cable is broken, it would be advisable to change the cable. It would also require rebooting the modem. Some devices aren’t stable and hence it is required to refresh them altogether. This suggestion has been a help to many people and their connection was better and solved. 

5. Reinstall the driver of one’s Ethernet Network Adapter: 

If none of these methods above have been helpful, then it could also be an issue with the drive of the Ethernet network adapter. Firstly, it is required to update or reinstall it to the latest version.

The Ethernet adapter may cause issues if it is accompanied by a corrupted or incompatible driver. One can just initially go with the option of Windows + X, to update or reinstall the drive after going to the settings of Device Manager.

After location the option of Ethernet Network adapter then select the Update Driver Software from the drop down. Then there are two possibilities from the next step to be chosen from: 

Search automatically for updated driver software 

Browse my computer for driver software 

After choosing the suitable option according to the user then it is required to update the Ethernet Network adapter. Adding to all these, one could initially uninstall the driver from the adapter and download the latest version to install it from the website of the manufacturer. 

6. Temporary Disabling of Antivirus: Ethernet does not have a valid configuration

If the user has recently installed some antivirus software, the Ethernet may not function because of that as well. If the Antivirus software has been uninstalled, then the solution of Ethernet does not have a valid configuration issue and is easily resolved. It is then recommended to switch to another virus package. 


This article is for the readers who face such issues and is written in order to help them. These issues are very common and faced by several people now. It can be solved in such easy steps as mentioned above instead of panicking or thinking it is a difficult situation.

Incase still none of these methods have still helped in resolving this issue, then it is recommended to contact the Internet Service Provider.