Easy Poser for PC

Looking to download Easy Poser for PC then you are at the right place as we will be telling you how to download Easy Poser for PC Windows 10,8,7 and Mac.

Most of us must not be familiar with the term “Easy Poser” but must be knowing at least the most common feature of this. Well, even if you don’t know about this word Easy Poser at all, you don’t worry, we are here to resolve the problem. We will explain every single detail about this.

Easy Poser for PC

How “Easy Poser” works, what and all are its characteristics and everything. 

So, firstly we would like to tell you what this “Easy Poser” exactly is. 

Easy Poser is application software that is completely based on the use of the artists. It is a kind of software used by artists to create posable figures that can be used as a reference for drawing. This has plenty of features that are pretty useful for artists to develop or create complex poses to be created. It can be sound to niche, but it is only available with the manga style mannequins. 

How to Download Easy Poser for PC

So, if you are a grown-up and your art piece is capable to be visualized on your house’s door. Well, this is the time when you really need to brush up your artistic skills with the help of Easy Poser. It not only provides you with a visualized reference but also gives you compatible options for your art piece.

It gives several points of manipulation so that one can easily articulate his mannequins digitally.

It gives ease to manipulate the functional body of the mannequins with its amazing features and settings. By just tapping on the required area of the mannequin’s body, a slider menu bar will appear.

This allows users to have control over the desired parts of the mannequin precisely in the three-dimensional space. It allows you to just adjust the camera by swiping the screen, and for more exactness, you can also use its slider menu.

Users can also give mood to the scenes, by applying the lights and shadows. In short, Easy Poser is just a software that allows the users to use the application to draw and to learn how to draw. 

All in all, we can say is that Easy Poser is a Software that allows artists or any other normal user like you and I, who likes to draw the human body or who wants to learn how to draw human bodies.

So, in case if you want to personalize a model who can easily show various poses according to your requirement while doing animation, illustrations, drawing, and sketching. It also allows you to draw various poses from different angles. So, this app is exactly developed for such kinds of people, who have a major interest in drawing and artsy things like this.

Features of Easy Poser for pc:

  • The first most essential is its Sensitive Operations: Easy poser is an app which gives an amazingly specific control over the main joints of the mannequin. Previously this feature wasn’t available in any other poser apps. It allows you to add multiple functions to the varied parts of the mannequin.
  • The second most essential feature is its Comic Style model: Easy Poser has allowed various types of models mannequin with different types of body type. All the previous apps had so many realistic heads of men and women of ratio eight.
  • The third most essential feature is its multi-model control: Easy Poser allows you to control the multiple poser of the mannequin. Like you can literally make your mannequins play soccer. 
  • The fourth most essential feature is its Tens of poses that have already been completed. Easy poser allows you to keep the poses which have to be used over and over again. It allows you to keep 60 poses which has to be used over and over again, also these regular poses need to be updated regularly.
  • This fifth feature includes various different features all together:
  1. Just by using the direct and the backlight settings, one can have sensitive light expression.
  2. Various kinds of poses at various angles is being able to observe.
  3. Shadows of the model that are basically realistic shadows are being cast over other models.
  4. The angle of the view is being able to change(use of an exaggerated vanishing point as in panorama is possible).
  5. It also allows lines to draw over models in a wired mode.
  6. Downloading of models is being abled in a PNG clear background without the background.
  7. It also has automatic saving if or whenever there happens to be a device error, making it much safer.
  8. Hand movements are being able to use very easily.
  • In the sixth feature, there are different and various functions are there that are being provided in the free version:
  1. There is free control of the model poses.
  2. Just by the control of the light angle, the free control of the moods can be done.
  3. Saving the image in PNG is one of the features. It can be used while using Easyposer with some other program to draw!
  4. Just by controlling the camera distance freely, a scene can be made.
  • Paid Version Upgrade Benefit:
  1. The poses that are completed can be recalled and saved.
  2. Other than the original model, a man(small), woman(small), woman(normal) is being provided.
  3. At once, on-screen several other models can be brought.
  4. Basically, no ads are there.
  5. All of the “Completed Poses” can be used.

**Just when you are done deleting an app, all the saved data is also being deleted as in the server, the data is not saved.

So guys in this article we talked about Easy Poser for pc. We hope that we cleared all the doubts regarding Easy Poser for pc. If you still have any let us know that in the comment section.