Discord mic not working

Looking for a fix to Discord mic not working then you are at the right place as we have mentioned how you can fix Discord mic not working problem.

Usually we see although there’s advancement in technology, there will always be some or the other faulty or mishaps that is very common to happen. One of the most frustrating faults is when the mic of discord just stops working. It is a very easy problem to fix it. One wouldn’t need to worry at all. 

Discord mic not working

This article will provide various steps to help its readers to solve this issue. This article will cover around 8 methods which will hopefully be of great help to our readers. 

How to Fix Discord mic not working

1. Allow Discord to use the systems Microphone:

Before one goes on to make any change in settings, it is important to check if the user has enabled the permission for discord letting you use the PC’s microphone which can be done by the following steps: 

  1. If one is using Windows 10
    1. After selecting Window settings, one selects to privacy 
    2. After this, one chooses the option of the microphone under the app permission 
    3. Once reached, it is important to ensure that there is an allowance from the app
  2. If the user has a Mac OS: 
    1. After selecting the Apple menu, then go to System Preferences 
    2. After clicking security and privacy from the drop down it is recommended to select the privacy 
    3. After this, one must click the microphone 
    4. Then it is necessary to check it Discord has been given the permission to enable the access of the system’s microphone 

2. Resetting of Voice settings on discord: Mic Not Working On Discord

If the above steps are ensured it’s on and yet the mic still doesn’t seem to work, it is important to follow this step which is logging in to the discord account. Following are the necessary steps after this 

  1. After selecting the user settings, to the left there is an option of voice and video under the drop down from App settings 
  2. After scrolling down, there’s an option of resetting voice settings and one must click on it then
  3. After resetting the settings, then one must do a test on the mic by clicking the option of mic test under the let’s check button. 

3. Choosing of the right input and output device: Why Is My Mic Not Working On Discord

If the above two steps seem to fail, then it is necessary to check the device settings of the system. One must make sure the input and the output settings of the device are working properly. One must be sure that the input and the output volume is turned up. After this, one must again check the mic test by pressing the button let’s check on Discord. 

4. Restarting Discord by logging out: Mic Not Working Discord

If the above steps seem to not work, then it is recommended to log out from the app and log in if the microphone had seemed to be working absolutely fine in the same internet connection. These are the steps for how one can log out from Discord: 

  1. After selecting User settings, the user will need to scroll down to see the option of logout which is a red button. 
  2. After logging out and closing the app it is then suggested to logging in and restarting the App using the required credentials

5. Checking of enabling of Automatic Input Sensitivity:

It is possible that a user’s microphone can stop functioning properly if the Automatic Input Sensitivity is disabled in the settings of the discord. If the user disables the setting, it disables the Discord to pick up the sounds and distinctions of the microphone. The following steps will help to turn the settings back on:

  1. After clicking the user setting, one needs to choose the option of voice and video which can be found in App settings 
  2. After scrolling down, one notices input sensitivity and then they should select it by turning it on. 
  3. One can they check if their mic can function or not 

6. Checking of External factors: Discord Mobile Mic Not Working

Yet after, following all these steps mentioned above the Discord mic still seems to not function, then there’s a huge possibility of the mic of the system or headphones not working. To ensure this one must check by the following steps: 

  1. One must ensure the  USB or headphone jack is 3.55mm and connected to the computer appropriately 
  2. Have the latest driver and software installed
  3. One must ensure that the microphone’s hardware does not mute itself when it’s connected to the user’s device. Some headphones have a mute button on them as well
  4. One must also check if they are facing problems with all the headphones as it can be an issue that their mic is not working with one headphone but seems to work with others 

7. Pushing to Talk:

For some Discord users, the mic has seemed to work if they enable the push to talk service. This can be enabled by the following way:

  1. After selecting user settings, and then choosing voice and video from App settings 
  2. After one scroll down, they can see the input mode and notices two options of voice activity and push to talk 
  3. The user must select push to talk and one needs to then select a dominating key on the keypad to active every time when one would want the microphone to pick up the voice 
  4. After recording then they would have to stop recording and hence click the assigned key again 

8. Updating of audio driver:

It is very easy to update the audio driver. One can do this either manually or automatically as well. 

  1. Manual: one can update it manually by visiting the Manufacturer’s website for an audio card and searching the lost current correct drive. One must be sure that the device is compatible 
  2. Automatic: If one cannot install or do it manually, they would just require to install Driver Easy which will recognize and do these functions on their own and easily. Following are the steps: 
    1. Download and run Driver Easy 
    2. After running it, it is required to scan it and to check if any problems 
    3. After this, it is required to update the audio driver which will happen automatically 
    4. Once this is done, one can check it if their audio system is working with discord


If none of the following steps above seem to work, then it could be a problem with the discord settings the user seems to have and it is suggested to get in touch with discord. They can email them relating the issue and they will receive a reply very soon. 

This article hopes to help the readers to fix Discord mic not working as much as they can do. It only wishes to make the lives of the users simpler by guiding them these easy steps.