Confirm Form Resubmission Error In Chrome (Solved)

Looking to fix Confirm Form Resubmission in Chrome then we have got you covered 10 ways to fix Confirm Form Resubmission Error In Chrome.

These days every individual’s life revolves around the Internet. There are several issues as well related to the internet which can be solved very easily as well. Google Chrome has some errors of its own and may not always work the way we would like it to. One of the most common errors this article will talk about is the form submission error. 

This, in reality, is not an error but is regarded as a warning since the user might have reloaded and refreshed the page multiple times. This problem is just not an issue faced by users using Google Chrome as a browser. This issue can be seen in multiple forums. The pop up messages that usually appear are as follows: 

  • Sign up forms and login forms 
  • Search form for a database search 
  • Credit card forms for an incomplete transaction 
  • Anything related to adding or deleting a file 

The data usually provided is sent from the users browser to the server. While this transfer, Incase a page is refreshed it will appear as duplicate. If this wouldn’t have been there, if by any chance a user performs two transactions at a time there could be several accidents. 

This article will show the user different methods of turning off the Confirm form resubmission.

Confirm Form Resubmission Error In Chrome (Solved)

1. Clearing of Google Chrome Browsing Data: To Fix Confirm Form Resubmission

  1. Once if information is filled in and the browser remembers it there is a chance of duplication. It is hence necessary to force the browser to clear the data from time to time. While clearing, one must remember to clear the password, cached data, browsing data, etc. after deleting, one can try using the browser again to check if the errors have been resolved. To do this, following steps are to be taken: 
  2. After opening the browser, the user must click the three dots whose is at the right corner 
  3. After selecting it, from the down down one must select the option of more tools and further clearing of browsing data 
  4. After that, there must be navigation to the advanced data as to which data must be deleted 
  5. Then click on clear data which is the final step 

2. Replacement of post method: Fix Confirm Form Resubmission Error In Chrome

  1. This method is used by the user to post the data and this can be solved in two methods:
  2. POST Method: The details which are entered in the form would not be appended to the URL and hence making the details invisible 
  3. GET Method: The details once being appended to the URL has no confidentiality 
  4. If the page allows modifying one the page then once can easily shift from POST to GET method in the following way: 
  5. By removing POST and replacing it with GET 

This may not be also very effective if the user is using Google Chrome or any other browser.

3. Properties of Google Chrome: 

  1. Firstly one must click on the Shortcut icon of Google Chrome and thereafter properties 
  2. After another box appearing, one can find another name target 
  3. After the user notices the target field, they need to put this command in quotes ‘-disable-prompt-in-repost’ at the end 
  4. After all the above-mentioned steps, they can try to reopen the browser 
  5. After refreshing the page, one must see if the dialogue box yet appears and the problem is resolved 

4. Disabling the motion across the browser:

Sometimes this may not be an issue of bugs as it may occur when the user tries to submit the form multiple times and the problem may appear with the browser.

The main reasons out of all are the accidental movement of pages backward and forward. To resolve this issue, the user can disable the buttons for motion. After disabling this the dialogue box may not appear. 

5. Resetting of the Browser:

  1. Sometimes, just by resetting of the browser, solutions can be resolved. Following are the steps to resolve: 
  2. By clicking on the three dots of the browser to open the option for Control Menu 
  3. Then from the drop-down go to the option of setting 
  4. From the settings, the user can see an option for advanced settings and is recommended to click on that 
  5. Then they can see an option of restoring the settings and must click on it 

6. Disabling of Corrupted Extensions:

One of the major reasons for this error or form submissions can be the corrupt extensions. This can be resolved in the following way: 

  1. After clicking on the three dots to open the options from Control Menu 
  2. One can see the option of more tools from where they choose extensions 
  3. After finding the corrupted extensions, one can disable and re-enable the extensions. 

These are all the extensions of the browser and one can disable and re-enable it any time. After this, they can try to see if their error has been resolved yet it is not. 

7. Using the PRG pattern:

The forms usually appear on the P POST part of the PRG pattern while submissions and hence should appear in the PRG pattern. When a page is required of a form, there should be a try of adding a page between that particular page and the actual page to be submitted.

By following this method, the user can process anything on that particular page and send it across the server. Then the browser shall remember the method of GET instead of POST in order to avoid problems. 

8. Using the Ajax Formula: 


type: “POST,”

URL: “bin/validation.php”

data: dataString,

success: function(){

//Whatever you want to do on successful submission



return false;

9. Addition of <head> as a tag:

  • This particular method can only function if the user initiated the first step. If one can access the source code and add the following <Head> tag it would resolve the issue. 
  • One should replace it with the following command: 
  • <metahttp-equiv=”refresh”content=”60;write_the_url_of_the_page_to_be_tested_over_here.html” />

10. Delete no store:

If the user is using a header, the following steps can be used to resolve this issue : 

  1. The user must try to delete the ‘no store’ option from the header 
  2. Refreshing of the page within the form is suggested 
  3. Re-enter the form and then refresh to notice if the error has been resolved 

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This article shows ten different methods to solve this issue about Confirm Form Resubmission Error In Chrome and we hope that this can be of any help to our readers who face this issue.