CamScanner For PC

CamScanner For PC

Looking to download CamScanner For PC? Then you are at the right place as we will tell you how you can download and install CamScanner For PC.

Most of us must have used the amazing application which has helped us greatly while dealing with documents. Say, you have some important documents in hardcopy that you need to send someone via the internet.

However, you do not have a scanner and moreover, if you click a picture, it would not have proper image quality to be attached as an important document. Thus, you will fail to send that person the documents instantly and you will need to wait till you can arrange a scanner.

After that, you will be able to scan your documents in high resolution. Subsequently, you will be converting it into a soft copy and then you will be attaching it with mail or any medium that you find suitable. This is going to take forever. Therefore, to make our messed up life simpler, we have been introduced to scanning apps. 

These apps do us a great favor when it comes to the portability of a document. CamScanner has quickly risen to fame after it came out first and quickly took the world over with its fastest technology of scanning images, pictures, documents through the camera of the mobile, and then edits it to be legible and clear. Thereafter makes it a document that can be sent to anyone or even can be stored in multiple devices of our own to ensure faster and cheaper portability.

The CamScanner has been very popular as long as mobile phones are concerned. They have made it an amazing application from taking notes in class to uploading documents in online form-filling.

However, people are wondering if the CamScanner can also be used in Personal Computers. Therefore, to give you a fair idea of how you can enjoy the benefits of the CamScanner For PC, here is an article to enlighten you about all your questions about the CamScanner.

Download CamScanner For PC – Windows 7/8/10

Download CamScanner For PC

This application helps you to take an image or picture or simply scan it from your PC or mobile. It also uses already saved pictures to edit the pictures or documents by alternating its brightness, sharpness, contrast and other aspects of the image to make it legible and clear enough to make it similar to those of scanned images.

The CamScanner uses special effects to make it look real enough to depict it as if scanned from a real printer. This is the reason why this application became famous in the first place. It became one of the basic applications to be installed on the phone especially when you are a student or deal with a lot of paperwork.

There are a lot of other scanners that are available for mobile phones or PC and they too have got much fame. However, not all the applications got as much popularity as the CamScanner. 

If we talk about the reasons and the features that made the CamScanner a successful application, then we will need to fish out all the amazing properties that this application is filled with. If you look for the CamScanner application in the window store then, you will not be able to find it and therefore it will need some efforts if you want to download the application to your PC without the help of the windows store. 

Therefore, to make you aware of you, we bring you all the necessary steps that you need to go through in order to download the CamScanner on your device and enjoy all the features and benefits for your documents. Although the process is given for the windows user. However, if you are a macOS user, you can follow these steps without any issues. Because the steps remain more or less the same for both.

Download CamScanner for PC (both Windows and Mac)

Download CamScanner For PC

The title of this application is CamScanner for pc and the file size is 64 MB. The CamScanner is developed by INTSIGInformation Co. Ltd. the rating of this application is quite good as we see it is rated 4.8 in the play store.

Step 1: You will need to download this file. for installing CamScanner For PC.

Step 2: After you have finished downloading the files, go to the downloaded folder and check out the items that have been downloaded into your PC. You can find it on the downloads file from where you can easily find the latest downloaded folder. After seeing the files, you will notice that you have a zip folder among the files that you have downloaded. 

Step 3: in this step, you will need to extract all the files that are present in the zip folder. When you double click on the zip folder, you will be redirected to another window. However, to get direct access, you will need to extract the files. To achieve it, you will need to right-click and find the ‘extract here’ option and you will get a normal folder now with 2 more files additionally present in the extracted folder.

Step 4: hover your mouse pointer towards the file that says ‘Bluestacks app installer’. Double click and you will be able to install it into your PC just like any other application software. You will need an uninterrupted internet connection for this and thus your installation will take time depending on the net speed and your PC’s speed as well.

Step 5: After your installation is finally completed, you can launch the application by double-clicking on the shortcut icon of the Bluestacks. You might find it on your desktop or in the Bluestacks folder in the C drive of your PC. Open the Bluestacks folder and click on the ‘Play Store’ icon which you will find in the application. After clicking on it, you will be able to see the Play Store on your PC which has almost the same application as that of the Play Store on your mobile phone. After that, in that play store, on the search tab, search for the keywords ‘CamScanner’ and you will find the application. 

Step 6: the Play Store will be able to suggest at once and you will find your application on the top of the search results. All you need to do is to click on the install button. You will see that the downloading has started and now you will just need to sit back and relax. During all this process, make sure that you are connected to your internet so that your installation does not get stuck in between. Your installation will take some time depending on the internet speed.

Step 7: After the installation is over, you will see that you will now have two tabs on the CamScanner application page. One is ‘uninstall’ and another is ‘open’. To open the application you will need to click on the open button and thus you will be able to see that the CamScanner application replica will be present in your PC. Now you can enjoy all the features of the application without any issue.

On a special note, if you are concerned about your data and security of your device, then make sure to use some kind of VPN to keep your data safe from spyware or malware. 

Hence, this was one of the ways that helped you to use your CamScanner application on your PC without having to fiddle with your phone every time. Moreover, there is another thing that you need to be aware of is that you will mandatorily need an email id to sign in through this application or you will not be able to use the application.

Now, let us head over to the second method of the installation if some of you are unwilling to go for the first method.

Installing CamScanner for PC With The Help Of An APK File.

This is another process, or you can say, an alternative method for the one mentioned above. If by any means you are not accepting the above method then you can consider this option for downloading the CamScanner application onto your desktop PC.

This method is specifically meant for people who have privacy issues or are extremely concerned about their data.

Step 1: you already know and are completely aware of how to install the Bluestacks application on your device. Now you will need to open that installed application on your PC.

Step 2: After you open the application. Obviously, you will see the homepage of the Bluestacks app. To the extreme right corner on the top, you will be able to find an options button, or you can say three dots. After you go to the three dots and click there, you will see a drop-down menu. From that drop-down menu, you will be able to see a ‘.apk’ option available. All you need to do is to select that option.

Step 3: After that, you will need to choose the apk file which will then directly get downloaded on your current device quickly and with minimum efforts. These steps are really easy and you just need to do all the necessary steps with the utmost attention.

Step 4: subsequently, your APK file will be successfully installed on your pc and you can move on with the next step, that is, open the file and then enjoy the CamScanner app without any issue. As the application will be an exact duplicate of your mobile app version, you would not be able to see any difference between the two applications. Moreover, you can enjoy all the special features and make excellent use of all that you have in the application.

If you are willing to secure your PC you might need to look for a good VPN for your PC so that you can keep your PC safe from any malware attacks or viruses.

If you are new to the CamScanner application then there are a lot of features that you will need to learn about. Not only for new users, but this application is full of so many features that you might need a look even if you are an old user. Chances are, that you might not have used all the features of the application.

Features of the CamScanner For PC:

Let us have a look at all the features that make this application a must-have on your device.

  • This application lets you import any image files and simply convert it to scanned images
  • The best part being, you can convert these scanned images to any type of file as your needs suit. 
  • Be it Docx, pdf, jpeg, png, txt, etc. you can send your file to the recipient in whatever extension they need in.
  • The application lets you have a share button through which you can reach many platforms where you can send the document directly from the application.
  • Mostly, professional users opt to ShareIt and Gmail which are mostly used for official purposes. Sharing to these mediums is directly given by the application.

Conclusion: CamScanner For PC

We have understood the importance of the CamScanner or in that case, any scanner. It makes our life extremely easy. There are a lot of times when you need to send multiple images, maybe 20-30 in random to some of your recipients. Obviously, it is not possible that you send each and every image. Not only is it going to be hectic, but also, it will not deliver the images in an order to the recipient. Hence, in those cases, CamScanner does your job the best. 

CamScanner will turn the images into a pdf file which can then be transferred to many people by sending only one document. There is a lot of time when you need the CamScanner, like, if you need to scan a book or a part of a book.

Therefore, there are many people in the world who need to share their documents in different forms and that is when you can use this application to meet your requirements. CamScanner is a leading application and until today it strives for perfection. 

This article will definitely help you to download the application to your desktop because a lot of people feel comfortable working on a laptop rather than a phone and thus the CamScanner For PC astounding features can easily be used on the desktop.