Bitlife for Pc

Bitlife for Pc

Looking to get Bitlife for Pc? Then we have mentioned a guide on Bitlife for Pc.

A video game which is developed in the year 2018 and is totally a text-based video game by candy writer LLC. It is a game that is solely dedicated to living a digital life without experiencing any struggles and difficulties which is completely depicted with cartoons and humorous scenes.

A kind of game that shows the different stages of life, right from childhood till death, and the middle age as well. It also allows you to randomize the character name, hair, city, country, occupation, birthday, star sign, and every single possible characteristics and features of the cartoon character just like a real person or a human being.

Maybe this is the reason why it has been rated as the number one game on the google play store and apple store as well, also it is very popular among the games that are highly rated on the website and Mobile app. 

While starting a game it gives you an option to select the various features about the visual character, like every single possible detailed characteristic of that virtual character just like the way we have in real life.

Also, details like if you have any siblings and if any pet (if yes, then what pet. Dog, cat, or rabbit or someone else). Also options like if your virtual character has putten up for adoption or not. To put your virtual character’s life you need to select the “Age” button. 

Steps to download Bitlife for Pc

  • Firstly, you have to download the android emulator programme for pc, Windows or Nox App on your pc.
  • Secondly, point to be noted: if you are downloading Bitlife for any pc, you have to download Blustacks android emulator.
  • Third, point to be noted: if you are downloading Bitlife for mac, you need to download and deploy Nox app.
  • Fourth, once after downloading these emulator apps, download the Bitlife app from your google play store and apple store, in pc and mac respectively.
  • Fifth, after downloading the Bitlife app Install the Bitlife app.
  • Sixth, after successful installation, it will ask you to set your account, you can do that by using your google account and apple account in pc and mac respectively.
  • Seventh, just after you are done with setting up your account and giving all the required details. So, as for the sport, set it up. Which will now be appearing under the home screen.
  • Eight, and the final step is now to enjoy Bitlife and play it. So, you can open the Bitlife simulator on your pc. You can click on the “New Life” option to be able to begin enjoying the game.

Stages of Life: Bitlife for Pc

Age of a born child (Childhood age): Under this group, the children age 0-5 years are considered as infants just like what we do in this actual world. Then the age group of 5-8 depicts the age for elementary school, or primary schooling as according to the country you have selected.

Then when you’ll see the age group of 11 and 14, it will be either middle school or secondary school, this is also depending upon the country, coming to more upper age group, then this will be the age of final level of basic schooling by the end of the age of 16 ( this also depends as per your country ).

After this middle school or you can go to basic school there opens a new option for you all, the option of joining a school club as well as an option of joining a clique. Also, if you are having a female character then at the middle age of 10-15 you will get your menses randomly. It may ask you about the date, at the age of 10.

As soon as you reach the age of 12, it will raise the activities of human nature like (happiness, health, smartness, and looks) all of these will start getting available. After the age of 13 or reaching the age of 13, the options for part-time jobs and freelancing will be available.

With all of these many features, there are way too many more features in this game. Well, looking forward to this let’s come to the second stage of the game or you can say the second age of your virtual life.

Age after once you reach an age of slight maturity (Adulthood age): Generally, what do you expect a child to do from this age group? Well, those things will be available here as well. According to the country, at the age of 15 to 18 you can apply for your driving license for your virtual character, simply they will ask certain questions regarding the road sign board.

So, right after getting the driving license you may get a car, depending on the generosity of the virtual parents you have. Even once after you graduate from secondary school, this game Bitlife gives you an option whether you want to continue your education or not, or if you wanna take time, or if you wanna continue your full time education.

As at the age of 18, we all are well aware of government rules, which means all those rights which have been given by the government at the age of 18 in the real world, will also apply to Bitlife’s virtual world.

At the age of 18, it gives you an option to buy a house on your own, also it enables various other options like clubbing, vacationing, emigration, various crime options such as burglary, and gambling as well.

As you keep going on through this age, it will keep on giving you random pop up scenarios based options differently, and as per your required decision on such cases will impact on your virtual life (that involves your career, your health, your spouse, all of your further lifestyle.

Late age years (Death): A life without any wrong deed is a life without any harm. This means, if you live peacefully, then you die peacefully too. This is the only fact of life. So, if you are living a life without many wrong deeds, you will die of natural causes.

Well, the possible age of a human is maybe 100 or 150 years, and so is in the Bitlife, but many players think that the max life of the bitlife is 124, but it is possible to live more than that. Generally, what do we do for a long time in our real lives? We live a healthy lifestyle, same one has to do here, you have to keep your health bar always close to 100%, if you want to live more than 100 years.

There is a type of ribbon you get after every completion of a life, based on how you have lived your life. For example: you will be assigned for “Fertile Ribbon” if you have a lot of children, like this there are a total 30 ribbons.

As every game has some levels which are hard to achieve, here also bitlife has some ribbon which is hard to achieve and some are really easy to achieve. You can view all your previous lives via “Cemetery”. 

Once after your death, you can restart your new life, once again as a kid (either customized or random), there is an option of replaying the same life again with the different choices to be made, or you can continue the legacy as your character’s child.  

So, aren’t you looking forward to downloading and playing this game? If yes, then here are the steps on how you can download Bitlife for your pc:

So, initially Bitlife is developed only for android users, but once after it has gained so much of popularity among the people. The Bitlife developer also launched it’s app for iOS users then.

And of course, why not bitlife is an amazing app to kill time. Then why shouldn’t you think of downloading it on your pc?

Hope you guys enjoy it! And play Bitlife on your pc as well. 🙂