Best XBOX 360 Emulator For PC

Looking for the best XBOX 360 EMULATOR FOR PC? Then in this article, we covered over 10 best Xbox 360 emulator for pc, keep reading to know more regarding this.

Don’t you wish to be able to play your Xbox 360 games on a bigger screen like your pc with zero hassles? You have come to the right place to clear your doubts. The first choice of games has all along been Xbox.

Stay connected and follow the article below for a complete guide to the Xbox 360, how you can use it on a bigger screen like laptops and pc without spending a penny. You will be informed about the best emulators that can be used.


What are Xbox 360 emulators?

Xbox 360 emulators is a program that allows you to play Xbox 360 games on your pc. The games that are only played on the console can now be played on the pc. Microsoft owns the gaming console of xbox. Packed with numerous games this is a copied version of xbox one.It is designed keeping in mind the games that can be played on a gaming console.

Why are xbox emulators created?

Xbox emulators are created to educate the users on game emulation.which is created by reverse engineering of hardware,games and software that are present on the internet and are legal. Piracy of the game is not encouraged ,making it illegal,be responsible for your actions.


Some of the advantages of Xbox 360 emulator are-

  • Xbox 360 emulators are available for free on the internet, once you install it , games can be played on the pc without purchasing Xbox 360.
  • This emulator gives users a high definition experience in gaming which is like using an Xbox 360 console.
  • It provides crystal clear sound and audio effects.
  • Most of these emulators offer a wide range of Xbox games, both Xbox 360 and Xbox one games.


  1. Download xbox 360 emulator from the internet on your pc.
  2. After it is downloaded  click on it and Run the file as administrator.
  3. Once downloaded, locate the file and extract it.
  4. To do so click on the emulator and select extract loader.
  5. Follow the given instructions on your screen.
  6. Configure the controllers as you wish in the control plugin.
  7. Depending on your hardware configuration set the graphics settings. You should do this to prevent the overheating of the cpu.
  8. According to the requirements of the system, the game changes the default settings.
  9. Insert your disk game on your pc.


download the iso file from the internet.

  1. Click on the emulator and select boot from DVD if you’re using a disc or boot from iso file if you are using the downloaded file from the internet.
  2. Your game will start now.
  3. If you face any lagging, visit the preferred option and change the graphic settings. If you want to change the controller settings then under preference select the controller option. Change the settings according to what suits you.


With the help of xbox 360 emulators you can play xbox games on your pc for free, avoiding the cost of xbox 360 or the xbox console. Your pc should be well configured to play these games smoothly.

We have listed below 10 XBOX 360 Emulator For PC emulators that you should definitely check out.

  1. Xenia Emulator
  2. DXBX Emulator
  3. RetroArch Xbox 360 Emulator
  4. Xeon Emulator
  5. CXBX Emulator
  6. VR Xbox 360 PC Emulator
  7. EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator
  8. PCSX2 Emulator
  9. Box Emulator
  10. XQEMU Xbox 360 Emulator

If you want detailed information about these emulators, continue reading the article.

  1. Xenia Emulator: XBOX 360 Emulator For PC

Xenia is one of the best and top-rated emulators for PCs.its is completely free and an open-source emulator that is easy to use. This causes very few lags or other related issues. With this, you can play more than 90 games.

The only issue with this emulator is that the current version is a bit slow and requires a better GPU. This is our top pick for the best XBOX 360 Emulator For PC.

How to use it:

  • Download the emulator from the internet.
  • Extract the file and run as an administrator.
  • Open the emulator and download your prefered game on your pc and start playing.

Can be operated on windows 8,8.1 and 10

Ratings -4.5 out of 5 

File size – 6mb

2. DXBX Emulator

Dxbx emulator is built by Delphi ,Embarcadero Technologies that is a choice of many game lovers.offers tool string for the games, does not have any lag or issues. Free to download,has inbuilt Direct3D8 for graphics.

With this converts large files that can be executed to install.supports high definition games that is compatible with all the windows version having its own kernel.This emulator contains controllers,gaming library, sound powerful graphics and others.

How to use it :

  • Download the program from the internet.
  • Run the file as admin
  • Once downloaded open the emulator and start downloading your choice of game.

Can be operated on –  Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10

Ratings- 4 out of 5

File size – 3.6 mb

3. RetroArch Xbox 360 Emulator:

To provide better experience for gaming on PCs this emulator is created in C AND C++ . It contains advanced features like netplay,run ahead, rewinding and others.compatible with windows,mac and home consoles.can be used on multiple platforms with easy navigation and user friendly interface. It does support all games.

Can be operated on – windows 95 and later,mac,android.

Ratings – 4 out of 5

File size- 186mb

Follow the same process listed in the above emulators to use it.

4. Xeon Emulator

You can play low quality games at ease with great experience.the menu bar gives you audio settings and graphics to access easily.saves your game progress.Provides a guide of the emulation progress.

This emulator utilities the x86 compatible hardware, stable for your pc that causes very less lagging. This app is still developing. If you are looking for feature-rich emulator then this is the best XBOX 360 Emulator For PC.

System requirement to run it –

  • Windows xp
  • Latest DirectX
  • 1024 mb RAM
  • Pentium 4.2.0 Ghz
  • Video cards- Geforce FX OR  Radeon 9200 pro

Can be operated on – windows 8 and above.

Ratings- 4 out of 5

File size- 980kb

Follow the same process as listed under the other emulators on how to use it.

5. CXBX Emulator

This emulator has an inbuilt program that can convert games to exe.file. Receives its license from GNU Public License and is free to you a smooth gaming experience that only supports WinNT computers.You may come across bugs while using.

Requirements –

  • Optimized pc.
  • High CPU and RAM usage.
  • Only supports the following five games:
  1. Battle cry
  2. Turok
  3. Whacked
  4. Futurama
  5. Smashing drive.

Can be operated on- WinNT ( XP,2k, 2003)

Ratings – 4 out of 5 

File size- 129 kb

Follow the same process as the other emulators on how to use it.

6. VR Xbox 360 PC Emulator: XBOX 360 Emulator For PC

A high rated emulator that is free to use,having more than 338,100 downloads that loads games faster with an extraordinary gaming experience with high FPS per second.This emulator supports. the latest NVidia or Radeon GPUs.but this is not available on windows 10. The latest version is 1.0.5.

Can be operated on – windows 200 to windows xp to windows 7.

Ratings- 4 out of 5

File size- 21.91 mb.

Follow the same process as listed under the other emulators to use it.

7. EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator

Considered as one of the best emulators available for your pc that supports GUI  patches offering a no interruptions while playing in the best quality.It does not use virtual environment to run the games as it converts the file to windows, also runs arcade games.runs only on 64-bit windows and lacks storage and APIs .Its interface is very limited.

Can be operated on – windows 7 onwards.

Ratings – 4 out of 5

File size – 3.01 mb

Follow the guide under the above emulators on how to use it.

8.  PCSX2 Emulator

This emulator runs on windows and is an open source, free to download that also allows you to download Xbox 360 console games.With this emulator you can increase or decrease the speed of the game with built frame limiter.

You can record videos in hd quality with the in built provider.any controller can be used to play games.Only high graphic games can be played.

System requirements-

  • Windows 10 or Linux
  • CPU that supports AVX2 @ 2000 STR or better.
  • 4gb RAM or more

On these games cannot be played or are slow-

  • Windows 7
  • 2gb RAM
  • CPU that supports SSE2 @ 1600 STR.

How to use it:

  • This emulator comes in 3 categories – full installer, web installer and anyone of your choice.
  • Run the installer. If you downloaded the binary option then extract the file.
  • The file will be available in the installed folder or extracted files. Now run the file.

Can be operated on – Windows and Linux

Ratings- 4 out of 5

File size – 17.01mb

9. Box Emulator

This emulator supports more than 10  thousand Xbox games. Gives top notch graphic quality. Live games cannot be played but you can play high graphic games.this supports both xbox one and xbox 360 games. You may face some issues while playing low quality games.

Can be used on -Windows

Ratings- 4 out of 5

File size- 17.61 mb

Follow the guide under the other emulators on how to use it.

10. XQEMU Xbox 360 Emulator: XBOX 360 Emulator For PC

This emulator allows you to play games on Windows, Linux, Mac. You can play games like- Prince of Persia, halo, mercenaries, and others. The audio quality is not good and bugs are faced occasionally.Easy to handle and is the best emulator if you play limited games,offering an advanced network quality.

Can be operated on -windows, mac, linux.

Ratings- 4 out of 5

File size- 21.5 mb

How to play xbox games on your pc with the  help of an emulator?

Using an emulator for the first time may be difficult.

Follow the below given steps correctly to use it at ease:

  1. Insert the disc of your game in the pc 


Download The file from the internet and mount it.

  1. Click on the emulator and select boot from dvd or iso file
  2. Click ok
  3. Your game will  load in a few minutes
  4. According to your hardware set the graphics settings , sound and controller configuration.

By following these steps you can play xbox games on your pc with the emulator.


Xbox 360 is not turning on.

Check your usb ports both in the front and back of the console if they are bent or touching the port ,which can lead to a short circuit and the xbox wont turn on.

Unstable power supply.

If you see that the power supply has turned hot ,immediately unplug all the connections. Let them cool down for some time. If there is no positive change ,consider replacing the power supply.

Game data is not getting saved.

If you face this problem it may be because the hard drive is full or damaged.Check the hard drive connection , storage space .Try saving it again or replace the hard drive.

Xbox is not reading discs.

Check the disc for scratches,if it is so then the console will not read it. Put in a new disc ,and It will read it now.

If it still does not ,the optical drive may have issues.


I hope this guide helps you to choose the best Xbox 360 emulator for pc. Check their configurations and the one that best serves your purpose. If you have any further queries feel free to contact us or enter them below.