0x80070035 ERROR

0x80070035 Error Code fix

Looking to fix 0x80070035  ERROR? Then in this article we have made a guide on how you can fix 0x80070035 error code easily.

Microsoft is common for having many errors that can perplex its users. The errors disrupt the normal functioning of the users. They are unable to continue their work and are faced with difficulties. Today, in this article we will be talking about one such problem which you might have seen many times on your screen, which is 0x80070035. 

WHAT IS 0x80070035?

Windows acts as an interface that allows us to share files across different systems that are linked to the same network through the Networking option. The administrator’s account needs to access the profile of the user which is also connected to the same network.

This helps in the sharing of files. But, many users have reported that they faced this particular error code while sharing the files. This is an error code 0x80070035 that occurs when the account of the administrator cannot find the account of the user or connect to the account of the user, even if it is connected to the same network. This is a problem that generally has to do with the firewall or the anti-virus program.  


Well, if you have also faced this problem, then fret not we will look at every possibility behind the problem and try to provide the solutions. However, once you run the diagnostics check on the computer before you read our solutions. If the diagnostics check cannot solve the problem, then continue with this article.


Before coming to the conclusion check in the settings once. See, if the drive has been shared in the settings. This is an important step to perform before you continue with solving the problem.

All you need to do is right-click on the file labeled as the folder and then you have to choose the properties of that file. After that go to the sharing tab and look at the position of the Network File and Folder Sharing present in it. Then ensure that the status of the file is being shared. If it is not being shared then ensure that you click the share option.

You have to choose the user with whom you will be sharing your network. Then you need to give that user permission to use your network. 

After that press on the Apply option and then search for the option called OK and settings will be saved. 

The user now has the required permission to access the desired file or folder. 


You have to look for the IP address of the user with whom you want to share the file. It could be possible that there is a problem with the connection of the network. This could be verified by looking up the IP address of the computer with which you want to connect your network. Search for the IP address on the primary computer. 

Click on the ‘Win + R’  then all you need to do is select the ‘Run’ option on the window computer with which you want to connect and select the cmd command, which is available. After doing this, you need to press the Enter option and the Command Prompt window will open..

Then press on the all command option which is available and then press on the enter option. After this, a lot of information will be made available to you.  

After that look at IPv4 address which you will be able to see. 

The Command Prompt option will appear on the main computer with which you want to connect the user’s computer.

All you need to do then is press on the <IPv4 address of the main computer>  and then click on the Enter option. 

Then wait for some time to see if you get at least 4 replies which confirm the connection or not.

If this does not happen then open and run the Network Adapter and run the troubleshooting option. All you need to select is press on Start, then choose the  Settings options, choose the Updates and Security and press on the Troubleshoot, and choose the Network Adapter Troubleshooter. The entire system needs to be rebooted and the system will run properly again.  

Then you have the option to confirm if the network discovery is running on your computer. To do this, all you need to do is press on start, then choose settings and select network and internet.

After that press on the option which will change the properties of the connection. 

Then, after doing this all you need to do is move the radio button in Network Profile to the Private option. Then ensure that folder sharing is working. 


Sometimes, the firewall and the ant-virus programs need to be disabled because they can wrongfully detect the threats. All you need to deactivate the Firewall.


The Network adapters need to be updated at times. The way to update is given below.

First, you need to click on the Win + R  and then select the run window and the command ‘devmgmt.msc’ needs to be typed in. The Enter option needs to be pressed which is available on the window of the Device Manager.

The drivers of the Network Adapter will have to be located and the list needs to be expanded. 

Every driver needs to be right-clicked properly and the Update Driver option available on each of the drivers needs to be pressed. This will update the driver. 

Then again reboot the system.


Sometimes the settings of the network security create an interference with the sharing process of the file. This problem needs to be solved by the following steps

You have to press on Win+R and then the command secpol.msc. 

Navigate your way to the Local policies available on the manager window of local security. 

The LAN Manager available on Network security needs to be authenticated.  

A menu is made available to you from where you have to choose the option ‘Send LM & NTLM-use NTLMv2’. Then the security system will be altered. Now choose the apply option and click on OK to save the changes. The system is then rebooted.


These are some ways why which you can troubleshoot and solve this error code 0x80070035. I hope this article helps you to solve your problem and you can easily share files.