[2018] EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software which recover’s the files that has lost on HDD and SSD disks and other external devices files and folders.

This tool is very handy and user friendly to recover documents, photos, video and audio files and etc.

Now lets see the procedure to install EaseUs data recovery software and other like working process…

Steps to Install the Software :

The recovery software is available for PCs like Windows and Mac both. Just down load the unfastened facts restoration software program

Once the download the EaseUs recovery software, just run it then a  window will open in which you could do the the installation and setup configuration things through following the simple steps.

Once the installation is completed,now you have successfully installed EaseUs recovery software.

Working Process :

1. Launch the EaseUs Recovery Software on you pc.

you know what this software is very much light weight and starts fast without any lagging.

2. Now perform the scan

There are two tyoes of scanning options

  • The quick scan
  • The deep scan

As the quick scan the names itself suggests that it scans lots quicker, but when comes to the deep scan here also the name suggests that its scans very deeply like it scans entire hard disk’s folders.

3. Now its time to Recover your data

After performing the selected search option (Quick scan or Deep scan) in EaseUs data recovery tool you can find all the deleted files and folders on your screen. where you can able to recover it with just simple clicks.

Steps to Recover Files From an External Hard Disk With EaseUS Data Recovery Tool:

You know There are many causes why files can be lost, from accidental deleting a file or folder to disk formatting, virus attack or system failures.

To begin with, the actual process you frist open the external hard disk and delete files from there.

Let them be some documents.

1. Start the program and indicate file type as “Document.”

2. Now click next button

3. Select the disk from where you are going to recover files.

4. Now click  on Scan button.

5. Wait for the scanning to be over. Having scanned the external hard disk, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard suggests to recover more files by running a deeper scan.

Before that, you can see at the folders the program has  Recovered after a standard scan.

1.As you can see after scanning, the program has found the files we deleted.

2.If it didn’t happen you would continue looking for these files with a deeper scan.

3. Double-click on one of the files to view it before recovering.

4. To recover the necessary files, select them in the program window and click “Recover.”

5. Choose the folder you have created in advance for saving the files, and click “OK.”

6. The program opened the folder containing the recovered files.

7. The files have been recovered. It should be noted that there is such a high percentage of recovered files because we started recovery action right after they were deleted.

EaseUs Data Reovery Editions :

  • Data Recovery Wizard Free
  • Data Recovery Wizard Pro
  • Data Recovery Wizard Pro + WinPE

Devices Supported :

  • USB Card
  • Memory Card
  • Music Player
  • laptop
  • Hard Drive
  • External Disk
  • SSD
  • Video Player
    and More…

Bottom Line:

You finally completed reading this review about EasyUs data recovery software. I hope you loved all the feature of it. So, now please share this post if you loved this tool and want to take all the benefits from this tool as well as others.

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