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5 best bloggers in India: Hey guys Today we are providing you related best bloggers in India. I believe that blogging is like heaven and awesome life (Laptop Lifestyle). SO without wasting time go ahead and read the below article about Top 5 bloggers in India.

Harsh Agarwal- ShoutMeLoud

Harsh Agarwal is a pro blogger, blog scientist, a self-made professional and CEO of the leading blog- Shout MeLoud, making him one of the top bloggers in India. He did his Information Technology  Engineering from Sharda University, Greater Noida in 2008. Even before becoming a blogger, he worked with Convergys. In 2008, December, ShoutMeLoud was initiated. To take up blogging as a profession, despite being selected at Accenture was one of the critical decisions for him. Initially, Harsh started blogging with BlogSpot and his topics were technology and anything random. Now, he writes about Blogging, Social media, WordPress, Technology, SEO and how to make money online. Later, he moved to WordPress.  He also setup India’s 1st blogging network, ShoutDreams.

Though it initially started as a passion, it turned out to be an award-winning blog, and now has more than 9 lakh readers (Shouters) globally and also helps them make money from their blogs. Harsh Agarwal now manages many other blogs as well like ShoutMeTech, WPHostingDiscount, WPSutra, CoinSutra.


Shivya Nath- The Shooting Star

Shivya Nath hails from Dehradun, graduated in Singapore in 2009. She worked with Singapore Tourism Board and incidentally quit the corporate job when she learned about social media, blogging and chose to be a travel blogger, like the many travel bloggers across the world.

Although she wanted to travel while working with a social enterprise, she continued to write her travel adventures and eventually got published in The Hindu, The Times of India and National Geographic Traveller. She is inspired by a life of freedom and adventure and lives a nomadic life, seeking adventure and traveling to destinations less traveled. Her choice of travel destinations comes from her penchant for risk-taking. Her impulsive and chaotic travels made her cover parts of Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Latin America, the Caucasus regions and India.

ShivyaNath blogs at The Shooting Star and writes for many Indian and international travelogues. She co-founded India Untravelled that has the depicts the regions of the country less traveled.

Even though she does not have a formal degree like MBA in travel and tourism, She makes money through travel blogging by partnering with travel brands, campaigning for destination-based travel, social media partnerships, allowing only branded content and freelancing.

Tarla Dalal

Tarla Dalal was born in Pune but later moved to Bombay after her marriage. At home, she started off with her cookery classes and later wrote many cookbooks that were eventually translated into Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, even Dutch and Russian. She also did many TV and live shows that were featured in Southeast Asia, India, UK, Gulf, and USA.  Her understanding of cooking can be noticed in the array of cookbooks that she authored covering health series, course cookbooks, multi-cuisine, Indian and international cuisines, grand menu books, traditional and innovative to everyday cooking.

In 2005, she was honored as the “Woman of the Year” and in 2007, she was awarded the “Padmashree Award” for her contribution in the field of cooking.

Now, to her credit, Tarla Dalal has websites in English, Hindi, Gujarati and mobile site, cookbooks, Tarladalal app, e-books and more importantly videos on YouTube and social media. Her channel on YouTube has more than 1.25 lakh subscribers and a repository of 1000+ recipe videos by her and her team. Her website has over 16000 recipes and more than 4,50,000 members.


Amit Agarwal :

Amit Agarwal was born in Agra, did his Computer Science Engineering and graduated in 1999 from IIT-Rourkee and started working for ADP Inc. in Hyderabad. He quit his job in 2004 to become India’s 1st professional blogger then. He founded the Digital Inspiration blog (

Digital Inspiration talks much about how-to guides on consumer software, create websites, build web apps, mobile apps, and life hacks to simplify using the right technology. On an average Digital Inspiration has more than 3 million page views in a month. It won the Best Technology Blog award at Indibloggies twice. It is a much-quoted site in international publications and recommended in Indian magazines.

He developed web-apps, Google Add-Ons like Mail Merge in Gmail. He launched the Indian Blog School, a non-profit initiative that focuses on widening the blogging culture. He was awarded the Most Valuable Professional for 5 years in a row by Microsoft. He authored an e-book called The Most Useful Websites.

Apart from Digital Inspiration, Amit Agarwal has other technology projects- Zero Dollar Movies, Sleeping Time, Hundred Zeros, Podcast Gallery, Tall Tweets RSS Search, HTML Mail, Online Dictation, AdSense Sandbox.


TanmayBhat (All India Bakchod) :

Tanmay Bhat, born in Mumbai, is a YouTube blogger, a popular stand-up comedian of All India Bakchod group (AIB). Also the co-founder, scriptwriter and the producer of India’s 1st comedy podcast that was founded in 2012. It currently has around 2 million subscribers.  Though he excelled academically, he chose not to do Marine Engineering and do what he thought, he would be best at and i.e. comedy. An incident during his childhood that concerned his overweight issue turned him to be “funny” about everything. And to chase his dream, he would participate in all the events that he would come across, attend every festival and to be on the stage and perform.

A nationwide competition was organized by Weirdass Comedy, run by Vir Das called the Weirdass Ham-ateur Night, was won by Tanmay Bhat in 2009, which marked his debut. By the age of 25, he had written 15 TV shows. His other achievements include performing with artists from the UK for Best InStandup Event. He also performed for Times of India, BBC, Vodafone, Audi, Tribal Fusion and British Airways. Despite controversies and unrepentant humor, Tanmay Bhat has a loyal fan following through AIB.


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