Top10 Best Prank Calling Websites List 2018 [FREE]

Best Prank Calling Websites 2018 : Life is loaded with pressures and subsequently discovering approaches to soothe from mental pressure is vital these days. So to get free and have fun you need some best prank calling websites 2018.

Making trick calls is a decent method to play around with your companions. There are many free prank call websites. You know what  ? Despite many points of interest of trick calls, it has many disservices too. These prank calling websites can be abused to inconvenience anybody.

We should not missuse of these prank calling websites while we utilize it. Abusing such prank websites is viewed as illicit and might cause you inconvenience. All these prank calling websites must be utilized for the sake of entertainment purposes and to diminish mental pressure.

Top 10 Best Prank Calling Websites 2018 Below:

PrankDail Offers different kinds of prank types where you can be utilized to trap a man. The call made doesn’t unveil your personality to the individual and you can without much of a stretch trap your companions.

1. Prankowl

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Prankowl is another free trick call site. Prankowl app is similar to  PrankDial with some one of a kind highlights of constraining two obscure individuals to make free calls to each other, set a period restrict for making singular calls and enables you to fabrication your guest ID from your companions. In this way, your telephone number will show up as an obscure number or some other number you need.

Where Prankowl likewise offers extra features like calling from more countries, ads free calling and you get more earning tokens for making prank calls which can be utilized in future .

Have some great fun time, Laugh full time and tune in to your prank call’s responses.

2. PrankDial

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Here in PrankDial the pranks are totally free and one can essentially include his companion’s telephone number and a alias pin number with a country code.

PrankDial offers its clients an extensive variety of pranks. The person who use prankdail app can pick any type of prank and that he/she can be sent that prank to your loved ones to have a fun time which feels great.

You can have some good fun times minutes and you can even chuckle at their responses. Simply look and user Pranks from its substantial database of fun clippings and send it to your companions. Extra calling highlights like video-calling, advertisement free calling, the pranks history are additionally accessible by purchasing or acquiring tokens.

3. Wacky Prank Calls

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Wacky Prank Calls is another site for Pranks which offers an extensive more number variety of prank calls.

Wacky Prank calls offer you interesting feature that it doesn’t expect you to dial any number from the site…..

however rather it offers a particular number to be dialed from your telephone.

Simply enter the casualty’s number to influence the prank to call and take after the IVR directions.

The rest work will be finished by Wacky Prank Calls. This device does not require downloading any kind of programming.

isn’t it Great and awesome go ahead and start prank calls.

4. Comedy Calls

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Comedy Calls offers an extensive variety of clever calls that can be sent to anyone or anybody in this world. This site reason for existing is to make humor and abstain from irritating calls that may exasperate anybody. This site work Perfectly man you can give it a try.

You need to pick an any prank call from comedy calls database and enter the persons telephone number to whom you want to execute this prank call and influence a free drama.

More features are parody your guest ID and more…

Just go and explore it………

5. Phone Losers

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Phone Losers of America is another Prank calling website that contains a database loaded with diverting, interesting and crazy activities related to prank calls.

This site sends calls as mp3 documents to receiver. This site is the best site to do prank call for you enemy or funny friend.


6. EasyPrank

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EasyPrank offers a scope of amusing prank calls that you can use to troll your most best friends or relatives. In spite of the fact that, EasyPrank does not offer any guest ID ridiculing highlight like other different sites.

In any case, you can utilize a alias number for making a call. This site gives the client flexibility (Receiver calls)to make your prank calls whatever and whenever you like.

7. Prank Call Nation

prankcallnation 2018

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Prank Call Nation is one of the most used stretched out prank call platform field that is intended for the US and Canadian folks.

It offers its clients an enormous database of prank calls and different prank clippings. The site points of interest each prank call before sending it to your receiver with the goal that you can deal with which call you need to make to what sort of individual.


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MyPhoneRobot is also one the best great free Prank call site which is accessible just for just within limited countries like US and Canada. It includes free call caricaturing, counterfeit writings, Prank call history and sending a pre-recorded Prank call.

This site likewise offers other more advanced features to purchase unknown numbers that can be make use of it to make as many as prank calls as you wish.

9. KDK Prank Calls

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KDK Prank Calls isn’t just a site however KDK prank calls website is one of the biggest web radio show including live comedy and prank calls.

More about KDK Prank calls platform is it has enormous database of prank calls that can be utilized free and can be exclusively downloaded as a MP3 document.

This site is the best site on the off chance that you need to send unique Prank calls that sound genuine to the Receiver.


best prank calling websites 2018

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Foxycall gives its Users to change the call, send messages and farce your guest ID and content from any Sender ID.

In Foxycall there are Different most common features and more than other prank calling websites which incorporate change your voice, record the calls, utilize some other number to give a prank call and prank content.

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