8 Secret Rules To Get Google Adsense Approved Trick 2018

google adsense approval tips

Google adsense Program on of the best CPC network.A blogger starts blogging some with passion and next is making money online.Google Adsense one of the best to earn money.But to get approved from google adsense makes some complicated to new bloggers so in this article i have listed all tips tricks and mandatory rules you should follow before applying to adsense progam.

If you got rid by typing on google how to get Adsense account approved instantly for Blogspot or WordPress (Min 3 days) then you have landed at awesome page bro.
Here is the link to google AdSense blog keep visiting once in a month for latest updates changes if made.
Google Adsense is free to apply whether from blog spot or from custom domain name no restriction keep doing this process till you get approved Adsense account.
There are two types of google AdSense accounts:
  • Hosted Account
  • NonHosted Account (Fully Approved)
If you have created approved hosted google Adsense then it is only for youtube ad purpose not to publish on blogs or websites.
If you have created approved Non-hosted account then it is for both youtube and blog ads.

Here are 8 tips to follow before applying for google Adsense program :

Note : Before reading these point’s do not skip any paragraph then you won’t understand the correct strategy to apply google Adsense.If you are not interested in reading then please make sure you read sub heading at least so that you get the idea.

First Most Is Responsive Template

Website template design plays crucial role don’t be negated here by uploading template with lot of bugs.Google want there users to get best experience and informative content.Better to upload template which is already a Best Adsense approved Theme.Choose some best professional colors to be attractive.There are chances to get instant approval for the first time its self.

Custom Domain Age Min 45 Days

Minimum maintain at least 45 days before applying for google Adsense program with great unique quality content. There are more chances of approving.

No Third Party Ads

Before applying google adsense make sure you remove all other ads networks links. Google employee’s check your site individually what other ad stuff your are using.So remove all those links such as affiliate links from amazon,flipkart,snapdeal,infolinks,chitika,buysellads,hosting programs and etc.Publish fresh quality content on your website.

No Copied Content Means Unique Articles Min 10 Posts

Most of the new bloggers are copycats today including me at the initial stage.I came know what is importance content I ignored copying from another site you to follow my advice. I hope you do so.

Make sure you have published minimum 10 posts with unique rich writing.It should look like professional writing.Try to write some lengthy post minimum 1000 words maximum 2500 words post google gives high priority to your post though the content similar to another site.

Mandatory Pages

Folks don’t forget these mandatory pages to publish it before applying google Adsense.It’s a common mistake that every blogger do’s.But now avoid it here are the pages listed below.

  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • PrivacyPolicy
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms and Conditions

Google bots scan this pages about what is your website.How you are collecting information for users and etc.Keep in mind do not forget to do this step.

If you avoid then I won’t say chances are less to get approved your Adsense but I say your AdSense is will not get approved I bet you.

XML SiteMap

Installing Sitemap makes your website index within a short time.So this will let know google bots a trustworthiness site.
If you are using WordPress then install Google XML Sitemap.
If another platform then goes to this link and submit ASAP.


Domain Specific Email ID

Most of them go for some free making websites such like wordpress free package and apply for adsense but google employee’s take custom domain name seriously and for further steps.Godady is providing custom domain name for Rs.99 only its not a big amount to buy i think.Prefer custom domain before applying adsense chances for getting approved
After building website create a email linked with your domain
                     For Ex : syncetech@gmail.com  (Rather than this on)
                     Prefer :  karamath@syncetech.com
For getting this free email linked with your specific domain an indian company provides called ZOHO MAIL APP 
Iam not going to tell about this app soo i will post review of zoho mail.
Alternatively Google also provides this service called google apps.

Google Analystics Code

If you add Google analystics code on your site it makes more trusting factor for getting approved from google adsense.Means your are intrested to track your site users statistics.
If you have not applying to google analystics apply now 
Also Make Sure To Clear Your Doubts Before Applying Google Adsense Program :
  • What is an AdSense? 
  • How to apply for AdSense? 
  • How to get approval for AdSense? 
  • How to Secure an AdSense and keep it for long time? 
  • Tips and Tricks for AdSense.
Follow all the above tips rules in order to your AdSense approved.
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