DroidSheep APK Tool 2018: Android app For hackers [Free Download]

Droidsheep is an android application for users of Android smartphone with amazing and awesome features. Droidsheep apk app gives you many features to understand the security levels in wireless networks. Dropsheep was developed by Andreas Koch. Actually, In other words, we can say Droidsheep is a session hijacking tool which gives permissions for the hackers to hack sessions over the WIFI network.

DroidSheep will help you to gather WIFI network users accounts and capture the web users profiles of people who are on the same network.

Droidsheep is similar to Faceniff but not exactly same, Droidsheep and faceniff are the tools which are used to do hijacking web sessions of profiles when they are connected to a wireless network.

But here the issue with faceniff is it will only work with a lost of websites when comes to the Droidsheep it works with almost all the website services.

Now, lets move forward and  see how droidsheep,

How DroidSheep Works?

When you hit the start button in Droidsheep it will act as a router to monitor the network traffic and it will display the active session profiles.

Using DroidSheep To Hijack Sessions?

Before going to the discussion about how to use Droidsheep to hijack sessions, you have to make sure that your android phone is Rooted perfectly.

If your phone is not rooted, Then please stop don’t go further, First Root your android mobile then come back.

If yes, then you are good to go ahead,


Another thing you have to make sure Is you have a goal or target on the same network you are that who is using HTTP to gain access a web account.
Next step is Go and Download Droidsheep.
Note: The download link of Droidsheep For Android Is at end of the article.
After downloading its time to Install the Droidsheep apk
Double Click on DroidSheep app, you will be popped up a window like below :
DroidSheep apk

DroidSheep apk

Here you have to Make sure that you have enabled “ARP spoofing” and “Generic mode“.
  • ARP spoofing: DroidSheep will act as a router and intercept all the network traffic.
  • Generic Mode: It will listen for any of the cookie, not only the sites you are known.
Now Press “Start” Button and wait for Few seconds…..
Don’t Hurry Up Buddy!!!
After few seconds you can see only active session profiles on the Display. As you can refer to the following Image.
DroidSheep apk app

DroidSheep apk

Now Just tap on the any one active session profile or a victim session profile, now it will show you some set of options like, Open site, Remove From List, Add host to blacklist, Export via eMail and Save Cookies.

DroidSheep app download

Now let’s describe all the above options Individually as in below….

Open Site: It will allow you to use victim’s account as him/her.

Remove From List: Removes the selected session from the list.

Add host to blacklist: Keeps catching treats from the chose server in future.

Export via eMail: It enables you to send the treat esteems by means of Email

Save Cookies: It allows you to save the cookies for Future purpose.

On the off chance that you need to utilize casualty’s web account as him/her, Select “Open Site” it will take you there.

You are Done…..

Apart from the above option we have discussed, we have more other option available on Droidsheep.

We have more options in Droidsheep like Clear list, Clear Blacklist, Debug, Choose WiFi and Help.

The Clear list will enable you to clear the caught treat sessions.

Clear Blacklist enables you to clear the rundown of boycotted servers.

If you are facing any type of problems or issues while using Droidsheep, you can collect debug information through the “Debug” option.

To get Debug information just Press menu and select Debug for getting the debug session. After you select Then it will ask you for starting a debug session. now you select “Yes“.

download DroidSheep app

After selecting Yes the Droidsheep will start the debugging mode, Now after the 30 seconds, you can stop the debugging process After you stop it will show some bunch of options like to send an email about the debug information.

Now you can select the targeted network by using “Choose WiFi” option.

Help option is like as usual for your own Help.

As promised above that ill give Droidsheep download link Here it is as below,

Download Link: Download DroidSheep App

Bottom Line:

You just read “DroidSheep APK Tool 2018: Android app For hackers [Free Download]“, If you like this post do share it with your friends and family members.

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