[TOP 7] Best Video Player for iPhone Users

Best Video Player for iPhone

iPhone does provide their default video player with the phone when you purchase. But the issue is that sometime you will not be able to play some high quality videos and much more. Not only this, you will also not be able to get some features that you actually get on the third party app. So here you will get to know about the best video player for your iPhone like MX player, VLC player etc. to download on your device and use it.

There are many video players available for iPhone, but are not so worth going. Here we have picked up the Best Video Player for iPhone which are mentioned in this article.So be with us, read the whole article, and know about all the Top Video Player for iPhone and their features, so that you can choose the best one for you and enjoy watching your favorite movies or others videos without any disturbance.

Best Video Player for iPhone 2017

  1. Infuse Video Player

Infuse Video Player

Infuse video player is the best video player for iPhone which will enhance the joy of watching movies or videos on your device. First of all, it is able to play all file formats like WMV, MKV, MP4, AVI and others. It means you can watch your favorite movie or video anytime anywhere. And it has been built with so many quality features also. Like drag and drop transfer, multi-tasking facilities which will let you use other apps on the same time, gesture controls for volume, brightness, fast-forward and rewinds etc. the best part of the video player is that it is absolutely free to use.

  1. MC Player

mc player

If you want to watch HD quality videos on you iPhones then MC Player is the best option for you. It allows you to watch online videos too by streaming via this app.It is featured with latest SW & HW acceleration that allows you to play all the video contents without any disturbance and uses your phones’ RAM, hence saves battery also.It supports all the file formats like M4V, FLV, GP, MPEG, MP4, etc., supports subtitles for every video contents, chromecast, and all the latest features you can think of.

  1. PlayerXtreme


Another best video player for iPhone is PlayerXtreme which allows the user to watch all formats of videos like AVI, WMV, M4V, MP4 etc. as well as allows you to stream online videos even over SMB (Server Message Block) and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). Apart from this, the video player is equipped with all the latest features like SW/HW decoding, subtitles, different screen aspect ratios, etc. which are needed for best movie watching experience on iPhones. Users can lock their video contents by the password protection feature provided by PlayerXtreme.

  1. KM Player

KM Player

KM Player is the best option for option iPhones users to watch high quality video contents like the 4K, DCI2k, HD, etc. It is able to play all file formats like OGM, MPEG, WMV, MKV, and all other file formats which will let you watch your favorite movies or videos anytime anywhere without transcoding, and equipped with wide range of features like HW acceleration, different screen aspect ratios, subtitles of several languages, and others. KM Player is fast and free to use just like the MX player app, and the best part is that the download MX player step is same with the download KM player procedure.

  1. VLC Player

VLC is so popular video player among PC users that it doesn’t need any special introduction. Now you can download and install VLC Player on your iPhone and can enjoy watching movies like you have enjoyed on your PC. The mobile version of VLC player is also able to play videos of all file formats like the PC versions. Its user interface is very easy and simple to use, has wide range of features, and absolutely free for the users.

  1. PowerAV media player:

PowerAV media player

PowerAV media player is the ultimate destination for watching movies or videos by streaming, on iOS devices or over Chrome cast, smart TV, Apple TV or others. You can stream videos of all files formats from internet as well as from your cloud storage. And it is very fast in streaming or browsing files from the internet which is the most liked feature of PowerAv by the users. It has a wide range of surprising features like the video casting of tube videos which you will like for sure.

  1. AirPlayer


Another option for watching videos by streaming is the AirPlayer. Not only videos, it allows the users to stream their favorite music and photos online and to create several playlists to to store them, so that you can watch your videos, or listen your favorite music on the go. The AirPlayer is equipped with a wide range of tools and features, including sharing options, which are liked and recommended by many users as well as professionals.

So friends here is the 7 Best Video Player for iPhone users which will enhance your movie watching experience to the next level for sure, with their wide range of features like SW & HW acceleration, subtitles in several languages, multi-tasking facilities, gesture controls, supporting all file formats and others. So don’t waste your more time, choose the best video player for iPhone from the above mentioned list for your iOS devices and enjoy watching movies or videos without any disturbance like transcoding. Thank you.

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