Google Allo vs WhatsApp: Which one you should use in 2017

With the launch of Google Allo app, we can now look into a new competitor for WhatsApp. There already has been a lot of debates on which app is the best for a daily use  and no matter how you look at the app and what you use them for, both Google Allo and WhatsApp works like wonders. And so, in this comparison today between Google Allo vs. WhatsApp we will be looking at the key features of both the apps and decide which app is comparatively better. In one hand Google Allo is available for Android and iOS platform whereas WhatsApp is available in every single platform even you can download Java WhatsApp version for free.

Before the critics jump in, I want to say that both this apps have different features which any none would love and so I am just going to talk about how they are different from one another and who can be benefited by use the Allo and WhatsApp respectively.

Without further delay let us have a look at the comparison and decide app work for you the best.

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All About Google Allo App Unique Features:

The Google Allo app is new in the market but it is taking over the WhatsApp with many features that are missing in WhatsApp. Few of them are:

  1. Stickers: Google Allow has come up the features that are being implemented in many messaging app to make chatting more interesting. Stickers are a special features of Google Allo app.
  2. Self-Demolishing Messages: This is probably the best features that you would want in a messaging app, the self-destroying message features is great for getting rid of n the messages that you don’t want anyone to see after you leave the app.
  3. Smart Reply: Smart Reply allows you to instantly reply to your text when you are bust playing games or if you are in a meeting.
  4. Incognito Chat: Chatting in incognito mode is a great feature that can help you manage you chat history. You can get the most out of your private chats as you won’t leave any chat history behind.
  5. Change Text Size: Changing text size can really be helpful when you want to read a large text message in one simple place without scrolling up and down.

All About WhatsApp Unique Features:

WhatsApp has been in the market for a long time and has seen many changes so far. Few of the most unique features of WhatsApp are like:

  1. Calling Features: WhatsApp lets you call other WhatsApp user without any charges. All you need is a good internet connection. Compared to many other calling apps which offers similar features, WhatsApp offer a much better calling quality.
  2. File Sharing: File sharing is a great advantage for WhatsApp over many app. Only 2 of the widely used apps, WhatsApp and WeChat has been noted to have this feature.
  3. Last Seen: This feature is a unique one in WhatsApp only where you can see when the last time a person opened their WhatsApp messenger.
  4. Encryption: The WhatsApp messages are encrypted so no one else can read your messages if they get your hand on your Smartphone. (note that your WhatsApp should be locked).
  5. Font Type Change: With WhatsApp you can choose to change the outlay of the text that you send over in Italic, Bold and Strikethrough for incorrect messages. This edits look really good when used.

So, these were the unique features of Google Allo and WhatsApp that makes both the app different from one another. So you can see that, both the apps has its own unique features and other common features.


Both WhatsApp and Allo are great for messaging a depending on your requirement you can use the specific app for your daily use. The result shows that Google Allo app can be more of a professional app that you would use for most of your official works like, contacting with your subordinates, sending an urgent message and more.

Where else with WhatsApp can be used for texting with family, friends and loved once as it has features that are more comparable to chatting app.

So, there you have it, both the apps work in their own way and can be used differently making both the app best in their respective places. Hope you agree with the facts that are offered here in this debate between Google Allo VS WhatsApp. In my personal opinion, what I believe is WhatsApp is still better than Google Allo but in future the scenario might change completely. Now it’s all up to you which app you are going to install and use on your smartphone.


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