[Fix] Common Problems in Windows 10

Common Problems in Windows 10

The introduction of windows 10 has brought the fine upgrade when compared to windows 8.1 and 7. Apart from that, since its release in the market many users from the world have been encountering several problems. Like at many times the errors causes in your windows 10 seem to be very irritating, totally stopping the functions of your computer. Most of the people found out problems and many of the time errors like”Windows 10 taskbar doesn’t work” pop up on the screen. If you are having these problems then also there is nothing to be worried about. Here we will provide you the solution of some of the common problems in windows 10.

There are moments when the task bar stops working all of sudden on your windows 10. Only those people who have experience through such errors will know that, how it’s like to feel that way. Here we are dealing with some of the common error that is caused in widows 10.  Let us have a quick read on the fix process of the common problem in windows 10.

Solution to Fix Common Problems in Windows 10:

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1: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Problems

Since, the start of the windows 10 Anniversary Update is available. The users of the windows have been complaining too much, as most of them have been encountering this problem. The update problem has been freezing most of the PC. Here we will be using the settings application with safe mode, to fix this problem simply follow the steps that is provided below in details.

  • Step 1: At first, open up my counter icon on your PC.
  • Step 2:Go to the local disk and right click to open the properties
  • Step 3: Now left click on the tools option and then you have to click on the error checking. Select the check option.
  • Step 4: Into the dialogue box of error checking (Local Disk C), simply click on the scan drive and wait for a moment.

After that you will receive a pop up screen, where it shows that your drive was successfully scanned. This simply means that no errors were found and your windows and if you find just follow the instructions on the screen to fix it.

2: Windows 10 is installed but cannot activate it

Windows 10 is supposed to be activated automatically when it is installed on your PC. But many times it gets failed, suppose you are using the windows 10 in a legit way. This means you have been upgrading your PC straight from the version of windows 7 to the latest update, without including the pirated product key.

But then still you can use the windows 10 without simply activating it, there is a problem to this as you will not be able to personalize by making changes into the desktop theme or colors, etc. Even after following these tips your windows 10 is not getting activated successfully then we recommend you to contact Microsoft to get some help after couple of days.

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3: No inbox folders is found in the Mail Application

In this case, windows 10 Mail application will show you only separate inbox folder, for each and every mail account that you arrange. But the problem is, you will not find any subfolders inside it. Not only that, you will not also be able to create any of them. Even at the situation where you set up several subfolders into your internet mail account, they will not just appear in your account. To fix it just follow the steps provided below.

  • Step 1:First launch the mail App on your windows 10 and then click on the “Get Started” button from. And then in boxes, you will have to provide email address along with the password on the computer screen.
  • Step 2: If you are already logged into a Microsoft account on your Windows 10. In the screen you will get several lists of email addresses.
  • Step 4:In order to add your BT email address all you need to do is, simply click on the “Add account” option and then from the list go down to other account.
  • Step 5:Into the next screen, you will get an option of fill up boxes after that choose “sign in” by clicking on the button.
  • Step 6:After that enter your name on other account dialogue box on PC screen, and then select sign in button once again and at last click “done”.

Now choose ready to go option and start using the Mail on windows 10. In this way you have successfully solve your problem.


After you finish reading all the solutions to the common problems in windows 10, we hope that you got all the solutions to the problems that you have facing. All the above mentioned solutions are very effective and quite easy to perform. From now onwards windows 10 users will no longer encounter any of the above mentioned problems. None of these common troubles on windows 10 is a permanent problem, can be fixed right away by simply following just some few steps.

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