[Latest] zanti Apk App | Download For Android and Pc For Free

zanti Apk App For Android and Pc For Free

zanti Pro Apk  App: zANTI app is a penetration testing toolkit that allows you to perform malicious attacks on a network Which can be used In Android Smartphone. You can use this tool to change device’s MAC address, create a malicious WiFi hotspot, Exploit routers, Audit passwords, create and run an HTTP server on your android device, scan a device for open ports, perform man in the middle attacks, and Check the device for shellshock and SSL poodle vulnerability.

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More About Zanti app (Download):

How To Change Your Device’s MAC Address?

Open Zantiapp, swipe left, and then select “MAC Changer”. Then tap on “Set New MAC Address”. This will change your device’s MAC address to a new random one. But if you want to change your MAC address to a specific one, just turn off the “Generate Random” function and then you will be able to edit the current WiFi MAC address. After editing, just tap on the “Set New MAC Address”.

How To Create a Malicious WiFi Hotspot Using Zanti App?

First, select “zTether” and then turn on the Tether Control. That’s it. Then, let other people use your WiFi hotspot. If they do, you will be able to control and hijack their device traffic. you will be able to view all http requests, hijack sessions, view all images that are trasmitted on your network, modify requests and responses, redirect HTTPS to HTTP, Redirect HTTP requests to a particular IP or webpage, replace Images, Capture downloads, Intercept Downloads, and Insert HTML into webpages.

How to see all the HTTP requests made by the users on your network:

just tap on the first (Logged Requests) “View” option. You can get more details about a particular request by tapping on it.

How To hijack an HTTP session Using Zanti app:

just tap on a session. It will open up the victim’s session on your device. If you want see all the images that are transmitted on your network, just tap on the second view option. If you want to modify HTTP requests and responses on your network, select “zPacketEditor” and turn on the function, You will see the live requests and responses there.

How to edit a particular request or response Using Zanti app:

swipe it to the right. After the edit, you can tap on “Send” button.

How to redirect HTTPS to HTTP Using Zanti app:

Turn on the SSL strip. Also please note that the Websites using HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) are immune to SSL Strip attack. If you want to to redirect all the HTTP traffic to a site or server, tap on the setting icon and enter the URL, and then turn on the “Redirect HTTP” function.

How to Replace website images with an image of your choice:

Tap on the setting icon in the replace images section and select an image. Then turn on the “Replace Images” function.

How to intercept and download all specified type of files to the SD card :

Tap on the setting icon in the Capture Download section and select the file type and then turn on the “Capture Download” function.

How to Replace a downloaded file with a specified file:

Tap on the setting icon in the “Intercept Download” and then select a file. Then turn on the “Intercept Download” function.

How to insert a specified HTML code into web pages:

Tap on the setting icon and enter the HTML code, and then turn on the Insert HTML function.

How to Exploit Router Vulnerabilities Using Zanti app?

First select “Routerpwn.com”. Then select your router vendor from the list, You will see many ready to run local and remote exploits there. There are a lot of ready to run exploits, all you have to do is, click on the title.

How To Find Open Ports In a Device?

First select the device’s IP and then tap on “Scan”. You can change the scan type , and you can execte a script in the scanning, and you can also check the target device for vulnerabilities. After configuring the scanner, just click on “Go”. wait for completion, and then tap on scan log to see the results.

How To Do Password Complexity Audit Using Zanti app?

First click on the target IP and then select “Password Complexity Audit”. Then select the cracking method. and then the audit mode. It will show you the progress and then the result.

How to perform man in the middle attack Zanti app ?

First click on the target device’s IP and then select “Man in the middle”.Then turn on the MITM module. This module is the same as the zTether module and I already explained that module.



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