[LATEST 2018] All Wapka Phishing Codes And Scripts Collection

Wapka Phishing Codes And Scripts Collection

Hey! Funny guy you know Wapka phishing is most hot trending presently who are using world wide by youngsters in order to get hack their ally’s (friends) Fb username and password and other social accounts like pinterest,gplus and many more.To perform this you just need to make wapka phising codes or phishing scripts.

Its damn easy to create such type of sites for getting of some other persons details when they enter something on your site. If you want to perform any type of phishing attacks then Wapka is the only best I suggest for you. In order To make your free website all you need is Wapka Phishing Scripts [2018].

Are you good in programming ???

Dont worry you dont need any type of programming language skill for this I this post I’ll share all the WML/XHTML code for Wapka sites which is also known as Wapka Phishing codes.

Most famous Wapka facebook fake sites are created now a day on internet which looks like original facebook phishing code & WML/XHTML code Where I’ll share all those stuff in this article in the below section.

Before we share these Wapka phishing scripts with WML/XHTML codes we say that we are sharing this only for educational purpose but not to harm any strange persons phishing attack.

We are sharing this Wapka phishing scripts with WML/XHTML codes to show people how all these phishing sites look like and how they are being created to do phishing attacks.

We here saying very clearly that we are not responsible for any harm doing any illegal activity by you on any people.

Lot of peoples ask in social media that …..

Do phishing sites are easy to create ??

And I say Very Big YES, its very simple matter of time because of WML & XHTML codes.Here you You no need to learn Programming Coding’s stuff’s. Just copy the codes provided in the below Section and paste it on your website.

In this post we will share all types of Wapka phishing scripts including phishing code for Facebook, Paytm phishing code, Phishing code for auto liker site and all.

Wapka Phishing Scripts 2018

Wapka phishing codes

                                 Wapka phishing codes

If you guys are in search of  Wapka phishing scripts like Facebook phishing script, Gmail phishing script, Autoliker phishing script, Teen patti phishing script, etc. You no need to go any other site to get those wapka phishing codes or scripts you can find all types of phishing codes in this post.


What Is Wapka Phishing Codes?

Phishing is the the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, online. Wapka Phishing Codes are scripts to make phishing website which looks like original website but it’s your Fake phishing website.

All Wapka Phishing Codes 2017

Below are some of the most popular Wapka phishing codes of 2017. You don’t need to make any changes in these scripts, or If you want to make changes you make no objections.  I am sharing Facebook Phishing script, Autoliker phishing script, Teen patti phishing script and Paytm phishing script.

WML/XHTML Codes for Wap

Facebook Wapka Phishing Codehttp://pastebin.com/6fMRVJLh

Autoliker Wapka Phishing Codehttp://pastebin.com/k3wZT4jb

Teen Patti Wapka Phishing Codehttp://pastebin.com/NgT91xn0

Paytm Wapka Phishing Codehttp://pastebin.com/2YPJT5HE

SO guys all the above are the 1000% working wapka phishing codes. Using all the above wapka phishing codes you wont get any issues so you can use it without any hesitation.
I can say that no one can detect that browsing website is legit or fake. If you know programming languages like HTML, PHP and CSS you make infinite wapka phishing codes as well you can customized the ready mate code professionally which looks like real site.

Many accounts are got Hacked by the attacks of Phishing. Some people who are new in this field and dont know about Programming languages as I mentioned above they  will not able to code his own website. But they can make site using Wapka phishing scripts. Every type of Phishing scripts are available on Google, so you can download any script not only Phishing site scripts.

Now lets move to main explanation part to create awesome phishing trick  by creating facebook phishing script without using Wapka phishing script with you guys

Facebook Phishing Script Without Using Wapka :

This is the another best possible way to use Phishing without creating your personal Facebook Phishing site. And best trick is, You don’t need any Script or Code for this. Let me start.

1) First of all go to website Shadowave.

2) Click on >>>Sign Up Here<<< button.


Facebook Phishing New Method Without Using Wapka

3) Enter Username, Email, Password and all details and click on Sign Up button.


4) After creating your account Successfully, Login to your account and it will show your Phishing Scama’s on screen. You can use Facebook Profile or Facebook App Scama.


                                                                       Latest Facebook Phishing Method

5) It’s time to design your Phishing according to your need. Set Profile Picture, Cover Photo, and other details for your Phishing Profile Scama.


Shadowave Phishing Guide

6) After setting it up, click on Create button and it will ask to click here to get your Scama’s link.


7) It will show you, your Link just copy it and send to your Victim. This link will appear same like Original Facebook Profile.

8) Now, ask your Victim to send Friend Request on this account, whenever your Victim clicks on Add Friend button, it ask to Login to your Facebook account. Once he/she enters Email-Pass and clicks on Login Button, you will receive entered details on your Shadowave Victim’s section.




So, how’s this new Facebook Phishing trick?

I hope that you Loved it. Continue Reading………

How To Create Phishing Website On Wapka :

If you are newbie and don’t knows how to make website. Don’t worry here are the steps by following them, you are able to create own phishing website.

Step 1: First of all you Login or Register account on Wapka.com

Step 2: Click on “Create Site” button from dashboard and after that click on “Manage” button.


Wapka Phishing Script

Step 3: Now, click on “Admin Mode“ button.


Wapka phishing script

Step 4: Blank white page with some ads will appear on your screen. You will see “EDIT SITE” button on that page, click on it.


Wapka Phishing Script

Step 5: Many options will appear on screen to create your new website, just find and click on “WML/XHTML code” button from list.


Wapka Phishing Site

Step 6: Now, copy and paste your Phishing script in blank box. Select Alignment as “Center“. Select Place WML code as “At the Top“. Click on “Submit“.

Step 7: Done, Your Phishing website is ready.


                                                                        Facebook Phishing Wapka Website Demo

Now, open your website and check it by entering any Email and Password in login box and check your registered email account. You will got entered email and password instantly on your email.


Wapka Phishing Site Mail

Yahoo!! I received mail from Wapka instantly after logging in into my Phishing website. So guys, this was the method for create own Phishing website within 5 minutes. I hope you understood full method.

Note: You can create any type of phishing website for personal use just with few knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). It’s a simplest and basic language of programming.

The content in this article and Scripts are only for Educational purpose. Phishing is an illegal activity, we are not responsible for any harm happened to you by Phishing.


So, these were the Working Wapka Phishing Scripts 2018. Using all the above shared scripts you can make any type of Wapka phishing site using these codes.

All you need is basic of HTML Knowledge. Else you can use our coded Wapka Phishing codes provided above section.

We shared original Facebook phishing code, facebook phishing wml/xhtml code, etc.. also we shared some thing new like facebook phishing code without using Wapka.

If you have any question reading this phishing scripts or codes please comment we will try to solve ASAP.

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