How To Monetize Your Blog In 2018 [Best Ways]

How to monetize your blog

how to monitize blog

Making money online is the dream of every single person in this world. It is easy and the best thing is that people can make money even from home. When it comes to making money from home, blogging is one of the best ways to do it.

It is easy to start a blog and make money by monetizing its content.

Today I am going to share about how you can monetize your blog.

1) Contextual ad:

When it comes to making money from blogging, the very first thing which hits the mind of every blogger is Adsense. There is no second thought about that Adsense is the best contextual ad network, which not only pays high but also pays on time. But it is not easy to get approval from Adsense and yes there are chances that you may end up making between $0.03- $1 in most cases in a whole day.

Still, there are bloggers who are making thousands of dollars every month from Adsense.

2) Affiliate marketing:

When it comes to making unlimited money even from less traffic, Affiliate marketing stands as the best. There is no replacement of affiliate marketing. All you need to do is promote the products and services of businesses on your blog and when your efforts generate a sale, you will earn affiliate commission.

For example: If you are running a sports blog, then you should take advantage of sports betting affiliate programs like BettingTop10 does, which are the best way to make money online.

3) Online Coaching:

If you are good at something, then you can run online courses and promote those courses on your blog. This will help you to make easy money. All you need to do is find your target user and pitch the online course to him.

For example: If you are running a blog related to blogging, then you can run a course like learn blogging online on Udemy.

4) Product Reviews:

Publishing review of popular products is a good way to make money. It helps you in two ways. First, if you get a client that asks you to write a product review, then you should do it and get paid for it. You can also add affiliate links in the review when someone clicks and buys from your link you will earn affiliate commission.

For example: You can write a review about health products on your health blog like AHealthBlog does and it will attract more clients who want you to publish health review on your blog and pay you.

5) Donation:

The donation is one of the most used ways to make money online with a how to or help blog. If your blog is all about offering help through content and videos then you can ask the visitors to make a donation or buy you a cup of tea.

There are many generous readers who actually donate regularly to encourage bloggers to write more helpful articles.

So you see these are the 5 ways to make money from a blog. You should try all of them and you will be making money like anything.

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