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Today, freelance writing is one of the fastest growing industries in the market as the demand for content is continuously rising. Content writing companiesstrive to satisfy content buyers by providing high-quality contentthat is 100% genuine and SEO-friendly justifying to their content strategies. We know that search engines follow only those websites with astonishing high-quality contentand rank them higher in search results. In this regard, Contentmartis a one-stop solution to hire professional writerfor all the content requirements. They offer translation services too.

Why go for Contentmart over other content outsourcing platforms?

Perfect Communication System:Contentmart is an online content marketplacethat possesses their own inbuilt chat mechanism which has actually made the process of communication simple and efficient with the two parties (content creator & content buyer). This can even be implemented as a medium to discuss more exhaustive instructions and work information that enables you to hire content writer.

Faithful Platform for Writing Opportunities:Contentmarthas become a dedicated platform for every freelance content writer who has registered under it. It keeps the writers occupied with numerous writing opportunities from different niches.

Secure Payment System:Payment system of Contentmart is quite secure.Assuring easy payments, the portal facilitates wallet facility. As a client, you are required to add funds to the wallet before placing an order. Post successful order placement, the amount gets blocked by Contentmart and is only released to the writer’s wallet once the content is accepted by you. In case, the content is not up to the mark and you desire to cancel the order, the entire blocked money will be refunded into your Contentmart wallet.

Pay in $ or INR as per convenience:Contentmart is handy as Indian clients can make payments in INR as well as in $, while overseas clients can make payment in $.

Easy to Use:Unlike other freelancing sites, Contentmartis free from any hassle. Furthermore, its conduct of showing the requirements on its website is very simple and easy to understand as well. You can effortlessly place the order and within few hours, you can get many bids from different writers. You can also check expertise of anyfreelance content writer from their profile by just a click.

Highly Secured: Contentmart is extremely well in maintaining safe the money and other personal information of the clients.The platform never shares the contact information of any of its members; hence you can have hassle-free experience of posting orders and getting the writing work delivered.Moreover, the defaulters are banned for around 30 days or so which is a mandatory action required in thepresent world. This lets you give assurance that you are working with qualified writers only in the secured way.

Assurance of Unique work: Contentmartensures delivery of 100% unique content. Every piece of content has to undergo in-built plagiarism checks to assure optimum quality.This also eliminates the effort of checking work on another plagiarism detector.

Special Affiliate Program of Contentmart

Contentmart has a remarkable affiliate program that can benefit clients and writers in a unique way. Under this program, you need to refer a client (content seeker) to Contentmart. You can make 10% money of the total payment whenever the referred client makes a successful transaction.

Concluding Note:

Contentmartis a recommended platform to use as it can accomplish any type of content need. The platform is precisely designed to suit all your requirements in a unique way and provides you hassle-free work experience. The above-stated specialities suggest that Contentmart is a one-stop solution for allyour content requirements.


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