Top 5 Gift Cards Trending in the Market

You must have heard about gift cards from your shopping-freak friend who is nowadays driving you bonkers because of his stomach for free gift cards of the honchos of online industry.  Apart from satiating the freakiness of your friend gift cards have much more to them.

They are the more advanced lot of consumer-friendly plastic cards and much sought after item by the people who are into their shopping spree most of the time.

Gift cards have always lured people who desire to buy stuff but give in to the mammoth price tags for these gift cards are available for free and provide different products to be purchased through this card.


For all those engaged in shopping frenzy, who cannot make head or tail of the web of companies that provide gift cards, all your previous baggy problems have been tweaked and a tailor-made review.

The tech seamstress has worked upon all your hems and relevant measurements to make a perfect and abridged review of the gift cards; apt for the shopping buffs. This short but nuanced review will showcase the five main types of gift cards that are available in the market.

So if you are planning to get a gift card, you must have tour of different aspects that go into buying the best gift card.You must look for the card that is dedicated to provide the products without tricking you into the terms and conditions and also does not compromise on safety and services.

Many companies have become a trusted name in providing best and affordable gift cards and have a feather in the cap of being honoring the commitments made to the customers.

The major five kinds of gifts cards are:

Amazon gift cards can be redeemed by using Bing search engine. Signing up on Bing Rewards will per se add points to your account each time you search on this engine.

Bing will also fetch you a number of bonus points after completing a certain count of searches each month. Following is the list of some trusted survey websites that save you from being led astray by the host of sham sites and offer Amazon gift cards.

Toluna, Opinion Outspot, Survey spot, Harris Poll are legitimate survey sites that provide Amazon gift cards. EarnMyPoints, SwagBucks, Steam wallet codes that entail reading, shopping, take survey and completing a variety of tasks will give a number of points that you can cash in to get Amazon gift cards.

The promotions of Amazon will also dole out free gift cards. The offer may normally include spend $50 or $25 gift card or the offers in sections of grocery, personal care and health. You can also get the Amazon gift card by downloading the ibotta app.

The download will leave with a cash back when you purchase selected grocery items. This cash back will give you earnings to get an Amazon gift card.

Checking on Shopkick app for different products or their purchases, will also give you similar deals following the similar drill of earning the points and converting them into Amazon gift cards.

iTunes gift cards of Apple on the other hand are an amazing bunch of offers for Apple customers. iTunes gift cards can be bought from Apple and from different retailers in various denominations.

The gift cards will work in iTunes and iBooks as well as App store and offer the recipients exactly their choices. Nevertheless non-stop fun is just a touch away from you.

Buy for 12 months and pay for 10 months, this amazing offer of iTunes gift card enables non- stop freaking out with music in Apple Music Library.

Skype gift cards can be used to send text messages, call phones and use wifi hotspots at considerably low rates. Various websites are offering skype gift cards by processing approval on receiving payment which takes less than one hour. However such kinds of digital orders do not allow refunds or exchanges. Such a process involves scanning of real skype gift cards and then emailing it digitally as PDF scans legit gift codes.

Paypal’s gift cards: Gyft is platform that enables customers to easily send buy and redeem gift cards from any device. The gift cards can be used to track the gift card balances instant transfer of the cards to friends and family. Paypal gift cards offer a myriad range of products that zero in on, GameStop, Starbuck etc. All the transaction over the gift cards is certified under Digicert. Paypal will stores all payment information at a single place safely.

Dominos Gift Cards may or may not come in certain denominations and the net sum will remain up to the amount that has been ordered. The gift cards of dominos shall be valid across all the dominos stores.  Dominos at airports however, will not redeem such gift cards. The customers will need to show the gift card at the store during the placing of the order. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash. If it so happens that the amount purchased is less than the value of the gift card, the balance amount will not be refunded. The gift cannot be used side by side any scheme or offer or coupon. More than one gift cards can be used during a single transaction. This gift card cannot be redeemed only once. The gift cards of dominos can also be purchased at


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