Impactful Marketing Campaigns That You Should Learn From

E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry, with over 1,10,000 website running currently. They’re all trying unique ways to generate revenue. It’s become easier than ever to build a functional website with tools like free online store builders. Some powerful websites like Shopify offer all of this together in a single package tailored for small businesses. That makes it incredibly easy to start an online store today.

So, if it’s that easy, why do businesses struggle? The answer is visibility and marketing. With thousands of websites selling millions of products, how does a startup stand out? That’s where creative marketing gives that extra push to brands and makes them stand out from their competition.

Here are some marketing campaigns that had a stunning impact for the brand.

#LikeAGirl, Always’ Global campaign

This Black Pencil 2015 Award winning campaign is a masterstroke. It ticks all the right boxes, and its message is compelling, inspiring and unmistakably clear.

Always created a campaign that strengthened their identity. It had a purpose of supporting girls through puberty.  The brand understands the emotional pain a girl goes through during this phase. To address this, they produced a video that tells their side of the story to the audience. The video is made with emojis and chats, allowing the younger generation to easily relate to it.

That kind of marketing shows that they understand their customers and care about them.

They deployed a short and powerful hashtag, #likeagirl, that captured the essence of the campaign. They took the stereotyping statement and turned it around into an inspiring message.

This is an example of excellent usage of hashtags.

The Daily Show Hidden Videos

The Daily Show brought in a new host and wanted to create some buzz around this. They understood that there was a lot of curiosity as to who the new host was.

This curiosity was used in an unexpected and creative way by The Daily Show. They created a search game based on the new host and created hidden videos online. But they could only be found using the host’s name, Trevor Noah.

The network bought Google ads with links to these videos that had to do with the hostname. As people searched, they started uncovering the videos and the network got a lot of traffic. This curiosity generated a whopping 2.8 million views. It also earned the network the 2016 Webby Awards for Best Use of Data-Driven Media.

This shows how well the network understood their target audience and curiosity. They also used creative ways to use this curiosity to market their show without having to do any advertising online.

What You Should Learn From This ?

Understand your purpose

Before starting a marketing campaign, be clear about what you want to do. This includes a clear understanding of your current state as a brand and the reach you have.  What do you want to achieve from the campaign? This could be a boost in sales, improve brand value, open up a new market segment, or even all three!

Find out how to reach your goal and what approach would work best.

Know Your Persona

Know your identity better than what the customer knows about you. When you have a clear understanding of what kind of image you’re setting up with the customer, then you can find out what kind of campaign and advertising would work best.

Have A Clear Message

The last thing you want in your marketing campaign is a vague message. Not having a clear and direct message defeats the entire purpose of marketing. Ensure you craft a clear message that the audience can easily understand.

Choose The Right Channel

Speak where your audience is. This is mainly dependent on the kind of business you’re running, so a little information can help you find out where you should be marketing. Different channels work different audiences. Engage your audience on that platform, so they don’t have to go anywhere else. That maximises your reach and impact.

You Know Best

At the end of the day, your business is something that you’ll have a very clear idea of. You know where it is currently, and where you want it to go. That’s something you can’t expect anyone else to know. Understand that, and figure out how you can improve your image. Marketing is a creative field where there’s no concept of right or wrong. If it works, it works.

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