Stay Connected to Your Team with Wrike’s Project Management Software for Mobile

Managing a project is no easy feat. Assigning and tracking tasks takes a lot of time and effort: checking in with your team, creating reports, balancing resources, and reporting on progress. Thankfully there are professional tools for project management available online to help you easily manage your workload and enhance productivity and team collaboration.

And since today’s mobile workforce demands on-the-go tools that are easy to access from anywhere, the ability to use your own smartphone to manage work when you’re away from the office is essential. Wrike’s award-winning project management app is one of the best available.

What is Wrike?

Wrike is one of the top-ranked and most recommended project management software available online, and it won the Best Project Management Software Award for 2016.
Wrike offers a comprehensive set of tools for project management, including built-in Gantt Chart software. These visual project timelines include drag-and-drop task scheduling, milestones and dependencies, and more.

Key Features:

⦁ Customizable, shareable Dashboards
⦁ File sharing, collaborative editing, and versioning
⦁ Visual reports & analytics
⦁ @Mention coworkers to send instant notifications
⦁ Real-time Activity Stream of work updates and discussions
⦁ Instant workspace & email notifications
⦁ Built-in email integrations to turn emails into Wrike tasks
⦁ Resource management, including workload view and scheduling
⦁ Google Calendar and iCalendar integrations
⦁ Built-in time tracking

Why You Should Use Wrike:

One major benefit to using Wrike is that it’s designed as collaborative project management software, making it easy for your team to work together no matter where in the world they’re located. It keeps all your projects, tasks, deadlines, documents, and discussions in a central hub, so your whole team can communicate and collaborate more efficiently. It’s truly a one-stop workflow management software solution.

How to use Wrike on Your Mobile:

Download the Wrike app for free
⦁ Create your account by starting a free trial
⦁ Sign In with your login details, Google account, or Microsoft credentials.
⦁ Press the menu icon to see your Inbox, My Work task list, Dashboard, Projects and Settings.


Get real-time notifications related to your projects and work.

My Work:

See your personal tasklist and priorities. Drag and drop tasks between “Incoming,” “Today,” and “Later” to plan your workload.


Create and share project- or team-specific Dashboards to keep high priority work front and center. Personalize Dashboards with custom widgets and visual analytics.

Organize your Wrike workspace in folders (these can represent projects, clients, departments, or whatever else you like) and tasks. Schedule and assign tasks, upload relevant attachments to keep all related work info in the same place, comment on tasks, and view task updates in real-time in the Activity Stream.
In short, Wrike offers everything that you need to manage your daily project requirements easily and more effectively boost team performance, which is why Wrike is known as the best project management software and its mobile apps are ideal for staying connected while on the go.

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