MilesWeb VPS or Godaddy VPS : Who is the best choice for VPS?

Actually, every hosting provider offers shared hosting with limited resources including disk storage and bandwidth. So many hosting companies provide dedicated hosting which costs you high where you can’t afford that much. If you are in search of best hosting with best features then VPS hosting is the solution.

In this article lets discuss the two companies who provide VPS Hosting and that two companies are MilesWeb and secondary GoDaddy.

Let’s compare both the companies what they provide in VPS hosting package with detailed manner.

Now without wasting time let’s jump to the main topic.


Features of MilesWeb VPS Hosting :

Easy Usability :

When newbie’s buy VPS hosting to host their websites they face many problems due to the non-user-friendly interface. They might not understand how to configure and what to do next.

But MilesWeb makes it easy for you to manage your virtual server with an easy to use VPS control panel interface. You can monitor real-time usage graphs as well as keep a check on memory usage and server load through this intuitive panel.

Total Admin Access :

This feature is one of the best features in MilesWeb VPS Hosting. It provides you will full privileges to access your account.

What I mean to say is starting from the software Installation to Configuring setup files can be controlled from your control panel itself.

MilesWeb provides you with two different VPS hosting like managed and unmanaged plans. So as well as newbie’s and experienced users can select the plan based on their technical knowledge and experience.

Faster Page Loads :

While we are into digital marketing business we have different websites in different niches. As like page speed also matters a lot.

If your web page is loading for some minutes then you lose traffic. I mean the world is running faster as same as people also so they don’t want to waste their time by sitting in front of your website.

With MilesWeb you get high-quality server hardware with low latency network and powerful management tools together deliver significantly faster page loads, thereby providing visitors an enriching online experience. All this backed with 24×7 uninterrupted support.

Host Multiple Websites :

Normally different types of web hosting companies provide the shared hosting plan with multiple website hosting. They allow you buy trust me they won’t give required resources which handle with good performance.

MilesWeb VPS hosting plans allow’s you to host Multiple websites which are backed by required resources. They also allow creating different email accounts while allocating dedicated resources for each Individual website.

Server Monitoring :

When you choose MilesWeb VPS hosting plan server monitoring is one of the best advantages with good capability. When any hosting provider provides good server monitoring then we can say they are providing hight quality VPS hosting.

24/7 MilesWeb Hosting Provider will monitor their network and hardware systems so this is another good sign of high-quality VPS hosting.

Another advantage of this feature is not only they protect the security of servers also they do protect against the threats from Hackers,Virus and etc.

Why Choose MilesWeb ?

  • Choice of Operating System
  • 24x7x365 Support via live chat, email and toll free phone
  • Weekly Off Site Backups
  • SSL/TLS Certificates with Let’s Encrypt

All the above features are enough to have a good VPS hosting to manage your online business without any downtime issues.

Pricing :

Milesweb offers 5 different types VPS hosting plans designed for Individual users as like below :

milesweb pricing deals

  1. Un-managed OpenVZ

Un-managed plan includes the following features:

  • RAM: 512MB (0.5GB)
  • Storage: 50GB
  • CPU: Single Core
  • Bandwidth: 500GB
  • Dedicated IP: 1
  • Port: 100 MBPS
  1. Managed OpenVZ

Managed OpenVZ plan Includes the following features:

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage: 50GB
  • CPU: Single Core
  • Bandwidth: 500GB
  • Dedicated IP: 1
  • Port: 100 MBPS
  1. Un-managed KVM

Un-managed plan Includes the following features:

  • RAM: 0.5GB
  • Storage: 20GB
  • CPU: Single Core
  • Bandwidth: 500GB
  • Dedicated IP: 1
  • Port: 100 MBPS
  1. Managed KVM

Managed KVM VPS plan includes the following features:

  • RAM: 0.5GB
  • Storage: 30GB
  • CPU: Single Core
  • Bandwidth: 500GB
  • Dedicated IP: 1
  • Port: 100 MBPS
  1. Windows VPS

Windows VPS   plan Includes the following features:

  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 90GB
  • CPU: Quad-core
  • Bandwidth: 1TB
  • Dedicated IP: 1
  • Server 2008 OS & Server 2012 SO
  • Port: 100 MBPS


According to my experience and feeling is Godaddy is good but not up to the mark or perfect choice if you want to something big in this world.

Godaddy offers VPS Hosting services on Windows and Linux Platform with Self Managed, Managed, and Fully Managed options.

Godaddy Levels Of Management :


Godaddy VPS Hosting Features :

Linux Platform :

GoDaddy Offers three types of option in that Linux Platform VPS Hosting Includes 4 different types as listed below :

  1. CentOS 6
  2. CentOS 7
  3. Fedora
  4. Ubuntu

Linux Platform Pricing :


Windows 2008 Operating System VPS Hosting plans:

windows-2008 VPN Hosting plans

  • 2 GB Plan 1: The first 2 Gigabytes plan under the windows VPS Hosting comes with 2 Gigabytes of RAM, 1 terabyte of Bandwidth and 40 Gigabytes Hard disk for $39.99 per month.
  • 2 GB plan 2: The second 2 gigabytes plan for windows VPS Hosting comes with 2 Gigabytes of RAM, 2 Terabytes of Bandwidth and 60 Gigabytes hard disk at $49.99 per month.
  • 3 GB Plan: This plan comes with 3 Gigabytes of RAM, 3 Terabytes of Bandwidth and 90 Gigabytes hard disk at $59.99 monthly.
  • 4 GB Plan: This plan comes with 4 Gigabytes of RAM, 4 Terabytes of Bandwidth and 120 Gigabytes hard disk at $79.99 per month.
  • 8 GB Plan: Lastly, the 8 GB plan under windows hosting comes with 8 Gigabytes of RAM, 8 Terabytes of Bandwidth and a 240 Gigabytes hard disk at $149.99 per month.

The Self Managed VPS Hosting features like :

  • backups
  • control panel
  • patches
  • support
  • site lock and auto-updates

You know what the managed and fully managed features are very closely similar to each other only with few differences. If you want to use Godaddy VPS, you can choose any level of management based on your understanding about VPS.

Godaddy Pro & Cons :

Pros :

  • Feel at home with cPanel
  • Multi-level Management
  • Free Control Panel
  • Fast and Efficient
  • On-demand Upgrades
  • Easy Migration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Data Backup

Cons :

  • No file Manager
  • Limited scalability
  • No Managed-Services with Centos 7, Fedora and Ubuntu
  • Limited Windows Operating System Flavors

Conclusion :

Finally, this is the end of the post. You have just read about the difference between Godaddy VPS Hosing Vs MilesWeb VPS Hosting.

We have pointed each and everything about VPS service of this companies.

Now its up to you to choose which is best according to your requirements.

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