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Tayyab saqlain zakki :


Pretty tough question but the secret is blogger’s dont take rest that’s why they are blogger’s.

Blogging need just one thing and that is passion if you have passion of blogging you will never take rest.

Real blogger with a lot of passion just do research for getting a lot of knowledge and new patterns\techniaques to write in his\her blog.

My final words are same Real Bloggers don’t take rest, I can’t judge all the blogger’s but this is what I do after huge work and if you need success in blogging you should do the same.

Vladimir Gendelman :

I take a four-mile walk every day while listening to non-fiction books. This routine gets me relaxed and recharged so I can tackle whatever the day may bring.

Sarvesh Shrivastava :

I personally love to listen to music. Watching some entertaining YouTube videos is also a great time pass.


Chirag Aggarwal :

I do drink a cup of black coffee or home made expresso. Cafe Coffee Day is the place to relax. Play games and go hangout with friends. After big wins I also throw a small party 😛

Iftekhar Ahmed :

Well, Don’t know about others but yes I usually prefer watching YouTube or reading some blogs.

I spend time watching Daily Vlogs of some of the biggest Youtubers (Casey Niestat, Roman Atwood, Fouseytube etc) Reading is again a good habit that helps me relax.

Vineet Gupta :

Hey interesting round up post. Well, like everyone bloggers and internet marketers also need time off from routine schedule to refresh themselves.

When I want a break, I prefer playing games, listening to music, watching movies, sports and I love to sleep a lot, all this helps me in rejuvenating.

Syed Usman Haniel :

I blog only when I feel frustrated and tired of life. Blogging is a relief to me. Before falling asleep, I at least write a paragraph every night.

Ali Raza :

Well It’s a very difficult question to answer, since it depends on moods and how much exhausted you are, typically i found that moving around in terms of hosteling is some sort of relaxation or playing with kids or spending time with family is, however i try to take a complete body massage once a week to get relieved from every sort of tension and i think it works well! 🙂

Bhupendra Sharma :

I’ve been blogging for many years now, and every time work starts to consume me, I head towards mountains or seas in search of peace. However, when unable to find time to travel, books and sports are my best bets for relaxation.

Santhosh veer :

Hi this is Santhosh veer, web developer, and Blogger Currently Blog at AS a blogger and developer having lot of client works and personal works I spend Max hours in front of internet it Giving stress and Head pains.

How I Relax after My huge work?

First of all go offline from all social platforms.Maximum I avoid My online works on Saturday and Sunday Choose which day is best for you.

Spend my Free time with kids and playing cricket.

Hearing songs watching movies & Funny videos.

Reading books.

Hangout with My Friends.

Spend my time with my Family members also it helps me to reduce my Work stress.

Finally Take Full day sleep 😛 It working for me helps me to Relax from Huge works

Himanshu :

Bloggers Used to listen high sound boon music to relax themselves after huge works. Also they used to take a quick nap of almost half hour to make them relax.

Nikhil Saini :

I usually watch the prank videos on youtube after huge work. The best option is taking some rest. It gives complete relaxation to our body.

If it’s evening time, I roam with my friends. That’s stress buster. Literally, I don’t feel exhausted while working. Blogging is fun.

Jagdish Kashyap :

Work? What Work? It’s Passion and I don’t get tired of doing the thing which I’m passionate about.

Have you ever heard that anyone get bored of doing SEX? You know why? Because we all are passionate about it!

I love what I do, and I don’t get bored or tired from my work, actually I feel relax when I do blogging.

But still, if I ever need relaxation or kinda break from blogging, I just go out with my music box! I’m kinda music addicted person & I love EDM <3

So Whenever I need break I just plug in my handfree and just listen to Ed Sheeran songs or The Scripts or Magic or Linkin Park and that’s an endless list.

Also I love my friends, so I love playing around with them, doing planning for future, digging ideas and hanging around in CP with the cup of tea near PVR Rivoli. (I love that place)

So this is how I take a break, and you can have a KitKat too!

Shivansh Verma :

After finishing a huge work, for example writing a 4000+ words post, or designing the homepage or making a “Blogger Template” responsive, I try to walk and wander outside of my home and try my best to wander around nature, where I can reduce some of the clutter and tirednesss from my mind. Because, unhealthy mind can not generate healthy cum creative ideas.

Then, before going to start any time taking task again, I sleep as per my requirements to wake up fresh and start another work.

Abdul Samad Essani :


Your topic is quite awesome!

In my case, I daily go to Gym for getting relaxed.

It’s the only way to relax awesomely!

Other than this, I drink Tea, 2-3 times a day.

That’s amazingly relax me. Hope this helps. 🙂

Deepak Rana :

Being a blogger & student It’s hard to find time for myself. Though I enjoy every moment of working online, however, I always need to relax, so that I can operate without any flaws.

Laying down on the bed is not a “relaxing stuff.” You might be on the bed, but thoughts will keep on striking in your mind, and you feel demotivated.

So, for me. The best option is to work out. I go the Gym, because when I’m working, I forget about everything happening in my life. I forget about the bads and goods of my life, because I just get too much involved with myself.

It helps me to know myself better, and those “exercise hours” give me a hand to get rid of “social life.” Yeah, It’s a bit tiring, but it gives me a lot of boosts and also helps me to stay active and healthy which ultimately leads to a better life.

I’m not an adviser, but if you’re sitting on a chair throughout the day and for relaxing all you take is a nap, then you might reach your goals, but most probably you would be sacrificing your health.

Thus, Try to get a break from the social life, and get involved with yourself, and it could be in any form like walking around, jogging, exercising or weight lifting or even sitting alone.

Sasidhar Kareti :

That usually depends on the niche he blog on. For example, I am a tech blogger and I would like to skim through some facebook news feed or YouTube tech.

I guess all bloggers have a habit of listening to music for serenity.

Himanshu Gupta :

There are 3 ways I relax after huge

1.Cut myself off the internet for at least a day. This helps reduce all the tension you otherwise have.

2.Listen to my favorite music.

3.Watch movies or playing games.

Adeel Sami :

To me, it is quite easy to go through the relaxing period after doing some big stuff:

1- Take some break off of the digital world.

2- Spend time with family.

3- Read any type of book for awhile but not based on the topic of the internet/digital world.

4- Watch a movie in a cinema or go out. The target is to go out for a few time.

5- Prioritize your work for hoping on the next big thing.

6- Start working in your relaxing hours of the time when you’re most productive. With it, you won’t burn out.

Rupinder Singh :

Well, Usually i do Relax by Watching movies after my huge load of work :P.The Best way to Being Relaxed is By Watching Movies (Usually I Watch my Favorite Movies) and Pulling any friend leg (Can’t Disclose Name :P) in facebook together.

By Doing this i feel relaxed as in “that time” I Try to forget my all pending works and try to focus on being funny.Moreover, i also take a Break of 10 minutes after every working hour.As sitting in a chair continuously may cause some health or back pain related problems.

Umar Farooq :


Relaxation is really a HUGE part, especially in Blogger’s life!

After some real HARD core work, I’d say get sleep early and rise early for a couple of days, If you’ve had some sleepless nights because of that work.

And yeah…

That’s all I do and recommend everybody else.

Mahezabin Malida :

After writing articles or working on my blog, I like to spend time with my family members. Reading books is also a relaxation therapy for me.

I do regular workout to maintain my stress level and physical fitness.

If I am not in mood of doing any of the above mentioned activities, I will prefer to have a nap for refreshment.

Own Abbas :

This question is really eye opening but i will be happy to answer it because no one asked such question before.

Bloggers actually never take rest. If taking rest is to have fun then bloggers always had fun because they always tried their best to take blogging as fun.

They work like an addicted person, not by taking it a burden.

Most of the bloggers take rest when they get their payouts because at that time they give time to other activities and to their beloved one’s so that they can have some refreshments.

Bottom Line :

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