Five Mac OS Tips And Tricks Every Beginner Should Know

Five Mac OS Tips And Tricks

Mac OS Tips : If you have been using Mac OS for a while, then you might already know everything about this operating system from Apple. But if you have just get started with it, make sure you know these tips and tricks, which will help you use your Mac OS computer easier and quicker.

In this article, I will tell you five essential tips & tricks that you need most, in order to control and master your computer. I will also explain about these tips to help you easier to understand.

So, let’s get started.

Useful Mac OS Tips And Tricks You Should Know And Remember

1. Open Spotlight With “Command + Space”

You might not know, but Spotlight is a useful feature that every Mac user should be aware. The reason is that this feature will help you to do a lot of things quicker and easier.

For instance, you can use Spotlight to open an application quickly on your Mac, without navigating to Finder > Applications directory. Also, you can also use it to search for anything you want to find on your Mac, including documents, photos, music & video files, and much more.

Another great function of it is you will have the ability to use Spotlight to convert units. For example, you can hit Command + Space and then type “10 USD in CAD”, or any other similar units. It will help you convert from this unit to another unit, instantly.

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2. Take A Screenshot In Mac OS

How often you take a screenshot on your Mac? I take a lot of screenshots daily just because my job requires. At first, I thought there would be a key just like “Print Screen” in Windows keyboard, which I need to press to take a screenshot. However, this key does not exist.

Instead, if I need to capture a screenshot, I need to press a combination of keys: Command + Shift + 3. After that, a screenshot will automatically be taken and saved to the desktop screen.

Besides, you can also choose a part of your screen and then generate a screenshot from that part by hitting Command + Shift + 4. For further details of how to use Print Screen on your Mac, read this article.

3. Close Unresponsive Applications

A particular application does not respond when you command it to do something. What are you supposed to do in this situation? Have you ever faced the same issue before?

I’m sure if you are in this situation, you might want to ask many questions, one of them is how to close this unresponsive app?

In order to help you answer this question, I would like to tell you that there are two primary methods you can use to force a program to quit on your Mac OS computer.

  • Use keystroke: Simply press Option + Command + Esc, a new and small window will show up, select the program you want to quit and then click on “Force Quit” button.
  • Use Activity Monitor: Simply press Command + Space to launch Spotlight. Then type “Activity Monitor” and press Enter to open it. Within this task manager program, choose the application you want to close and then click on “Force Quit” icon at the top.

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4. Enable Or Disable Startup Items

After a while of using, it seems your Mac is taking longer to boot up. The reason is that you have too many startup items on your Mac, which will run within the bootup process.

In order to control over this, navigate to System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Items. Check and verify which you need to run when booting up, and then remove all other startup items by choosing them and clicking the “-“. Your Mac OS computer will be booting up fast like the old time.

5. Display Your Mac Desktop Immediately

Have you ever used Windows + D key on a Windows PC? This keyboard shortcut will hide all opening windows and show the desktop screen quickly.

However, you can use the same keyboard shortcut in Mac OS. Instead, you have to press F11 to perform the same function. After hitting F11, all windows will be hidden, and your Mac desktop screen will show up. In order to get all windows back, press F11 once again.

Here are just a few basic and essential tips and tricks for your Mac OS computer. I’m sure that you might use one of them soon enough.

Bottom Line :

You just read “Five Mac OS Tips And Tricks Every Beginner Should Know“. So we selected this Five best mac of tips and tricks If you know any other do share it using comment section.Also If you like this article do share with your friends.

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