Features of Successful Landing Page [2018]

People always strive to create successful landing pages 2018 for their site. But they aren’t that useful in creating a successful landing page because successful landing pages don’t happen accidentally.

Instead, it takes a lot of research, dedication and collecting information about your potential customers and more factors come into play while creating successful landing pages.

Successful landing pages didn’t exist when you start creating landing page elements from scratch instead it takes a strategy and a perfect plan and also some successful online marketing campaigns as well.

Nowadays, marketers strive to know the features of successful landing pages because they want to observe and improve their careers by helping themselves to create successful landing pages.

Successful Landing Page

But, it’s not that easy as you might think because there is really no such anatomy of successful landing pages which perfectly works for all types of products and pages.

For example: One product with some unique strategy might work well for them, and the same approach doesn’t work for others, and that’s a genuine truth.

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Even though, If you were planning to research and come up with some list of useful reasons why they are so successful you can find several factors in common for many successful landing pages. But the several factors might surprise you because there is no such thing as layout, content, color which always works.

It goes way beyond that; this has been an exciting news about the conversion optimization.


Let’s just be a learner and see the features of a successful landing page but not the anatomy to create a successful landing page.

It’s just a features of successful landing pages which you can find in many successful landing pages.

Let’s check it out:

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A Successful landing page consists of unique selling proposition (USP):

Successful landing pages always consist of unique selling proposition which generally says about

  • “What makes their company stand out from its competition?”
  • “What do they offer which doesn’t offer by their competitors?”

These are two sensible factors that most of the successful companies landing pages focus on. Because to stand out in this crazy world all you have to do is make your customer happy with you attractive offers and saying about your company.

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If you want to create a successful landing, then you should keep focusing on your landing pages USP.

  • Use compelling headlines in the landing page it’s one of the best practice many successfully landing pages always do.
  • You can make use of sub header to explain your headline.
  • You can use that in your final statement and portion of the page.

These are few places you can include your USP along with these you can also add them in between the standard subheadings and in content as well.

For example:

You can have a look at Amazon which is having some great unique selling propositions, and they have included more stuff on it.

Successful landing pages always attract their audience by Attractive Hero Shot:

You can find an attractive hero shot at most of the successful landing pages online. There was a reason behind using this hero shot.

The reason to use hero shot is to attract your audience to engage; you might think how it is possible?

It is possible because human’s brain adapts pictures rather than text. So people used conversion optimizes used this as features.

They combined the picture and text to make a hero short. Which means, they will include the power words in amazing pictures to attract their customer’s attention.

Hero short is nothing but a visual that keep the attention of your visitors. Now most of the companies always use this scenario to attract its users.

Hero short can be a photo or video it all depends on the strategy they are working on.

Photo: you can place the visually appealing image and make it more attractive for the audience by writing some fresh content on it to make it a hero short.

Ex: Check out the H bloom where you can find some attractive hero shot which catchy title and also a contact forum.

– Video hero short:

The video is always a good way to impress visitors and people always believe that camera never lies. So it’s an even more insightful way to showcase your product. It also comes with the hero short because it is also visual.

Ex: you can see the Unbounce sites which are having an amazing hero short video which explains about its product.

Fabulous and attractive call to action which forces visitors to take action:

Successful landing pages always tend to have a best and effective call to action for their landing page.

Because call to action plays a vital step in creating a successful landing page. As you may know, most of the people, try hard to get people on their site.

And it’s even more difficult to get them click to buy or to make your desired action. Here a tough call to action can be helpful in such cases to increase the conversion rate, and it improves your sales.

Most of the successful landing pages give a lot of time to create a creative call to action button which forces customers to click on the buy button.

Now, a well-designed call to action must describe your landing page and also have a clear and conversion goal which quickly describes the role of the page.

A user can be confused if a page doesn’t have a proper conversion or buttons to take action on. So make sure you have a clean and clear call to action which is straightforward.

Don’t make the users confused with silly mistakes in creating a quality landing page. Avoid vague phrases and unknown terms.

Here is the best example of call to action:

Evernote is having the best call to action, where visitors can immediately understand the messages and the action they have to take. The design of Evernote itself makes it super easy to use and access its benefits of using the app and how actually to sign up to use it.

Here the sign up form is placed to improve their site by converting its visitors in to their customers.

So these are the few best features of successful landing pages.


Along with these above factors, they are a number of others factors are there as well. But here I only mentioned three main features of the successful landing pages. You can find these option in each and every successful landing pages. If you have any doubts, you can check it yourself. If you found any sort of queries, then comment us below. I’d love to hear comments from you.

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