Top Best Trick To Increase CPC (Cost Per Click) 2018

Top Best Trick to Increase Adsense CPC 2018

Top Best Trick to Increase Adsense CPC 2018 : You are here because you have a blog and you are using Google Adsense to monetize your blog(I can say for sure.). Increase Adsense CPC can make you good earnings without monetizing with other ad network.

Top Best Trick to Increase Adsense CPC 2018. Google Adsense is only one worlds best PPC Network. In this article we have discussed Tips And Tricks To Increase Adsense CPC.

Many bloggers use google Adsense to make some enough money but some of them fail to earn because they are on the wrong path with selecting keywords so that their CPC rates are low.

If you choose some best keywords with high CPC rate then definitely you can get a good result.In this article lets discuss Trick to increase your CPC 2018.

If you want to earn money through google Adsense then your site should contain some viral contents which can attract users and make clickable to them.This will surely increase your Adsense CPC.

Before going in-depth into the article ,let’s first define the term CPC.

What is CPC ?

CPC abbreviated as Cost Per Click.If you are monetizing your blog with Google AdSense on your blog or post’s then you will know that these guys are advertising from Google’s AdWords advertising program.

Advertisers use Google AdWords to publish their ads.They pay to google for every ad they publish.You know what? you will get paid only a percentage of what advertisers pay Google.

For Example :

If some advertiser is paying google $2 for every click then google pays you only $1.30($0.70 is deducted) every time when user click on that particular keyword if google Adsense code is placed on your page.

Let’s say, you get 0.02$ for one click and 1$ for another click, so your average CPC is (0.02$ + 1$ )/2 =  0.51$.so finally you should choose some best keywords to increase your CPC.

Consider that you are getting 5 clicks at $0.02 CPC ( 10 x $0.02 = $0.1) and another you  got 2 clicks at $0.50 CPC which is 2 x $0.50= $1.

Though you got 5 clicks your earnings were $0.1 but when you got 2 clicks you earned $0.50.

Which one was best ?

2nd one isn’t it…

So here you should consider quality but not quantity.

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Tips To Increase Adsense CPC Earnings :

Do you think that successful Adsense earning depends only on CPC? No, other factors such as page views, CTR, RPM, Website Niche and Keywords also affect Adsense earning but CPC can make you a successful blogger overnight.

Now let’s see steps to increase your CPC…

1) Content :

You write different posts with different topics on your blog like that google Adsense ads which are displaying on your blog are not static but dynamic.These ads will be changing accordingly as like content topic is changed.Google Adsense has two types of ads serving on a blog one is cheap another one is high paying.

Advertisers pay to google more money on a particularly targeted keywords which will pay good CPC.Before writing an article it’s your duty that do perfect research and find out the high paying keywords for your blog topic and write or include them in your blog posts. After publishing your post whenever a user visits your blog google Adsense bots scan your content before display ads, if they find some high searches keywords with good CPC then Google will serve high-quality ads on your blog.

So finally do some depth research and note some high searches with high CPC keywords into a notepad or excel file and start writing articles related to those keywords by including that keyword into the article.

2) Get More Quality Traffic :

Create high-quality content to your website and also get some high authority website backlinks.Actually, Adsense CPC varies from on country to other observe your Adsense report you’ll get to know which country has high CPC for Adsense.

Try to focus on getting more traffic from those high CPC countries.Find some rich keywords which work or trending in that country and start writing an article on those keywords with quality writing and generate traffic.

3) Create Ads That Attract Visitors To Click :

Try to focus on your customer’s requirements, so that you can create better Google AdSense campaigns to make enough income from AdSense ads. Use Google AdWords keywords suggestion tool which helps to come up with relevant phrases for your ads.

Google Adsense team released a heat map which guides best Adsense ads position for your blog template.Below is the same Adsense heat map. The orange portions are the best locations to place Adsense ads, also the dark red area and then black color part.

Try to follow it at your best.

Best-AdSense-Ad-positions-AdSense-To-Increase CPC

4) Types of Ads :

Many google Adsense publishers ignore text ads but, it is recommended to use both text and image based ads on your blog because it will also increase competition among advertisers finally you get some high CPC.

According to Google Adsense policy, you can install up to 3 ad units on a web page. Actually, the first ad unit has highest CPC than second and then third. so use the most popular ad unit at first location lets say 720×90 or 300×250 ad units.

There are some most popular Ad sizes units among advertisers are 720×90, 300×250 and 160×600. These ad sizes have lots of competition among advertisers so usually, these ad sizes have very high CPC.

Do place your ads in great locations that will also result in more clicks to ads.

5) Too Many Ads = Less CPC :

As I said above you are allowed to keep 3 ad units on your web page according to google Adsense policy I recommend you to use all these three ad blocks if your blog posts are long (1500-2000 words).

If your articles are too short and not having high search keywords with high CPC, then Google will not show high paying and interested ads for your visitors. Finally,  you get clicks but no earnings because of low CPC cheap ads.

6)  Reduce Self Clicks and Recommend Clicks (Saying Friends To Click):

If you think like you click on your own ads with different IP’s by asking your friends to click who are in different locations. Google robots are very smart than human beings they’ll find out these types of clicks and they will ban your account.

Also, while clicking on your own ads you do a big mistake by closing the advertisers’ page immediately which makes Google robots as confirm that this click was fraud. Google is much concern about their advertisers also, if you do then google might put your blog in a lower place where low-quality ads will be displayed.

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 Bottom Line :


  1. Write quality content
  2. Write for your users
  3. Generate good organic traffic
  4. Do In-depth keyword research
  5. Keep on experimenting
  6. Don’t use any third-party software for more clicks

This is the end of the article about “how to increase your CPC”. Follow all the above each and every instruction and come back here do comment your experience about this precious golden words.

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