5 Best Ways To Increase Facebook Friends Fast

Increase Facebook Friends Fast

Increase Facebook Friends Fast: Facebook was founded on Feb 04 2004 and stood as the best social media site which is serving with lots of features to users without taking any single penny. Before Facebook (increase facebook friends ) came into market MySpace was most popular which Facebook kicked out after entering into the industry.Facebook allows us to create pages,events,groups,new profiles so that we can in-touch with our family and friends even though if we are not at the home.This social networking site is not just about chatting with friends but also it is a great online networking tool for those who have own business.

Now after reading this post increase facebook friends list in your profile and create some branding to your blog.

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As Like Bill Gates Said,

“If your business is not in online then you will be out of your business”

At present many business owners before they finalize there business name they first check the weather this name in available on all social networking sites or not.

Really its a lol movement :p


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After creating their business profiles in social networking sites next step is how to increase friends list and followers.In this article lets discuss the same thing about “how to increase Facebook friends fast”.

Steps To Increase Facebook Friends Fast :

1. Using Facebook Widgets

Using Facebook widgets it becomes easy to Increase Facebook friends in your profile.Facebook allows Us to add the widget to your blog or website. People can easily click on your widget and find you.Another Important thing is place widget at the perfect place where the user can easily find it.

If the placement is wrong though your get good enough traffic people can’t find your widget.You should place it where users can find it easily.You should feel your user requirements that where they feel free to find it at that place try to install a Widget so that your profile increase with lots of friend list with more followers.

2. Send Email Invitations

Normally if you do a business deal with your clients definitely you will exchange email Id’s of both so that it become’s easy to communicate and fulfill user requirements.Keep a list of those client email Id’s into a notepad file and invite them to become the friend on Facebook.You can also add a link to your page at the bottom of your email signature.

This way you can easily Increase Facebook friends list within short period of time.The more people your send email, the more people you get.

By this way, your network increases with new relationships and a lot.

As like

“Your network is your net worth”


You can even ask your other friends to promote your site to their friends so that if any user loves your site definitely he will stick to it and will come back again and again.

3. Conduct Giveaways

This is one of the best viral methods to increase Facebook friends or following by conducting giveaways but using this method Investment is required.

Don’t worry for any startup if your invest definitely you will get ROI(Return on Investment).But focus on what you are doing is very Important.

Using some third party software to conduct giveaways (Recommended : Gleam) and explain the rules detailed and add a link to your Facebook page in that giveaways.

Better try to use “Like us on Facebook” buttons which looks or feel’s user-friendly and click on button.button. Don’t include any annoying things which make the user to exit from there.Go to Facebook Developers area and get the professional looking button and add to your giveaway.

4. Advertise Your Facebook Page

You might have heard about google Adwords using this program we create ads on google search engine.Facebook Also has this feature to create an ad on their site and make let people know about your brand.

Using Facebook you can create ads and you can increase your friend’s list or followers but investment is required.When comes to Advertising Facebook has lots of options do check it I am not going to tell now (If require do comment I will share it).

Before going to Advertise your Facebook page ask experts or experienced candidates what strategy to follow in order to get good output Follow as they say.

5. Update Your Friend List Regularly

You might have thousands of friends on your Facebook profile and you will have some unknown or not required friend with who you don’t chat or make a relationship.

Facebook has an option called Unfriend also so that your can filter your friend’s list which your feel not necessary.I recommend you to do this regularly so that you get new relations which can convert into leads.

Bottom Line :

So, folks, this is the end of the article you just read “How to increase Facebook friends  list fast” share your views about this article using the comments section and if your feel its worthable to read and implement do share with your friends also.

More Interesting article is on the way so stay tuned to my blog I’ll be back soon.

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