How To Get Paid Apps For Free On Android [2018]

Get Paid Apps For Free On Android

Get Paid Apps For Free On Android : According to me you are here because you have an android mobile and using it from the past so many days (Me: Am I Right :p). Android was developed by Google where sunder Pichai was acting as admin but present he is the CEO of google company. As like you and me are android users I hope that you are aware of Google play store. We get some Billions of apps for free to download but some apps are paid one. In play store, we have two categories one is Paid apps and another is Free apps to download.

You might think why ? Paid apps.

Android Developers invest lots of time and money to develop some high multiple features of apps so to get ROI(Return on Investment) they publish their apps as Paid category. It depends on app developers whether the developed apps should be published as Paid one or Free to download(It’s their wish).

So we are Human beings Right ??

We expect some more advanced things but without any investment. I am saying fact we humans are like If one side some seller is selling free clothes and on another side another seller is selling paid clothes with same brand and quality we prefer for Free (lol :P)

In this article, we will discuss the same thing, especially for paid app lovers. We will reveal or tell you a trick that you can Get Paid Apps For Free On Android.

Yes, it’s true you can easily get paid apps for free on android without any investment and use premium features.

If you type in google get paid apps for free on android you might find many methods which may work or may not but in this article, we have tested personally those methods and reveal in front of you.Before proceeding to next we recommend you to have a look this post  5 Best Ways To Increase Facebook Friends Fast

How To Get Paid Apps For Free On Android :

We will discuss only 100% working methods of to Get Paid Apps For Free On Android so after reading it experience it with practically.

Different Types Of Methods To Get Paid Apps For Free On Android :

Method 1 : Using Blackmart Alpha

Get Paid Apps For Free On Android

First, you have to download an app called Blackmart Alpha using play store which helps you to download paid android app for free.

The apps which are listed here are 100 % working successfully so no need of worries.

  1. Now download the app from this link
  2. Second Install it on your smartphone.
  3. Now you can see Search Box on the top bar (Adjacent to Device) and type the app name which you want.
  4. After your required app will be displayed just click “Install”
  5. You are Done.

In this app (Blackmart Alpha) You can also filter the list apps which you not like to prefer (If you only want high search and downloaded top apps).

To Filter the apps list follow the below steps :

  1. Click on Options Menu select “Sort Mode”
  2. Select Sort mode and choose to Rating
  3. Select Sort order and choose to Descending
  4. Select Filter and choose to Paid
  5. Again you are done

After the above step now you will get only top paid apps In front of you.

Method 2 : Using Popular Websites

Using this popular website you can find your required apps and download the .apk extension files and send from PC to your local mobile phone.

The below sites are most Popular and best to find your required apk files different apps for free.

  1. You can get any Paid App for free in all the above Web applications.
  2. Just go to sites and type the exact name of the paid app it will display on your screen.
  3. After click to download paid apps for free into your PC.
  4. Send all the downloaded paid apps to your smartphone and Install.
  5. Enjoy Using Paid apps for free.
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