Exclusive Interview With Nikhil Saini Founder of MyQuickidea

Interview with Nikhil Saini Founder of MyQuickidea

Hello Folks we are back with another Interview series with Pro blogger Founder of MyQuickidea Mr.Nikhil Saini. He Is a young successful Internet marketer Got success with in short period of time by creating some rich brand over the Internet.

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1) Welcome to Syncetech Nikhil ?

Thanks bro for inviting me such an amazing blog. I’m really glad to find myself on your blog. It’s really a huge respect that I am using your platform to convey my message.

2) Introduce About yourself To Our Readers ?

I’m Nikhi Saini, native to jaipur, Rajasthan. I took birth in a Middle class family and grew up as other common boys do. I have done MCA and then started my blogging career. From school to college journey I did different sort of work from selling cord drinks, mineral water, computers, antiviruses, etc. At last in 2015, I started my blog Myquickidea.com. Earlier I was active on blogspot but that was so difficult to run, So I lift that and switched to wordpress.

3) How did you come to know about Blogging and how was your startup journey ? what Motivated you ?

It was very ordinary journey. I had to pass lots of difficulties from financial to social as most of us do. As I told you I did a different sort of work in this journey. I just wanted to find my true interest as well as passion that I found in Blogging. My motivation was myself inspiration to find my real interest. It always motivated me to explore the things and finding what makes me feel happy. I never thought of money aspect of blogging. It just came from inside. I just kept it doing from 2015 and still I’m on a long journey. Success is miles away from me. There is lot to do in blogging.

4) How much time you spend on your blog daily ?

I spend almost all the way. Be specific, the avg time is 12-13 hours for client work and my own blog work.

5) Any Investment is Necessary while Blogging? What type of Investment ?

Yup, to star blogging in a right way, you need to make some investment in domain, hosting and theme as well. These are 3 essential things which are essential to start a blog. A domain is the identity of your blog. IT’s the name to recognize your blog on the internet. A good hosting is always necessary. Suppose if you bought a cheap hosting that loads in 1-2 minutes or longer would you like to visit such blog. I will never visit such blog. And the last things is theme, theme creates the layout of your blog. A better theme offers unforgettable experience to the visitors.

6) What type of monitization is good to make enough money for new bloggers without quitting ?

Depend’s on the traffic of your blog. If you are writing review on your blog, then go with affiliate. It will make your money if you are getting few visitors to your blog. If the traffic is converting then you will be able to make enough money. The another source is Adsense. To make money from Adsense, you need to have good traffic, else keyword with Good CPC may do wonder. But they are specially found in the high comp. niches which are difficult to rank.

7) what type of tools you are using to track status of your blog and any Premium tools mandatory to buy each and every blogger?

I’m using Google’s free tool- Google analytics. It’s free..

For paid tool, you can go with-

  • Ahref.com
  • Long tail pro
  • Grammarly

 8) How do you do keyword research and write content to rank on google ?

I have written a blog post on my blog. Although, I use Long tail pro, but yeah, manual competition analysis is also crucial for ranking.

Google Keyword Research Step By Step Guide: 30 Minutes Crash Course

Your content must have a flow. If It has you can win the game. There are many blogs to learn this thing. Just experiment with the content style and observe the bounce rate in the analytics. Where you find low bounce rate and high user engagement, follow that style.

9) How do you optimize your content according to google or bing ? What do you say about bing ?

According to Google obviously. I don’t know about Bing but yes you should submit sitemap in Bing also.

10) What do you say about email marketing ? Is it necessary ? How ?

Yes, it is, In any case, you must try to capture the emails of your readers. Email list drives enormous traffic to the blogs. They are targeted users whom you can sell the digital products.

11) Blogs which you follow ?

Neilpatel.com, webris.org, searchenginejournal.com, quicksprout.com, bloggingwizard.com

12) What type of Link building Strategy you follow to build backlinks ?

It varies from keyword to keyword. To can’t say about any specific. But yes, guest blogging works fine in all the cases. Build genuine links to your blog and velocity of building links must be slow.

13) Every one say Content is King what about backlinks ? Necessary Or Not to rank on Google ?

If content is king then the backlink is the ACE. They are very crucial to rank bro.

14) At Initial stage of blogging did you buy any gig from fiverr ? If Yes What was that ?

I bought it for a tool. I won’t mention it here. 😛

15) Any Secret which you didn’t Revealed without any one ? 😛

I don’t have any. Whatever I know is written on my blog. You can ask me questions. If I know, will surely tell you.

16) What are your future plans?

I will expand my services business. As you know We offer content writing services on Myquickidea. So I am looking for getting more clients.

17) Message for my readers ?

Keep working on one thing at a time. Once you become master in one, then after go with multiple projects.

Bottom Line :

So guys finally you are at the end of article If hope you had fun while reading this “Interview with Nikhil Saini Founder of MyQuickidea”.

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