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Abhishek Jain founder of Rustyblogger is a very famous blogger,entrepreneur& digital Marketing Consultant at hitbullseye.com in India.Actually, you know what when Mr.Jain started his blogger career he faced failure after that he gave birth to rusty blogger and created a new brand over an internet.In rusty blogger Abhishek guides about SEO, WordPress, Affiliate marketing,How to guides etc.

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1) Abhishek, Can you please Introduce yourself and your background ?

Hi Karamath and Syncetech readers, I am honored to get the invite to share my views here.

The introduction is a very difficult part but love to introduce myself as a budding blogger who writes about SEO and Internet Marketing. I am a social media protagonist who covers social media events. Recently I covered BlogX & DomainX as their Social Media Partner.

My background is simple as I didn’t know how to code in my B.Tech.  so I jumped into SEO and then Blogging.  I was weak in studies but prolific in outdoors and love to write right from beginning. Now I am before you as Rusty Blogger.

2) How do you know about Blogging and how was your startup journey?

I jump into blogging by the chance to after the second year of my BTech. Just to show it as a project in academics. At that time I don’t know that we can even earn money from blogs. For two years I did it without earning any penny. Then from last year I jumped into blogging seriously and earning a bit from my blogs 🙂

Then from last year I jumped into blogging seriously and earning a bit from my blogs 🙂

3) Which right decision made you this much success can you please share it?

There are always right and wrong decisions. Right decisions make you shine and wrong decisions help you learn for better. The best decision I have taken is to build “Rusty Blogger” a brand rather than an ordinary Internet Marketing blog which only focuses on money.

4) How do you do keyword research and how you select it to write articles ?

I primarily use Google AdWords planner and I choose a topic which I feel people will love to read so there is no such magical trick in deciding the topic. But one thing is there I stuff important keywords in content to fetch traffic. I also use SEO Book Keyword Suggestion tool as well. You can look at my

I also use SEO Book Keyword Suggestion tool as well. You can look at my long tail keyword research guide that will help you to select your keywords well.

5) Do SEO is Changing ? If yes what type of strategy you are following on your blog accordingly ?

SEO is ever changing and getting better and better. Some so called experts say that SEO is Dead but in my opinion, you need to keep the basics right. Basics of SEO are same as earlier. The thing is you need to be

The thing is you need to be more content focus now and try to build natural links for your long term blog.

6) What type of tools you are using to track the status of your blog and any Premium tools mandatory to buy each and every blogger?

Frankly, I am not using any premium tool till now. All I using is Google Analytics and Webmasters(Search Console) for tracking. Generally, people ignore webmasters issues. If they keep a regular watch on them

If they keep a regular watch on their webmaster’s trends then everyone can do better and better with their blog.

7) Can you share any secret which you didn’t share it before which can make us a successful entrepreneur ?

Do not run behind the people who make noise. Just go slow, help each other and be humble. This is what I do. I don’t know whether anyone is successful following this path but you will be happy for sure.

8) What is the best strategy to make out good enough money through affiliate marketing ?

I am not much into affiliate marketing but one thing I know that I will not buy a tool from you even for free if you fail to build trust amongst your audience. So build trust and sell online is the widely followed funda.

9) How do you promote your content after publishing an article?

Social Media is the best place. I post in some of the relevant facebook groups and on content marketing websites like inbound.org where your content will be valued for sure.

10) Blogs which you follow the most ?

Quick Sprout, Neil Patel, Occums Razor, Mathew Woodward and some random articles of SEO Roundtable.

11) What type of Link building Strategy do you follow to build high-quality Backlinks?

I really do not build links in bulk for Rusty Blogger. One thing I do frequently is Blog Commenting. This built trust among other bloggers as well as provide you a permanent backlink.

12) As we know you are a successful blogger ? Is there any hidden tricks to rank on Google quickly (Black Hat Techniques) ?

If there is any such trick, please let me know too.

13) At the Initial stage of blogging did you buy any gig from Fiverr ? If Yes What was that ?

I have never spent money on links. Did hired content generators but from real world not from Fiverr.

14) Most of the new bloggers suffer a lot to drive traffic to there blog and they finally quit ? Give them a unique best tip ?

If you are just coming for traffic and some quick money then I cannot help you in making that. But if you have some patience and want your name to know in the market via your blog then blogging is for you. If you don’t have this kind of passion then quit blogging now and look for a cubicle job. You can have the 17 unique ways to make money from your blog.

15) What are your future plans?

No future planning. Not even present planning. Sorry to say this but that is truth.

16) Message for my readers ?

Thanks Buddy for inviting me to your blog. You are a hustler and keep hustling. Always remember the 15th point fellas. Enjoy your life to the fullest.

Bottom Line :

So guys how was the interview with the founder of rusty blogger Mr.Abhishek Jain.Be motivated always don’t give up but one day I can say surely that you will say the same word with your blogger friends.

Do share this Interview with your blogger buddy’s so that they will also be motivated and comment your views about this post.

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