ATB Responsive Blogger Template For Download (100% User-SEO Friendly)

ATB blogger Template Download : ATB Blogger template is one of the best Seo optimized template.It was developed by Founder of ALLTECHBUZZ Imranuddin who is a famous crazy blogger In blogging Industry.

He is a Pro Blogger created some brand over the Internet and has more followers with making huge money only through Alltechbuzz blog.

ATB blogger template is an SEO optimized ,Adsense optimized theme where Imranuddin gave this theme for free to everyone as like Opensource.

Any once can use this theme no Issues will be raised.

Why Imranuddin gave ATB blogger Template for Free ?

when Imranuddin was blogging google’s blogger service Is an automatic spam detection system.

If google’s blogger service found any blog as spamming then It will be removed from database with any Intimation or warning Messages

Note : Don’t worry I said WAS means past but now google is not penalizing blog which has duplicate Issues.

Though Alltechbuzz was a famous blog with huge subscribers monthly visit’s even though because of a small bug he lost his blog.

After he done a backup of his ATB blog and Migrated to WordPress (Bluehost).


Now Alltechbuzz Is on WordPress with Eleven 40 Genesis Child theme.

ATB Blogger template Is looks similar to Eleven 40 blogger template check It now (Do comment).

If you are using blogger platform At least now migrate from blogger so that your blog will be In risk-free.

Features of ATB blogger Template : 

ATB blogger Template Is a Much Responsive,Seo Optimized,Adsense Optimized template which adapts according to the browsers (Chrome,Ucbrowser,Internet Explorer).

ATB template Is a mobile friendly template where you can get more benefit.Present most of the visitors are from mobile devices,Tablets and etc.

Any blogger before Installing a theme he will make sure that this theme is Mobile Friendly or not.

In case you are using ATB blogger template, you no need to worry Go Ahead.

As I said a Responsive template,In Adsense We get more CPC for Responsive ads Units same Algorithm for theme Design If a theme is Responsive you get more click (make huge money with AdSense).

You can edit ATB template Is not encrypted It Is open source change It according to your requirements without any restriction.

Note : Don’t change anything In credits section If you do you get more problems from DMCA protection.ATB is a famous blogger template so don’t try to misuse it.

More Help : ATB Style Eleven40 Blogger Template Free Download (SEO Optimized)

Finally, ATB Blogger Template Is a :

  • Fully Responsive Template
  • SEO Optimized
  • Four Column Responsive Footer
  • Conditionally Loading Social Sharing Buttons
  • Auto ALT tag Generator(Default)

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