Trick To fast Charge Your Mobile When Laptop Is Shutdown (Off)

Hello, guys, I am back with a new awesome trick that you can able to charge your mobile when your laptop or computer is shutdown.

Are you thinking that this guy has gone mad?
That how can a mobile can charge when a system is in shutdown state.
Usually, if you want to charge your smartphones through laptop or system then first we have to switch on the system or laptop and connect USB cable to recharge you mobile.
But not now…
When we travel from one place to another we face lots of difficulties to keep charge of your smartphones
In today’s situation main drawback after coming smartphones Is not getting battery backup for long time min, we get 5hrs if we use it continuously or 6-7hrs max
Let’s consider a scenario :
You are traveling from one place to another carrying with a smartphone and a laptop. Suddenly you mobile’s battery is about to die then first what you do.
As usually you will switch on the laptop and connect USB cable to fast charge your mobile.
If your are doing the above step don’t worry you are human being 😛
What is happening here For the sake of mobile get charged you are losing your laptop’s charging
At that position if you Want to use your laptop that time Your laptop battery you will be about to die
then what you will do folk…
so to avoid this situation in your life here I am writing this article for you only for you.
now don’t think that I am writing some shit lines so now I will go directly to the steps which you have to follow.


Steps to follow:

1) Go to your MyComputer and Right-click on it and select properties.
2) Now on the left side select Device Manager option
3) Now select Universal Serial Bus Controllers a drop-down menu will appear in that double click on USB Root Hub
4) A popup box will rise as the image below now go under Power Management option and uncheck the radio button and hit Ok.
Congratulations you have successfully completed all the above steps now you can recharge you mobile device without any restriction when your pc or laptop is in shutdown stage.
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