Tips To Stay Motivated When Your Blog Is Not Making Money

Hyy Blogger are you Frustated with Nil Income.You Got rid of this blogging Field.Then Keep in Mind “No Traffic = No Income “. In This Article Iam Going to Guide you how to stay Self-Motivated without quiting when your blog Doesnt Generate any Income.
One fine morning, you woke up with an idea. It was so brilliant that you wanted to share it with the world. You also wanted to make money out of it because, hey, one needs to make a living right?Good ideas are so rare and possess unimaginable potential, sometimes life-changing. 

So, you had to find a platform where you could share your idea, be recognized for it and also make money out of it.
You were literally trying to sell your idea but there was no market for it. Nobody buys ideas, they buy the outcome of an idea. Then, it hit you,Blogging was your platform.
You were so excited to be able to do so much, share your ideas, opinionon things and much more with the world. It was an amazing opportunity.And,the fact that you could make money by sharing this was just a major-major bonus.
There was no stopping you,you went ahead, signed up for a domain name with a hosting platform and that was the birth of YOUR unique blog.
All you thought you needed was a few weeks and you’d be living the dream. Your blog would start making ground, there would be lots of traffic.And you would finally start making a living. But, it wasn’t that easy was it?
You did what you had to do; produced high-quality content, promoted all your posts on social media and other sites, worked day and night on your blog. But, that wasn’t enough.
Weeks turned into months, months into years and you soon realized you were still far from your goal. You were not making any money from your blog and even worse, you still aren’t sure if you will make ANY money from your blog.
You’re trying to figure out where you are going wrong, and what you should be doing but you just are unable to. All your peers, who you thought weren’t going to well are doing way better, earning 4-5 figure incomes every month.
While you are sitting here,wishing you could at least have one figure.
There are so many doubts, questions,” should I stick to this,or should I look for another job? ” ,” Will I be able to make it?”,and so on. But, you still have a tiny part of you which makes you not quit and says “Hold on, soon, you WILL make money with your blog”.
You should know, giving up is never an answer. It never will be.There still is so much you can do with your blog, but ,how? How does one keep going on when one doesn’t see a path?

The truth is, you don’t need a path. All you need is the direction. Keep walking in that direction, you will reach your goal, and then look back and you will see the path YOU have created.


Here are some tips that can help in not quitting and to just keep at it with your blog:

1.Try to remember what motivated you create a blog in the first place.

 Did you create a blog because you had a genuine idea or because you wanted to make money? Or was it because all your peers are doing it?
 If you made your blog for making money and only for this purpose,you should know that it is not easy , but, it’s also not impossible.If you put your heart and soul into it anything is possible.
A blog is solely based on audience and traffic,post a good article,reap its benefits.Post a bad article and face the consequences.But you have to post something, you have to have some posts for people to read or you won’t be able to even begin your journey as a blogger.
But a blog shouldn’t be about your need for money,It isn’t even about you, It is about your audience.It’s totally fine if money is on your mind,but it shouldn’t be your only driving force.

2.upload,upload and upload:

If you want your blog to be successful and have a good rating, you need to upload articles every single day. Period.
No excuses, no tomorrows, miss one day, miss one days traffic and revenue.For your blog to even attract attention, you need to upload at least 4-6 articles each day.
Only then you will have your traffic and you will reap your rewards.

3. Patience is key:

Nothing can be achieved overnight.Keep working as much as you can and worry only about how your blog is doing and not about peers.
If you stay consistent and upload relevant and up to date information,people will eventually start relying on you and trust your information.
That’s right, this point is here twice for a reason. Patience is really really important.The most successful blogs started off as any another blog, a new one.
Keep providing good, informative content for your readers, stick to the basics, going out of the box once in a while is great.
Don’t try to be someone you are not, and you will go a long way.
In time,your blog will start making money for you and before you know it you will be in the place you’ve always dreamt about.

4.Target an audience:

Every article you write you must be focused on a particular audience who you know are interested in it. One cannot post articles on things which they already know.
You have to be ready to grab on news and topics which are under fire right now.
More importantly, your blog must help your audience, you need to get them to relate to you. You should inspire them. Writing has a huge impact on the reader.
Just like we accept anyone and everyone’s reviews of movies, readers expect your articles to be a legitimate source of information.So be careful what you post.

5. Build your own empire:

Once you starting posting frequently, your audience circle increases and you will have a set of people who read every article you post.
They are your stronghold, they will help you stay a blogger and be a popular one by sharing your articles and most importantly, they are your followers.
Build a good and strong base of audience and you will go only upwards from there.
Build your block step by step, slowly but steadily. Keep learning, every day. Figure out what areas you need work upon.
There always are pro-bloggers who can help you out, consult them.
If your blog is really here to stay, then you need to make sure you do everything correct and make the right decisions.
Don’t worry if it takes time, because that way you can be sure you have a successful blog.

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What do you think keeps you coming back to blogging even when you are not making enough money out of it?
please feel free to comment and share your ideas.
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